Me: Say it!

Ashley: *Gives me the finger*

Popple: I'll say it. Last time on Wrath of the Ghost: The 'heroes' worst fears were freaking retarded and they some how survived it. Now Red has screwed himself.

Me: That's not what I wrote!

Popple: It's the truth though.

Me:...Roll IT!

Shadow and Ken were now completely relaxed, already facing their fears, Ashley still kept an eye out for anything suspicious, and Popple and Red both stared at the doors.

"Good good." said the mysterious voice of Blood. "You have come far. Now, it is time for my next victim...RED!" he shouted.

"Me?" Red asked, suddenly hearing light footsteps. The rest of them were confused out of their skulls as to who they belonged to. "Oh no. He couldn't! He wouldn't! She can't be here!"

"Who can't be hear?" Ken asked, glaring at Shadow in case he tried to make a voice.

"It's the feared leader of Demon Kingdom. The most foul of all monsters...General Zoe." Red dreaded. Ken, Shadow, and Popple gulped and the sound of that as Ashley got into a fighting position. As a door open, who came in was...a black feathered...chicken. Both Popple and Ken were pissed, Ashley was more pissed, and Shadow was confused as he looked at a squirming Red.

"Where is she?" Shadow asked the devil. "Is she behind the chicken?"

"No you idiot! She is the chicken!" Red explained, much to the annoyance of Ken, Popple, and Ashley.

"Oh my god! General Zoe is a-wait. General Zoe is a chicken?" Shadow asked, in disbelief to see a nodding Red. "I'm a living comic relief, and I think that is retarded!" he told him as he walked up to the chicken.

"Don't do it Shadow! She is a very powerful chicken!" Red warned, only to hear laughing from Shadow and Ken.

"If she's the most 'fowl' monster of all, I would love to see the King of the Underworld." Shadow mocked as he still laughed like the Joker with 5 pounds of Laughing Gas. Suddenly, the chicken's eye twitched.

"BAW-KA!" the chicken shouted as a massive fire ball came from it's beak and exploded right in front of the ghost, sending the ghost to a wall. Everyone's jaws dropped, except Ashley's whose eyes widened.

"Shadow!" Ken shouted as he rushed at the ghost. "Are you OK?"

"No..." Shadow told him. "I think he burnt me real bad!" he whined in pain.

"...Your a ghost! You don't have skin." Ken told the ghost as he turned around to see the chicken charging at him. "I'm taking you to KFC! Shadow Hand!" Ken cried as he shot a black magic hand at General Zoe to catch her. The chicken jumped onto the path of the hand, it's arm, and ran on it. "What the hell!" Ken shouted as the chicken jumped into the air and delivered a hard kick to the face, sending the ghost hunter to the wall.

"Baw...Baw...KA!" cried General Zoe as a black sphere was created in her wings. Then, she fired the blast straight at the 2 heroes from the sphere, causing a massive explosion. When it subsided, both Ken and Shadow were knocked unconscious.

"Damn...I see why you fear her." Popple said as he ran out the nearest door.

"What do we do Ashley?" Red asked desperatly.

"It's your fear." Ashley told the devil bluntly as she walked away, leaving Red by himself. Then, General Zoe gave Red a death glare as she turned her head to his, making the devil wimper.

(Come on Red! She's not so scary.) Red told himself, until he looked around to see the damage she inflicted on Ken and Shadow. (Ok! She is that scary! But that isn'treally her, just an illusion!) Red concentrated on that thought. Red flinched when he saw General Zoe right in front of him.

"BAW KA KA KA KA!" General Zoe cried as she unleashed a furry of kicks at the devil.

(She isn't real! She isn't real! She sure does feel real, but it isn't!) Red continued to tell himself. Soon, the kicks lessened and lessened until, they stopped all together. When Red opened his eyes, he saw General Zoe gone. "Did...did I do it?" Red asked aloud as he looked around to see Ken healing himself with some king of spell.

"Yup. You knew she wasn't the real thing...if there is and she vanished." Ken explained to him as he started to heal Shadow. "I wish you figured it out earlier , but I'm not one to judge."

"Well, all that's left is Ashley and-" Shadow didn't finish when they heard a blood curdling scream from a different room. "Well, that's Popple." said Shadow as he saw Ken going to the source of the sound. "Your not going to save him, are you?"

"If it involves us leaving sooner, yes." Ken told the ghost as he went through the door and walked after the thief. Ashley shrugged as she picked up Red and followed. Shadow sighed as he soon followed as well.

Red: Cool! I'm the hero this time.

Shadow: You technically got your but whooped by a chicken.

Ken:...So did we.

Shadow...Shut up.