Written for schmoop_bingo prompt 'pregnancy - birth'. Summary: Dean and Cas decide after five years of foster care that they're ready to have their own, blood bound tyke running around. Stacey was entering one helluva family. This deals with the birth of a child told from the POV of the female OC. It's not too terribly graphic.

Stacey studied the- well, it was a normal, plain looking abode. Nothing shady about it, no creepy flicking of the drapes. Still she paused outside for longer than necessary; maybe she should have asked her dad to come along. He had kind of pissed off that last couple though; no, she was doing this by herself. And this was what she wanted to do. Stealing herself she took the final few steps up the porch and knocked on the door before she could lose her nerve. Again. The door flung open after a brief stampede of feet behind it. Standing there in the foyer were two identically children of maybe ten years old. Behind them, jogging to catch up, was a seventeen year old girl, scowling.

"Dang it, Mia, Jordan what did I tell you? Get back in the living room." She grabbed them gently by their shoulders. "Hi, sorry. They're not suppose to open the door. Dean and Cas will be down down in just a minute. Come on in and wait here for them," She gestured to a room to the right of the foyer. Stacey glanced over and it looked like something her parents would have called the Sitting Room, but it was converted now to hold the exact meeting she was there for.

Mia looked at her shyly, "You're pretty. I hope you say yes." The teenager rolled her eyes but gave her a look that said she was thinking the same thing. Jordan didn't say anything only looked at her passingly; maybe he had already made up his mind about her.

Stacey moved into the meeting room and listened as the elder scolding the children. "What did Dean and Cas say? Not to bother the potentials."

"Sorry, we were just so excited," Mia answered, but Jordan grumbled, "You were, you made me follow." Then they were behind a closed door and Stacey couldn't hear any more.

She looked around the room and was delighted to find a few pictures displayed. She moved over to the table and smiled softly at the biggest picture placed in the center. It was the couple, presumably the one she was here to meet with, Dean and Cas standing next to each other on their wedding day. The man with green eyes had a grin on his face, nothing was happier than this day kind of smile, and was looking at the camera. The other, with darker eyes, had a much more serious set about his mouth but his eyes were focused on the other man. And in those eyes... Love. Pure, unadulterated love. It was breath taking. Next to that was a smaller framed photo of an older man standing with his arms around the blond teenager (she was maybe fourteen) who had pulled the twins away and a slightly, maybe a year, younger boy. The teens were siblings from the familiar features. They weren't smiling, they looked haunted, scared. And the man, he was guarded and his arms around them was less for fitting them all in the frame and more for protection. There was a picture of a mountain of a man alone in one frame, he was smiling, in his early twenties. Then a few photos of other children; pictured with the couple, with the older man and one of the twins with the mountain man.

A throat cleared behind her and Stacey didn't mean to jump. She spun around, a hand on her heart. "Sorry," Green Eyes smiled apologetically. "I'm Dean and this is..." he turned but there was no one next to him to introduce. He sighed heavily and put up his finger to be excused a moment. He didn't get far right out side the doorway, out of sight he stopped and hissed, "Cas, c'mon what the heck?"

"I told you Dean," Cas' voice was rough and tense with worry. "I will...sit this out?" He questioned.

Dean huffed, "you're not sitting it out. It's your, y'know, mojo. She's gotta meet you."

"I've ruined the last four interviews."

"You may have been a little overbearing. Don't worry, I'll elbow you every time you get out of line." Dean must have convinced Cas because he shuffled into the room. He glanced at Stacey and she tried to give him a reassuring smile.

"Hi," Mom always told her to put her best foot forward and she was a charmer. "I'm Stacey Manes." She stuck out her hand and Dean took it fast.

"Dean Winchester. My partner, Castiel Winchester." Castiel (what an interesting name) put up his hand and shook hers stiffly.

Stacey smiled, "That's so wonderful that you picked a last name to share."

Castiel's face screwed up in confusion. "I had no last name, what would I have done instead?" Dean opened his mouth, probably scrambling to cover Castiel's odd comment.

She beat him to it, "Awesome, a sense of identity is important." Castiel's confusion mounted but Dean's shoulders dropped in relief. "So," She motioned to the chairs, "wanna get started?"

