Second in the series "A Family of Their Own", happens to be the title of this particular part also. This fic was a fill for the hc_bingo prompt 'abandonment issues'. Summary: They're the beginning of their family. It's only fitting that they have some extra baggage to work through first. No specific warnings, vaguely deals with abandonment issues, use of OCs.

It was killing Bobby to listen to the teenager beg her uncle not to leave her and her little brother with 'some stranger'. "Please, Uncle Randy. We don't know this guy," Cameron reminded Bobby of Carl O'Connor to the letter. His fourteen year old was every bit of his six foot, five inches packed into a five foot, six inch package. Cameron hadn't crack one smile since Randy had pulled into the salvage yard; she was hard nosed, steel eyes and everything made her glare. Mark took more after his mother with his latino features and darker sink. He also didn't seem near as upset as Cameron was. He took everything in stride, but Bobby recognized a familiar haunted look in his eyes.

"C'mon, Cam, don't be like that. This is Bobby, the Bobby Singer." Randy gestured to Bobby; he tried to smile.

Cameron stood up and grabbed Mark by the arm. "We hate you, go to Hell!" She pulled her little brother from the room. Mark looked over his shoulder and gave Randy a small, sad smile, Randy waved shrugging.

Randy rubbed a tired hand over his face. "Think she'll hate me forever?" Bobby shrugged and glared at him. "What would you have me do, Singer? I'm a hunter and it's no life for a fourteen and thirteen year old."

Bobby listened to the teenager stomp around the room he had shown her to to put her bags. "Their parents did alright."

"Yeah, sure they did. Maria shoulda given up after losing Carl. She had those kids to take care of." Randy wiped at his mouth and Bobby could imagine what the young hunter was holding back about his sister-in-law. He sighed, "They'll be alright with you?"

Bobby nodded, "Of course."

"You've got that one kid, right, Dean Winchester? Heard he settled down." Bobby rolled his eyes; Hunters were no better than gossiping fillies. "Thanks, Bobby." Bobby didn't say anything else and Randy scurried out of his house.

He listened to the kids move around the one bedroom but they never once came down. He placed the phone call to Dean. Him and Cas were out on a hunt and would wrap it up and be right to them. He knew the couple was excited and that the side-hunting was their way of coping with the constant struggle to be approved for foster care. Bobby piddled around the house and made a light dinner but Cameron and Mark never came down.

It wasn't until three o'clock the next day that their hunger drove them out of their self-lock-in. Cameron came down the stairs first her eyes shifting back and forth carefully while she held one hand behind her to keep Mark two steps above her the whole time. Bobby watched amused at her genetic instincts keeping her alert. If Cam decided to, she was going to make a hell of a hunter.

"No need to sneak about, I've got some soup on in the kitchen." He leaned against the wall facing the stairs and purposely kept his arms uncrossed knowing that he needed to appear open to these kids. Playing 'soft and cuddly' hadn't worked for Bobby in the past; he was hoping it went different this time around.

Mark's eyes went wide and he shoved past Cameron. "C'mon, Cam. Soup!" He wondered when the last time either kid had a home cooked meal. Cameron watched him suspiciously and edged around him on her way to follow Mark. She'd be a tough nut to crack but he had faith in Dean and Cas to ease the worry in her.

Mark was already spooning large mouth fulls by the time Bobby followed them into the kitchen; Cameron on the other hand was just staring at the big pot. When Bobby came into the room Cameron moved herself next to Mark. The younger sibling glared at Cameron but she ignored it. She reminded Bobby of the young Dean who didn't quite trust Bobby when they first met and always kept himself between the older man and his little brother.

They sat in silence. Cameron watched Mark inhale his soup and Bobby watched both of them. Finally Mark put down his spoon and made eye-contact with Bobby. "What are you going to do with us?"

Bobby shifted on his feet before taking a seat across from them. "You're gonna stay here for a few days then you'll move in with my boy Dean." Mark elbowed Cameron and whispered, "Dean Winchester" "They don't live too far away, about an hour."

