"So is it some kind of demon thing?" The young woman was pacing now, back and forth along the far wall. Like a caged wild cat. Looking for escape. Hunting for the unseen route.

"Pardon?" Adell replied simply. She was, of course, astutely aware of the woman's mental health history.

Faith stopped pacing suddenly turning sharply to the director at the table. Giving Adelle her full attention. "Like you don't know." Faith replied sharply."What are you really?" Faith demanded. She was so through with pleasantries. They wanted slayer charm? She had it in spades. Faith folded her arms and glared down at the woman seated ever so eloquently at the expensive table.

Adelle raised an eyebrow but said nothing.
"Demon?" Faith offered, "Some kind of ghoul?" her eyes narrowed, "it takes a lot to surprise me now days." Faith practically spat the words at the director. Adelle, however, much to Faith's frustration did not evil laughter, no monologs. Just careful observation. Observation. That was one thing Faith had never grown accustomed to. Being observed. By the school-psych, then her watcher- - till she died - - then Buffy and her posse, followed by the mayor - - Faith still had mixed feelings about him - - He seemed the only one to genuinely care about her. Which was more than the girl could say about most people who'd been responsible for her. She'd, well she'd actually liked him. Maybe even loved him. To a degree, his death was her fault. People tended not to stay alive around Faith.

Faith snapped out of her process and focused on the woman acrossthe table. "You're not some kind of giant snake, are you. Only, you know, been there slayed that."

Adele had to stop herself from allowing a slight smile. "I have been called worse in this lifetime I can assure you."She said in answer, taking another calculated sip of tea. "Now, please have a seat." She continued in soft, suggestive and professional tones. "We have things to discuss."

Faith stood, defiant, arms crossed a few feet from the table. "Whatever you're offering, I won't do it." She announced. "I'm done with under the table. I get that I'm the designated bad egg. But I. Am. Done." The message couldn't be any clearer. Not even if she spelt it. "This little trip to the bird cage? I know I could walk out any time." She stalked back across the small room. Getting nice and close to the older woman. "fact is, lady, I don't want to. I'm here to repent. Make amends. I don't deal in greys anymore. Ok?"

"How very interesting that you bring that up." Replied Adell. She had let the prospective speak, trying to gain an understanding of her perspective and, grasp on reality of course. All this talk of demons and such. It was clear that the woman was unaware of her delusions. This was unfortunate, as it would have played wonderfully for the bargaining.

"Bring what up exactly?" Faith sneered.

"You're so very focused on redemption."

"I didn't say redemption." Faith corrected. "I would never say the word redemption. What do you think I am? Some kind of Jesus Freak?"

"Never the less, that is what you meant." Adelle, never missed a beat. "This place, we deal not only in second chances, Faith, but in helping people." For once she wasn't interrupted. Adelle glanced down to the still mostly filled glass on the table. It was unfortunate that such a good brew was so rarely appreciated by the potentials. Perhaps an offer of hard liquor would be more appreciated? "You say you're content in spending the next ten years at the very least incarcerated. Doing nothing, helping no one?"

"No more than I deserve."

"From what I understand, you made a mistake." Said the director simply, no signs of pity or deep movements of the heart strings. "It was a terrible, but understandable mistake. It was dark and you were scared. You tried to defend yourself and it ended badly."

Faith's lip curled. "That's how you understand it, huh?" She grabbed the empty chair, pulling it to her and sat down. "Well did you understand the part where I stabbed him? With a piece of wood? Must have hurt, don't you think? Painful way to go."

Another sip of tea. "You try to villainise yourself." She commented.

"Oh, so you're a shrink? And here I was thinking you were just a poor attempt at a salesman."

"The correct terminology is salesperson. And I am far from it." Adele responded, flexing a little in the chair. "What I do here is allow people, people like yourself who have experienced the worst of life and we give them an opportunity to save themselves…" The director seemed to think for a moment over her next words "…from themselves."

"Really?" Faith sounded less than convinced. "That's what you do here."

Adele couldn't help but smile, ever so slightly. "In a manor of speaking." She poured herself another cup. "Would you like to hear the offer, Ms. Lehane?"

"Would you like to kiss my ass, Ms. Dewitt?"