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Duo's eyes widened for a moment before his grin stretched across his face. In return Wufei allowed himself to smile widely at his long haired friend as they continued down the hallway. Wufei watched as passing agents edged away from them while staring at him as though they questioned his sanity. Wufei just grinned at them and demanded "Is there a problem?"

"N…no sir" stuttered the older of the two agents as he grabbed his partner who was still staring at Wufei in shock, and took off down the hallway as fast as he could without actually running. Wufei chuckled quietly as he watched the two disappear around the corner.

"Now who is scaring the other agents?" Duo questioned, laughing as they reached the elevators. Wufei just smiled at Duo in response and stepped through the open elevator doors dragging Duo in behind him. After regaining his balance Duo turned to Wufei with a conspiring grin, "So how should we scare everyone in the lobby?", the look of mischief back in his eyes.

Raising an elegant eyebrow, Wufei responded, "Something tells me you already have an idea so why don't you share it?"

Duo reached out and hit the emergency stop button for the elevator as he began to explain his idea.


'How did I let him talk me into this?' Wufei questioned himself as he shifted uncomfortably under Duo's weight. 'It was those damn eyes of his' he sighed quietly. Wufei had been finding it harder and harder to deny Duo anything when he turned those violet eyes on him and gave him that pleading look.

"Ready Fei-Fei?" Duo asked from his piggyback position on Wufei/

"You know you weigh a ton right?" Wufei grumbled as he once again shifted under Duo's weight. Duo responded with a death glare and flicking Wufei in the face with the end of his braid. "Yes, alright, I'm ready," Wufei declared while returning Duo's glare with one of his own, "though I really would rather we switched positions he declared as shifted again.

"Oh alright already you big baby," Duo sighed dramatically. "We'll switch then." With that, the two boys quickly reversed positions. "Jeez Fei, and you were complaining that I'm heavy? I swear you put on weight since I last had to carry you," Duo grunted with a slight grin still adorning his face to show he was just teasing.

Wufei Chuckled lightly and draped himself over Duo's shoulder, "Alright, I'm ready now," he laughed.

"Good, it's about time," Duo grinned as Wufei reached out and pressed the button that would restart the elevator and bring them to the lobby.

'Just remember why you are doing this' Wufei kept telling himself as he waited for the elevator doors to open.

'I can't believe Wufei is actually willing to do this just to cheer me up' Duo thought as a soft smile graced his face. 'He really is a good friend.'

The elevator doors opened to the lobby all too soon in Wufei's opinion. Duo paused for a moment at the entrance of the elevator, hesitating, almost as if he was rethinking his plan. Wufei, upon noticing this sighed before saying, "Don't back out now Duo, we're already here." Chuckling softly Duo nodded and grinned widely. Wufei forced a grin onto his face as Duo began to exit the elevator and break into a slow jog that would take him on a lap around the lobby and then to the exit. At first few people noticed the two teens as the made their exit from the elevator. Once the first couple of people noticed the young agents it was like a chain reaction as they began getting one another's attention.

Wufei groaned silently as he could hear people whispering and beginning to point. 'I might as well get the rest of this humiliation over with,' Wufei thought. With another sigh, Wufei began calling out in an irritated voice, "Come on Duo, you can go faster than this." Wufei could feel his face turning red with embracement as his shouts attracted even more attention.

Duo turned his head slightly so he could see Wufei over his shoulder. Upon catching sight of Wufei's bright red face, he let a small genuine smile slip past his usual masks, which lit up his entire face. 'I'll have to do something to make this up to him later' he thought as he turned his head to face straight ahead once more.

As the two teens drew closer to the doors that led to their freedom they noticed several older agents appeared to be arguing with one another and gesturing towards them as they drew level with them. Finally one moved in front of Duo as he approached, causing him to slow to a stop. 'I wonder what they're going to do?' Duo wondered as he eyed the agent in front of him as well as the other three cowering several feet behind their leader.

At the same time, Wufei wanted nothing more than to disappear into the floor as Duo stopped in front of the agent blocking the exit. 'Please let Duo deal with him quickly and get us out of here,' Wufei begged silently. Lowering his head slightly, Wufei quietly whispered into Duo's ear, "I don't know about you but I don't feel like being detained and questioned at length over this stunt just yet so let's deal with the idiots quickly." He plastered on a grin as he glanced up at the other agents.

The agent standing before Duo and Wufei froze as he began to open his mouth when Duo chuckled quietly and both the teen agents glanced up at him with matching grins. "Was their something you wanted agent?" Duo asked, still grinning broadly.

"Y…yes…" the agent replied as he stumbled over his words while attempting to avoid eye contact with the agent whom had been nick-named Shinigami, in front of him. "Lady Une has demanded that you be escorted to the infirmary for an examination before being brought to her for questioning…" The agent gulped as he trailed off.

"You can tell the Lady we'll drop by the infirmary and her office tomorrow when we come in for work" Duo replied silkily as he moved gracefully with Wufei on his back, towards the agent blocking his way. "As for right now, Wufei and I have else ware to be." Wufei laughed silently as the trembling agent in front of them quickly stumbled out of their way. They apparently weren't training their agents very well if such few words were enough to send them running. With the path unblocked, Duo, with Wufei still hanging on to him, happily walked out the front doors of the Preventer Headquarters.