Ok, so it's been a few years since I've really tried my hand at writing anything but a friend requested this and so I gave it a try. I've never written anything for Gundam Wing before. This will most likely be a two-shot unless there is a lot of interest in it continuing after that. So without further waiting here ya go.

"So when are they allowing Heero to come back to work?" asked Wufei as he leaned back on the couch.

"They're saying at least two more weeks, but right now they're trying to keep him in the hospital for another couple of days. I can't really see that happening though, you know how stubborn he can be when they try to keep him confined for any length of time," replied Duo as he slumped over his desk.

"Aren't we all that way to a point?" Wufei questioned with a slight smirk adorning his face. His question was met with an amused chuckle from his current temporary partner.

"I suppose you're right Fei, though none of us like admitting to it, and none of us like seeing the others being stubborn when it comes to their health," Duo responded with a fond smile on his face as he thought about his friends. Duo had been partnered with Heero since they had joined Preventers. They had always worked well together and had done so on many occasions throughout the wars. It was three weeks ago to the day, that Heero had gone on a solo mission to take down a small ring of suspected drug smugglers that everything went wrong. It wasn't until the following day, once everything calmed down that the full extent of what happened was revealed. Heero had been passed false information that led him into a trap.

Duo moved from his desk to the couch and sat next to Wufei. Wufei took the opportunity to study Duo more closely. He could clearly see the exhaustion that lined Duo's face. There were dark circles under his eyes and he had obviously lost some weight. Duo had taken Heero's accident harder than most. Duo viewed Heero as a brother and had refused to leave his side for the week he was in a coma.

Wufei reached over and pulled Duo closer to himself and wrapped his arms around him. Tears started to form in Duo's eyes as he leaned his head on Wufei's shoulder. "I was so scared we were actually going to loose him this time" Duo murmured. "He was hurt so bad. I don't know what I'd do if I lost him, or any of you for that matter."

"It's ok, we aren't going to lose him and you aren't going to lose any of the rest of us either, " Wufei whispered as he gently held Duo while he cried. As Duo began to calm down he reluctantly began to pull away from Wufei.

"Sorry about that Fei, " Duo muttered while quickly drying his eye's on his sleeve. 'Damn, I can't believe I broke down in front of him. He probably thinks I'm weak now. He's always thought I'm weaker than the others' Duo thought miserably. 'He's defiantly not going to want to stay on as my partner for the next couple of weeks.

Wufei noticed Duo's expression and guessed at what was behind it. He nudged his partner with an elbow. Once Duo's bloodshot violet eye's met his, he said with a slight smile, "It'll take more than a few tears to get rid of me as your partner, besides you aren't as annoying as you used to be. " By this point Wufei was grinning at Duo. Relief flooded through Duo before he responded sarcastically saying, "Hey, I'm not annoying, and besides if I wanted to get rid of you, I've got better ways to do it," 'and less humiliating' he added to himself.

"Come on, we've got work to do" Wufei said as he stood up. Duo jumped up while wiping the last of his tears away and smiled brightly. 'I'm glad he's smiling again' Wufei thought as he responded to Duo's contagious smile with one of his own.

Both boys settled down at their desks to begin the mountains of paperwork that had been building up over the last few weeks while everyone had been focused on Heero. Several hours later Duo let his head drop loudly onto the desk. Startled, Wufei looked up to see what was wrong. Feeling Wufei's gaze on him, Duo grumbled without looking up. "I hate paper work. I'm starting to feel trapped in here." Wufei chuckled lightly as Duo looked up at him. "Come on Fei, you can't honestly tell me you enjoy being cooped up in here for so long reading these boring reports" he whined.

"You're right, I can't say I enjoy it, but it still needs to be done." Wufei responded with a smirk. He had a good idea of where this conversation was going to go, what with the look in Duo's eyes and for once he would go along with it. 'I wonder how long it will take before he brings it up' Wufei wondered as he stared into Duo's violet orbs.

Duo studied Wufei intently for a moment before his eyes lit up mischievously. 'I wonder how long it'll take me to convince him it's a good idea' Duo wondered as he gave Wufei a big grin.

Laughing silently to himself Wufei thought, 'that was quicker than I was thinking.' Outwardly he lifted an eyebrow in question to Duo.

"Wu-man, " Duo began while giving Wufei his best pleading look, "What do you say to taking off a bit early, it's not like the paper work is going anywhere." Wufei gave Duo a look that clearly said 'a bit early?' "Ok, well more than a bit" Duo rambled while glancing at the clock which read 11:53am, "but I really, really need to get out of here. I'm going to go nuts if I have to sit in this office much longer, " he continued practically bouncing in his seat.

Wufei smiled at the braided boy and replied, "alright, let's go then. Wufei chuckled when Duo made no move to get up. Duo continued to stare at Wufei with a disbelieving look firmly in place. Chuckling once again Wufei grabbed Duo's hands and pulled him to his feet. "Yes Duo I am agreeing to skip work with you and no it's not a joke." A grin lit up Duo's face and the next thing Wufei knew, he had an arm full of bouncing Duo.

"You're the best Fei, " Duo exclaimed and then began dragging said boy from the room before he could react. Once out in the hallway Wufei was quickly able to regain his balance and extracted himself from Duo's grip.

"Duo, you need to calm down a bit, I think you're starting to scare the other agents, " Wufei told his companion as he watched the passing agents eye Duo warily and move further away from him in the narrow hallway.

Duo glanced over at the current two agents attempting to tiptoe by him. He looked back over at Wufei with a mischievous look in his eyes once again. 'Oh no, that look never bodes well' Wufei thought just before Duo draped his arm around his shoulders. "You know Fei, we could freak them out even more if you would relax some." The energetic boy declared.

Wufei sighed knowing exactly what Duo was wanting. 'Well' he thought to himself, 'if it'll cheer Duo up I guess it won't hurt to act unrefined for one day' he decided as me mirrored Duo's action and draped his arm around Duo and gave him a small grin, "I suppose we could scare them a bit more."

I hope you all enjoyed it so far. I'd greatly enjoy any feed back from people.

As well I want to thank laurenke1 for being my beta for this story. She's amazing :)