It had taken a lot longer to locate her than any member of the team wanted to admit. But this was an opportunity that Rossum was unwilling to let pass by again. Not at any cost.

She had first gained their ugly attention as a Jane Doe that expressed bizarre genetic anomalies unseen as of yet. By the time a retrieval team had been sent in, however, she had disappeared from the Californian hospital with no trace. Considering the almost limitless reach of the company, this in itself was an impressive act and only seemed to spur the snake on. A vague description and a photo id of a sleeping girl was sent out to surrounding shelters, homes, schools and of course prisons in hopes of eventually locating the specimen.

Years past and there was no news. The file was marked as un-resolved, and put to the side. Rossum moved on, making more scientific advancements. Larger corporations to buy out and takeover. That is until they received an email from a small, meaningless prison in regards to the memo they had released. More importantly to the reward in locating her.