It was the start of a pretty beautiful relationship. If Stacey could say so herself.

The Winchester house was far from dull. Stacey knew this from her first visit but every subsequent one after that was proof of this statement. Cameron and Mark, from what she could gather because the teens, Dean and Cas were tight-lipped about it, were legally adopted children of theirs. Their parents had died in some work related accident four years ago and the couple had taken them in at the insistence of Bobby. He was the 'grand-pop' have you will of the family. The twins, foster children who were actually in the process of being adopted by a lovely couple that lived only a few blocks away, called him that and sometimes Cameron did. In the three years Dean and Cas had been fostering they had had six children come through their doors. From the pictures that still littered the halls and walls Dean and Cas took each child that came through their door to heart. When Stacey had finally met the hunk of man from one of the first photos she had seen she was surprised by his gentle and shy manner. He reminded her of her brother after he had come home from his third tour overseas. Skittish, easily startled. She asked if Sam had been to war and Cas answered that they all had.

It wasn't even the interesting people that made the house hold exciting. It was what you could find there when no one was paying attention to you. She stumbled on Cameron and Mark sparring one day and when Cameron got the upper hand on her little brother she had scolded, "That will get you killed in the field. Keep it together, Marky." One morning she showed up before Dean had gotten back from taking the twins to school and since they had given her a key with the specific instructions to, "use it whenever," she let herself in. She went straight for the kitchen. She loved her mom and it was awesome that they let her move back in but: their food sucked. She poured herself a large bowl of Lucky Charms (freaking yes to cereal with sugar) and went to plop herself in front of the t.v. until Dean got back. She stopped in her tracks when she saw Cas kneeling in front of the fireplace where they had a modest cross mantled on the wall. "Thank you, Father for giving me this," Stacey knew she was seeing a private moment but she couldn't step away. "Giving us this. I know you sent Stacey to us, we couldn't have asked for a more...a more." Cas paused and smiled then, and it was pretty fantastic since she had rarely seen the stoic man do that. "She is prefect, thank you, Father." She took some quick, quiet steps back and reentered the room with a little noise. When Castiel looked at her his face was it's normal mask of seriousness, but she knew it to be exactly that now. A mask.

The more Stacey got to know the Winchesters the more she knew a family like them couldn't deserve their own child more.

Her delivering doctor had been put off by the circumstances of her pregnancy. He hadn't the benefit of a surrogacy under his belt and Stacey would be the first to admit that hers wasn't in the least conventional. She wanted both Dad's to be in the room with her but Dr. Grant had been adamant that only one be present and she could have some one else there with her as well; maybe her mother, he kept suggesting. Stacey was difficult in the fact that she said Cameron would be a better choice. Though Dr. Grant warmed up when he saw how close Stacey, Cas and Cameron were; when they came into the room she calmed instantly and her heart rate that had been wavering dangerously dropped. Cameron took over one side of her and stated boldly that she wasn't moving unless someone made her. Castiel took the other side, he dropped a kiss on her forehead and thanked her for the millionth time. He had turned into a bit of the waterworker since her water had broke at their house four hours ago.

Three hours later the party was starting.

Cameron kept smoothing down her hair when a painful contraction would come. She also did most of the glaring when Dr. Grant would coo that she was doing a good job and that the contractions were getting closer. Stacey was too busy panting and mentally shouting that, "Yes, of freaking course they were getting closer!" She was being ripped apart by them, wasn't she. She wanted to scream and thrash but her mother had drilled her about how staying calm, keeping up your breathing and just focusing on what your 'support group' was saying would ease the process.

Her mother never mentioned that the daddy-to-be would be whispering Latin in her ear. "Gods, Castiel, are you speaking gibberish to me?" There was a break in for a moment and Stacey could actually talk.

"They are ancient prayers of good health." Castiel's usual timber of calm was broken by something like worry and excitement. He threaded his fingers with hers and another hit her. She instinctively clamped down on his hand and held on for dear life. He didn't even flinch at the steel-like grip. "We are here for you," he whispered and started his praying again.

The nurse on duty, Nurse Ratchet, gave her a reassuring smile. She had been wonderful, she was sweet to Castiel and when Stacey had come back to the bathroom to promptly pee herself in bed she didn't bat an eye. Helped her get cleaned up and even put down an extra pad, just in case. "Doing good, Stacey. We're almost there." Suddenly the ceiling started to move and a large light came out of it.

