know I'm doing a lot of other fanfics besides Team Lyoko, but I'm almost done retyping Ch 3 and it will be up by Oct 4. This is a fanfic I decided to write in response to an episode of Star Wars The Clone Wars with featured Senator Riyo Chuchi. Since there are absolutely no fanfics of her, I decided to make my own. Note that this doesn't take place in the time line of my books, but it does have me in it. Not gonna say anything else. Hope you enjoy it!

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Star Wars

Out of the Blue


A Slight Miscalculation

In the far reaches of space in what some people know as the "Star Wars Galaxy", a small Pantoran ship flies out toward the border between the Unknown Regions, an area of space containing billions of planets that remain unexplored by many.

Aboard the ship, Senator Riyo Chuchi of Pantora prepares everything for the task she sets upon herself, the task that she knew very well that if the Senate had found out about, that she was about to embark into uncharted territory alone with no permission from the Senate or the chancellor, she would be stripped or her position as Senator and representative of her world.

Suddenly, the comlink on her ship began to beep.

She walked over towards it and pressed a small button on the device.

An image of Togruta Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano appeared before her.

"Ahsoka." Riyo plainly says to her close friend.

"Riyo, I can understand about going against rules when it's completely necessary, but deliberately disobeying rules under no circumstances is just suicide!" Ahsoka says with worry.

"It's not under no circumstances," Riyo defends. "I told you, it's to go look for help and assistance to stop the Separatists and put an end to this war."

"Ok, considering you do make it through and find a civilization able to mass space travel, what makes you think they'll be nice enough to give some help just for nothing?"

"Alright, First: I never said "for nothing". I'd make sure to offer them what they would receive if they decided to join the Republic. Trade, technology, life samples, protection, everything they could want. And Second: It might seem like a long shot, but there's a slim chance that there are nice decent people out there who would decided to lend a hand in ending this nightmare. I have to try."

Ahsoka shows a grave look of concern on her face.

"Well, I still don't think it's smart to just go all by yourself. You could have at least asked me to come with you. I would have said yes." Ahsoka says to her friend.

"No. That would only involve the Jedi into this mess. They've got enough problems already. I've been hearing talk in the Senate that they plan to take over the Republic."

"Ok. Disregarding that completely because I know that couldn't happen in a million years." Ahsoka says with frustration.

"Besides, recently I been discovering... new things about myself, skills and talents that I've never known I had." Riyo says.

"Wait." Ahsoka begins. "Are you saying that... you think you can feel the Force?"

"I don't know. But when I'm on my homeworld, when I close my eyes and focus hard enough, it's as if I hear the dozens of people and animals all calling out to each other, as if they were all connected in some way." Riyo explains in amazement.

"That's definitely the Force. Being able to sense those around you, their thoughts, their fears, and their life force." Ahsoka says.

"It's not that I'm not happy, it's just... people born with the Force are identified not too long after they're born. I've gone 17 years without even knowing." Riyo says.

"I really don't know what to tell you. Ever considered applying for training?" Ahsoka asks.

"As a Jedi?" Riyo begins. "I don't think that's possible. I'm already a senator of the Republic and I'm too old for training... Unless,"


"Maybe, you could secretly train me."

"OK, back it up there. I'm still a Padawan myself and can't legally have an apprentice until I become a Knight. It's not that I don't want to Riyo, but If the council ever found out...

Ahsoka's sentence was cut short there when suddenly as if out of nowhere, a stray meteor hurtles toward the hull of Riyo's ship and impacts hard, causing Riyo to stumble toward the controls and accidentally press a button which engages the hyperdrive.

"What happened?" Ahsoka says.

"A meteor hit my ship and caused me to engage my hyperdrive." Riyo says in fear.

"Can you disengage?"

"It's no good. Coordinates are already locked in. I can't stop it!"

"Riyo!" Ahsoka's image then begins to fade.

"Ahsoka!" Riyo calls to her friend receiving no response.

Suddenly, the ship begins to lurch forward as it makes the jump to lightspeed.

"I have a bad feeling about this!" Riyo shouts as her ship bursts forward into the the starry abyss of the Unknown Regions.

End of Prologue. Hope this is intresting enough to keep you reading. If not... well then my life is over. Just kidding! The first chapter will show where exactly Riyo's ship will land. Please review. Thx!