New Chapter!

After the long flight, the ghost and sorcerer made it to Diamond City by noon. The buildings were huge, the cars were dangerously fast, and most of the people were cussing each other out. It was basically New York in Mario.

"Diamond City! If you can make it here, you'll make everywhere!" Shadow screamed, laughing to himself like crazy. Ken ignored the idiot comment.

"Well...where do we find him?" Ken asked him.

"Well...there he is!" Shadow shouted as he pointed to a green man with a white and pink cap and a black hat in a go-kart filled with jewels with a Birdo and a Koopa wearing a blue mask and had a rainbow mow hawk sticking out of it. "There he goes!"

"And here we go!" Ken shouted as he flew after him, Shadow right behind him. "Shadow Hand!" Ken shouted as a black hand came from his hand as it grabbed the go-kart. Once it did, he pulled on it as the kart stopped.

"Hey! Who's pulling my chain!" the green man, Popple shouted as he turned around and saw Ken and Shadow. "Why if it isn't Shadow. Thanks by the way! Who's your friend and why is he stopping my ride?"

"I'm Ken. And stealing from innocent people is why I'm here...even if he's a boo." Ken told him as he pulled the Kart even more as the Kart was forced to go back like pulling on a toy car.

"Rosy, take care of him!" Popple ordered as the Birdo stood up.

"Flame Egg!" Birdo shouted as she shot a fire ball, in the shape of an egg, at Ken. The egg kit him dead on in the cheek, burning him and causing him to let go of the kart went off.

"OW! Someone could of warned me she does that!" Ken shouted as he flew after them again. Shadow was already close to them.

"Boo Blast!" Shadow shouted as he shot a black ball of energy from his mouth, hitting the Birdo and knocking her into her seat. "Now hand over my staff, or this will get ugly! Or...uglier!" Shadow threatened.

"Rookie, shoot him down!" Popple ordered as Ken was starting to catch up.

"Ok Boss. Freezer Burner!" the Koopa shouted as his own staff was colored blue as he shot at Shadow, who tried to dodge but, got his right arm frozen as he fell to the street. "HA ha ha ha ha! That was fun!" he laughed.

"Play time's over!" Ken shouted as he caught up to the kart completely. "Fire Storm!" he shouted as he shot many purple fire balls at the go-kart.

"Mystic Ball!" 'Rookie' shouted as he made a big ball surround the go-kart, protecting them from the fire balls. "And Iggy said that spell was a dumb idea!" he said as he laughed to himself.

"Iggy? You know Iggy? Who are you?" Ken asked the Koopa.

"I'm Lemmy! I'm Iggy's older brother, even though I'm shorter. Well, Boss you wanna take over?" Lemmy asked his boss.

"Sure Rookie! Watch and learn!" he said as he let go of the wheel with 1 hand and pulled a staff with a boo at the end. "Thief Boo Surprise!" he shouted as a white ball shaped as a boo came out of nowhere and tackled the Ken as he fell onto the street, face first. "So long, Kenny boy!" Popple shouted as a cackle came from him.

"Ow! Those 3 are tougher than they look." Ken said as he looked through his pockets to get his cellphone and notice something else...his wallet was gone! "That son of a- he took my wallet!" Ken shouted as he pulled out his cell. "Iggy? Yeah, its me. What does your brother Lemmy do?" Ken asked as his Koopa friend.

"Well...most of his magic has to do with ice. He sometimes does stuff with balls, mainly to annoy people." Iggy explained. "Why do you ask?"

"Just curious. See ya." Ken told him as he hung up. "Ok...we need to fight them on our terms and we need one more person." Ken told Shadow, who was conveniently beside him by now was still defrosting his frozen arm.

"I've got an idea!" Shadow shouted as he phased his arm through another the block of ice. "We need to fight magic with magic. I saw we get the most powerful sorcerer in Diamond City!" Shadow shouted.

"Which is..." Ken started as Shadow didn't finish.

"Ashley." whispered Shadow, as if terrified.

"Ashley? Who the heck is Ashley?" Ken asked to see a shocked look on Shadow's face.

"Who's Ashley? Ashley is the most powerful and famous with in Diamond City. She's so scary, King Boo is a fairy tale compared to her!" he shouted, obviously fearful of the witch. "Well, lets go. She lives in a haunted mansion at the far end of the city." said Shadow, forgetting the fear in his voice. Ken decided to follow, the abnormal ghost.

Next chapter, Ashley will be introduced to the story.