"Then why will it take a few days?" Cameron said the first words Bobby had heard since her 'good-bye' to Randy.

"They hunt..." Cameron huffed her dark eyes flaring. "They hunt to pass the time. They're real close to being approved for Foster Care." Confusion flashed on her face before she hid it with her stoney expression.

She turned and watched Mark's profile and he rolled his eyes for Bobby. "That's just what we need. More hunters taking care of us." Cameron stood and yanked on Mark's sleeve. "C'mon."

"I'm gonna have some more soup, Cameron." To drive his words home he stood and spooned himself an entire bowlful more. Cameron glared but didn't argue.

"I'll be outside." She paused at the door watching them but didn't linger long.

With only the two of them in the room Mark seemed to relax. "She doesn't mean to be so rude. Well, yeah, she does. But I don't think she means it." He stirred his soup around but Bobby didn't think he was interested in eating more. "She's been so angry since Dad died; Mom kinda went around the bend. Y'know?" Bobby nodded, he knew that all-consuming anger that filled when they were stolen away. "She started hunting all the time and left Cameron and me alone so much. Cameron did what she could. She tried. Then Mom...just didn't come home one night and didn't call. Turned into two nights, into a week. Then Randy showed up and you could tell. He didn't have good news. I guess he tried but he didn't know what to do with us." Mark looked up at him and shrugged, "And here we are."

Bobby's heart went out to the orphans. Before losing Carl they had operated as a well-functioning hunting family (as well-functioning as they can get) and to have all of that spiral so quickly out of control. He stood up and went around the table to place his hand on Mark's shoulder. "Don't worry now. We'll take care of both of you." Mark looked up at him and Bobby tried to pretend that the spark of hope in the kid's eyes didn't die so quickly.

The Singer residence was quiet in the five days leading up to Dean and Castiel's arrival. Bobby did what he normally did, with help from Mark on the things the thirteen year old could do. Cameron spent all her time in the room she claimed as hers or sometimes she would wander outside and watch Mark on whatever project Bobby had set him up on. She'd pitch in but they always worked in silence. Bobby was starting to suspect that the two had fought about something. He heard them two nights in Cameron's room whispering harshly with each other. Bobby didn't eavesdrop though; he gave them more respect than that.

He heard them coming long before the Impala started kicking up dust. Mark ran from around the back of the house his eyes lighting up at the first sight of Dean's beautiful machine. Bobby had been amused at all of Mark's talk about the Impala; the car had a reputation like the boys. Mark ran up to the front door and hollered inside, "Cameron, they're here!" Bobby grinned at Mark's enthusiasm; he was glad the boy was warmed up to the idea of living with Dean and Cas.

Cameron came out of the house but hid in the shadows of the porch. Her eyes were guarded and mouth a firm line.

The men got out of the car together and where Dean shut his door and gave Bobby a wide smile Castiel stood by his door eyes trained on the porch. Bobby followed his eye knowing it was going to end on Cameron. He wasn't disappointed.

Mark showed an uncharacteristic amount of confidence by approaching Dean. "Hi, I'm Mark O'Connor. It's an honor." Dean waved off the praise and shook the kid's hand. "That's my sister, Cameron, hiding up there." He turned to the porch and with an exaggerated sigh said, "Cameron, please come down here!"

Cameron glared at her brother but stepped into the sunlight and with a little deliberation actually came down the stairs. "Hi," she grumbled.

"It's nice to meet both of you." Dean shifted on his feet and Bobby thought it was endearing that they were just as nervous meeting the kids.

Bobby wasn't sure how much of his angel mojo Castiel had been left with when he was given the choice of staying on earth with Dean but he was starting to think it was enough. Castiel passed Mark with an awkward smile but his goal was Cameron. He stopped in front of her and put one hand on her shoulder. "We are very honored to have you as the first children in our family. We hope to provide you with all the necessary skills to be functioning adults." Cameron's lips tilted up in the first smile Bobby had seen her crack. There was still fear in her eyes but it was a step in the right direction.