Stacey giggled, "Omigod, I'm in Star Trek." Cameron snorted. They had her feet up in the br
aces and Stacey figured the little bit of modest that she possessed before this was blown away now.

The contractions were crashing against each other and if the baby wasn't coming out soon she was going to lose it. "Okay, Stacey, I'm going say push and Cameron you're going to count to ten. Then you stop pushing Stacey, okay. He's almost here." Nurse Ratchet instructed quickly. "Castiel, Cameron I need each of you to take a leg and hold them up." Cas and Cameron took one of each in hand and if this wasn't a bonding moment Stacey didn't know what was. "Okay, push Stacey."

Cameron started counting, slowly. "One...two...three..."

"Count faster, Cameron!" It was the first time Stacey had shouted during the entire labor and it startled all the occupants of the room.

"Four..five..six.." Stacey whimpered, oh, Gods, pushing! It hurt! ".."

She didn't throw herself back but came damn close. "Again, Stacey." Nurse Ratchet smiled reassuringly, "I can see the head. You're doing good."

"No!" she moaned but did what was asked. Cameron counted a little faster this time. But not by much. "Again, Stacey. C'mon just a few more." A few more felt like years to her as she tried so hard not to break down into a blubbering mess.

Castiel bowed his head and touched his forehead to her knee for a moment and Stacey would swear to her dying day that everything stood still, the pain ebbed away and she saw the most brilliant white wings envelope her and Castiel. When she asked Cameron about it later her reaction to the image was...odd, it certainly didn't convince Stacey that she had seen something that wasn't there. It was gone as quickly as it came and when the wings disappeared there was a wailing baby in the wake.

The nurse tried to hand the little bundle to her but she waved to Castiel. She patted Cameron's arm, "Get Dean, hun." She yawned and her stomach growled. God, she was hungry. Castiel took the baby in his arms and held him delicately. Stacey smiled. She always knew he would right with a baby in his arms.

"What are you going to name him?" Nurse Ratchet asked Castiel as Dean slid in behind him. He reached around his partner and grasped Stacey's hand mouthing, "Thank you, thank you."

They both looked at the nurse answering together, "James," from Castiel and "Lucas," from Dean.

Castiel turned and smiled at Dean, "James Lucas." He smiled softly at Dean and Stacey rejoiced in knowing she and Cameron alone understood how private a moment the two were having.

Nurse Ratchet turned to her, "And kinda-Mommy, how are you feeling?"

"Hungry," were the first words out of her mouth. "And really awesome. I feel like I'm drugged," Cameron snorted, because, yeah, Stacey was but not like that. Like, really damn happy. "I'm cold too," And she was actually, shaking. Dean showed skill about a hospital room when he procured a blanket before the nurse did.

"What do you want? Anything and I'll have it here." He tucked the blanket around her and motioned for more.

Stacey's eyes went wide, "I need a burger, please! Anything on it and french fries." Dean glanced at Nurse Ratchet.

"She just had a baby, she can eat whatever she wants." She rubbed Stacey's shoulder. Stacey could only smile softly. Besides being hungry she was so sleepy too. She looked over at the new parents and she broke out into a huge smile. They were cuddled together, unable to tell where Dean stopped and Castiel began, with the ba- James between them. They cooed softly and spoke softly to him. There was a nurse at their side waiting patiently.

"Hey, guys," she called gently. They looked up at her; Dean was still expressing every little thought of joy on his face, while Castiel had fallen a little behind the mask. "Why don't you go give the baby his first bath," She looked at the waiting nurse. They stood up, Dean with James in hand and followed her out of the room.

Nurse Ratchet sat beside her, Cameron was back at her side. "Pop is on his way to get burger and fries." She grinned, taking Stacey's hand.


"This was a wonderful thing you did, Stacey." Nurse Ratchet said, smiling.

She nodded her head. "Oh, yeah." She grinned thinking about how happy Dean and Cas had been when they first saw James. "I'll do it again."

Cameron looked frighten, "After that? I don't think I'll ever wanna have a kid." Stacey laughed and squeezed her hand. "Really."

