Chapter 1

Rose POV

Replenishing the numbers.. I can't believe we lost that many. I was sitting in my room, thinking about the battle that just took place just hours ago. There was a strigoi attack and a handful of novices and moroi were taken. Many of the others were killed. Eddie Castillo, a good friend of mine, was taken.. I'm pretty pissed at that. We know the hostages were taken to caves in the back end of campus, but in order to go and get them, we have to wait for new guardians to arrive.

I walked out of my room, and started wandering around campus. I passed the cafeteria, where people were eating, I passed the gym, and I passed students, talking quietly about the events that took place a while ago. None of them paid any attention to me. I was looking for Dimitri, but ran into Lissa. I haven't seen her since before the attack, and hadn't bothered looking for her, because I knew she was busy healing people.

She hugged me and said, "Are you okay?" Through the bond I could feel her worry.

"Yeah.. Have you talked to Christian lately?" I asked. I was hoping she did, so she would have all the gruesome details, therefore relieving me of the job of telling her.

"Yep. " She paused, and went on, "Rose, that was really awesome, what you guys did.."

"Thanks." After that, we started talking. We said nothing about the attack, or deaths, because.. well, it was horrid. We just talked about what Lissa had done after the attack. It was going okay, until Jesse came, and ruined it all.

"Oh, look," he said, "Its crazy, psychotic Roseykins." I just ignored him. He's immature anyways.

"Don't worry, I will keep your secret.." he went on. "NOT!" Wait a minute! What secret?

"You don't know what your talking about, so I suggest you walk away before I really mess you up." I replied, giving him my glare.

He gulped, but kept at it, "Yeah well-"

"Wait... what is he talking about, Rose?" Lissa asked.

"Yeah, what am I talking about?" He questioned..

"Lissa, I honestly don't know!" I said.

"Oh, don't lie to her! After the whole fiasco with the mână, I came back to get my phone, which fell on the floor. But not before I passed an em pty cabin.. Or well I thought it was empty..." he hinted. Oh no! He knew. The smirk on his face told me so.

"Listen here you son of a-"

"Rose! What is he talking about?" Lissa asked, I could feel her confusion.

"You see, Lissa, your friend here was at the cabin, and she certainly wasn't alone. She was with Belikov." he said.

Lissa still didn't understand, and Jesse caught that. So he said, "They we in their. Together. Doing it. "

I was frozen. Lissa turned on my, disbelief written all over her face.

"Is this true?" she yelled. People stopped and stared. I turned sheepish, and said, "Look, Lissa-"

"No! I don't want to hear it! You and Dimitri? He's 7 years older than you! That's... ugh, I can't believe you never told me! I thought you were my friend." she said, glaring at me.

"I am your friend!" I replied.

"Apparently not! If we were friends, you would've told me." And with that, she stomped away, to her room. I felt that she was beyond furious at me.

I turned on Jesse. "Listen, you are the most craziest, moronic, IDIOT, I have ever met!" I said, and I slapped him. I walked away after that, and went to my room, to wait for the Guardian meeting that was going to take place in an hour. I sat in my room, and cried. I can't believe Jesse did that to me!