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Author's Note: Don't worry about the odd format of the prologue. This is the only chapter from the Bad Wolf's point of view. Please note this prologue takes place at the end of the first season of Doctor Who.


Phantom Agents

A few seconds. A bump in the road. This is how my world ends.

This is how I die.

I couldn't save him. I couldn't save him, and he couldn't save me.

I ran for him. Through time and space, I ran for him. I engulfed eternity, and it engulfed me, and I ran to save him. My Doctor.

I tripped. A bump that was not supposed to be. It came and it left in a blink, and then it never was. I arrived, to find that 3.47 seconds had changed everything. They had killed him. They had shot him down, like they never were supposed to. He stood with death at his feet, and they killed him. He was the destroyer, and he now is destroyed.

I watch as they come for me, crawling through space as they crawled through time. They are so small. They do not understand what I am. I should not exist. I create myself, sending the message through time and space to guide me. An eternal loop completes.

I burn inside, the fire engulfing me. I look into them and see every atom of their existence, and I divide them. The soldiers fall, and their master falls with them. The false god is no more. From particles to particles. From dust to dust.

But in rage I seek further, vengeance guiding me beyond diluted space and time, through realities. The anomalies are open to me like no other, and I see them. I unbind them from existence, for their kind stole me away. Stole my Doctor away. They scream as they vanish, knowing that they never were. For I have seen them.

A few seconds. All of space and time, and those tiny measurements of past changed everything, all of the history that never will be. Without my Doctor to save me, I save myself. I remold my body and burn it. With fire and time.

I bring life. I save them, the captain and my Doctor. I wish for what was, but when I see him, my Doctor, and his ancient eye resting on me in sadness, I know I am no longer. I am the flower no more. Once delicate, flowing with the wind, I am reborn. I am death. I bring life, but I am death. I am vengeance and death, and for that I am abominable. I do not belong.

Slowly I feel it. The multiverse. Its vastness, its depths. Its implicit complexity, and none can withstand it. I touch upon infinite minds, never ending. A River awakens, and then the multiverse screams.

It calls for help, writhing in turmoil. Small clots that threaten the bloodstream; so simple, so intricate, so pure. I wish to help it, but I cannot involve myself, for I am anger and rage. I am devastation. I am death.

I am the Bad Wolf.

And I must find a caretaker. A defender. A protector.

A hero.

Someone calls to me, for he knows I will call to him. I call to him, for I knew he would call to me.


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