Stacey closed her eyes, "You might change your mind." Cameron snorted.

She didn't hold her 'son' until three days later. Stacey hadn't been sure she wanted to and other than walking to the nursery to see James (maybe every day a few times a day) she hadn't been in the same room as him. She knew that Dean and Cas were spending every waking moment that they could with him. She wasn't expecting Dean to show in her room as Cameron, her mother and she packed up the few things she had scattered about.

"Hey," He glanced at her mom but kept it brief. The few dinners they had as a family had been awkward.

Cameron read Dean easily and grabbed Mrs. Manes by the elbow. With that same direction she gave the twins she was pulling her out of the room. "C'mon, Mrs. Manes lets go ahead and grab the car. Dean will get the rest for her."

"Uh," Her mother was going to protest but stopped once she was out the door. "O-okay. We'll be back, honey," she called over her shoulder.

Dean stepped a little farther into her room. "Stacey, me and Cas wanted to thank you again... And well, we wanted to talk to you about something." Stacey's eyes flicked over Dean's shoulder where she could see Castiel coming into the room. He had James in his hands and Stacey's breath caught.

"Yeah?" She locked eyes back with Dean but Castiel moved pass him and sat on her bed, right next to her.

Castiel shared that all-him smile with her, "Would you like to hold him?" It was the equivalent of Sam Winchester's puppy dog eyes.

"Sure." She took him. And it was pretty awesome. Her mother had talked endlessly at the beginning of Stacey's pregnancy about the first time she held her. When Stacey had said she wasn't planning on it, Mrs. Manes stopped her words in there tracks. She knew why know.

"So," Dean continued and she focused on him. "I know when we got started in this it was going to be-"

"Wham, bam, thank you ma'am," Castiel put in helpfully. Stacey snorted and shifted back so she was more on the bed and cradled James closer to her lap.

"What?" Dean's face screwed up. "Cas, damn it, not... I mean, yes it's appropriate- You know what? Mark is not allowed to help you with pop-culture any more." Stacey kept giggling. Things might not have been completely normal at the Winchester house, but damn. She loved them.

Castiel grumbled and Dean rolled his eyes, "I'm getting pretty good at enochian, Castiel." Dean shook his head and refocused on Stacey. "Yes, that's how we sort of planned this, without all the-" Stacey saved him with a glare. "Yeah. We wanted to say, if you wanted..."

"We'd like you to remain in James' life." Castiel said gently.

Dean pulled a chair close to the bed and sat in front of her. "Yeah. He's gonna grow up and he is going to have questions. Maybe if you were there, and not some stranger it would help." Stacey found herself nodding, and she could image herself as some spoiling Aunt Stacey. Dotting on the little guy and being there for him when he needed that female perspective. "And really, at this point you're family Stacey. Winchesters look at for family."

She didn't know when she had starting looking at James but her head shot up at those words. "I- Thank you. That means so much." She carefully passed James back to his daddy. "I would love to remain in all of your lives. I think though you two should go home and adjust to having a baby in your family." She wiped at her face, "And I need to recover. Take lots of pictures for me and we'll keep in touch. In a couple months we'll talk about how we wanna go with this." Dean stood when she started to get off the bed and helped her.

He gathered the last few items and Cameron and her mother were at the door. Stacey wondered for a moment how much they had over heard, but suddenly it didn't matter. Dean put his arm around Castiel and helped cradle James with his other. She was sticking around for this. Cameron hugged her tightly and she heard a sniffle.

"Don't worry, Cam," Stacey hugged her back. "I'll stick around."

"You can stay, Cameron, and I'll take you home later." Mrs. Manes offered and the couple nodded in agreement.

Cameron let go and wiped her eyes. "No, thank you. I'm going to go home with Dean and Cas. They're gonna need the extra hands with Pietro and Lola." She moved next to her guardians. They said their finally good byes and left. Cameron threw a, "text me," over her shoulder.

Stacey's mom wrapped her arms around her. "Feeling okay, baby?" She kissed her hair.

Stacey smiled, laughing she replied, "Definitely, Mom. That was awesome." Mrs. Manes laughed with her. She didn't have any doubts if the Winchesters asked her again she would say yes. And if they didn't, maybe they would ask someone else, she had still gained an amazing family.