Red: Last time on Wrath of the Shadow Thief: I faced my worst fears...even if it did involve me getting nearly beaten to death to do it. And now, we're off to save Popple from whatever he's scared of.

Shadow: I still think he should suffer! Who agrees?

Ashley *Raises hand*

The group ran down the corridor to where they heard Popple's scream.

"What do you think he's afraid of?" Red asked aloud as they made it to where Popple was. He was-

Shadow: What the hell is this? We're not suppose to do this until the end of the chapter.

Ken: The author is blocking this scene because it isn't good for anyone to read on this particular story.

Shadow: What's so bad about it?

Ken: It involves a crack yaoi pairing involving Popple, chains, whips, him tied to a bed, the one paired with him saying very sexual things...even though this is rated T and not M, and it involves the use of metal poles.

Shadow: What the hell is so bad about...OH MY GOD! Is it over yet?

Ken: I think so. *Looks outside* Yup, it's over.

When it was over, Popple was fully clothed and everyone else was wide eyed.

"Uh..." "We will never...EVER speak of this again!" Ken commanded as everyone nodded in agreement. Then everything started to shatter. "What the hell?" Ken said as everything broke apart into blackness.

Real world...

Ken and the other woke up, in the middle of the road of Diamond City.

"Is it over?" Red asked as they all saw the Boo Staff, restored to it's former glory.

"Yes, it is over." Shadow laughed as he picked it up. "And now..." he stopped to see that Popple was gone. "Son of a...he ran away!" he shouted angry.

"Well, we got the staff back so we can all put this to bed." Ken said triumphantly. "Thank you for the help Ashley."

"Just remember the deal or I will hunt you down!" she threatened as she walked away, Red following him.

Few minutes later...

Ken decided to let Shadow stay at his house, so the ghost couldn't cause anymore damage without him knowing. All the while, he asked the same thing over and over again.

"Tell me!"


"Tell me!"


"Tell me!" Shadow shouted for the umpteenth time as they entered Ken's mansion.

"For the last time, no! I promised her not to tell anyone." Ken told him, to see a depressed looking Shadow. "But I never said I wouldn't write it down." Ken told him with an evil smile as he wrote it down and gave the sheet of paper to Shadow. Shadow burst out into laughter when he saw what was written.

'Ashley crushed on Waluigi'.

That's the end of this story! Thank you!