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Chapter 5


This could NOT be happening! They can't 'Awaken' him. That will ruin his (not to mention MY) life! I can't- won't let this happen to Dimitri.

I pictured Dimitri as a Strigoi. I could see him strolling the streets and attacking innocent people.. killing them for their blood. I could see the gruesome picture of him killing for 'fun'. My Dimitri as a Strigoi... cold expression, pale face... red-ringed pupils. Even the thought of Dimitri as a Strigoi would haunt my dreams.

"I'm not watching you do anything to him," I said. Hey, it may seem like a weak comeback but I have little to work with here, seeing as I am defenselessly tied to a chair surrounded by a ton of Strigoi.

"Yes you are. And if you close your eyes, then we will make him suffer, so that you can hear him cry out in agony," Arielle said with a sneer. Then she walked behind me and yanked me with my hair, so that I couldn't escape my view of Dimitri. "So," she sneered, "I suggest you watch."

"Wait.. hold on.. Please!" I begged. Let me tell you that I, Rosemarie (darn right, I added the 'marie') Hathaway never, ever beg unless it deemed necessary. Then I said something completely stupid, but just might save Dimitri. "Change me instead. Just please don't kill him."

"No! No Roza, I won't let-" Dimitri bellowed, rewarding himself with a punch to the face. "Shut up" one of the Strigoi in the room said. Dimitri said something in Russian that I believe was a curse word, but the Strigoi didn't understand, and rolled his eyes.

"I'm killing him. I want him to join us. He may be of more value to us than you." Aaron stated.

I thought of other suggestions, and then I found one that was pretty obvious. "'Awaken' us both. I mean.. why don't you just do that?"

Aaron and Arielle looked at me as if I'd lost my mind.

"Now why would we do that?" Aaron asked.

I answered sarcastically, "Because... then you'd have two extremely strong Strigoi too join your cute little gang."

The insult earn me yet another slap. "Because then you stupid girl," Arielle corrected me, "You guys would turn against us and kill my brother and I. Duh.. Your seriously not a smart one are you?"

Yet, Aaron pondered with this offer. Before he weighed on his options, a loud POP! was heard. Everyone in the room turned towards the door.

"What was that?..." Aaron asked himself. Then he asked one of his 'minions' to go check out the noise. As soon as the Strigoi opened the door, however, I heard a whisper and saw a very bright red light flash.

What on Earth?

And that's when all hell broke loose.

Lissa Pov

I was walking to the church with Christian, hand in hand. We wanted to go and relax in our spot. With all that has happened recently, we kinda needed it. What with my healing people, and Christian burning Strigoi. Isn't he just so amazing?

We were strolling, taking our time when Adrian came up to us. He looked worn out from all the healing we'd been doing. I mean, he just learned how to heal, so healing a broken bone must take a lot out of him; not to mention the fact that he'd healed much more than that! I guess now was the best time to let everyone know about spirit anyways. I mean, people really needed the help. Adrian whipped out a cigarette and lit it. After taking a long drag of it, he looked at us and said, "The rescue team is back. They got back a few minutes ago..." He took another drag. "Anyways, Eddie is fine."

"How about Rose? Is she back yet?" I asked. Sometimes I wish this bond worked both ways, just so I could check up on her.

Adrian ran his hand through his hair, and threw his cigarette to the floor, "Ah... no. Not yet. I don't think Belikov is either.. Maybe they found love and escaped this school to go live in Swahili or some other getaway."

"What?" I exclaimed. Did Adrian know about them? Was he even serious?

"Relax, cousin! That was sarcasm! Learn it!" he laughed. "Anyways, Belikov and Rose?" He made a face. "Not likely. What's he like... 8..9 years older than her?"

"Only seven.." I said quietly. Christian just stood there quietly watching our conversation.

"Not that I don't just love talking about Rose's non-existent love life with her 'bad-as+' adult mentor, but I think we should really go and meet up with her. She's bound to be back now." Christian suggested. We agreed and headed towards the north side of campus.

When we got there, we saw the very impressive and very familiar organized chaos that the Guardians always had going on when something serious was up. Well, it was organized, until-

"NO! We have to go back. Rose is there. They can kill her. Please?" the not-so calm and collected Janine Hathaway cried.

Wait a minute? Rose is where? Who can kill her? And then that small piece pf information dawned on me that Rose hadn't come back. Rose was still in the caves. The Strigoi can kill her. Oh my god. This can't be happening. I pushed my way to Janine. She was sitting on the floor, holding a water bottle. She was sweating, and she looked uninjured. Yet, the image of my best friends mother right now will haunt me until I die. The Janine Hathaway looked... vulnerable.

"Guardian Hathaway! Are you okay? What happened?" I questioned, panic rising in my voice.

"S-she.. she... gone... They got her!" She cried. Then she looked at me, and she looked very grief-stricken.

Trying not to break down right there, I grabbed Janine's arm, and led her away from the crowd. Once we were a good enough distance away from the chaos, I made Janine look at me.

"What happened to Rose?" I asked shakily. Sensing my distress, Christian put his arm around me. Adrian walked to a broken-off branch, and sat on it.

"The raid... i-it was going fine.. We had just a few casualties. Most of the hostages got out. The novices who were outside were directed to go and escort the freed hostages back to campus. Guardian Alto, Belikov, Petrov and I were fighting some Strigoi. Soon, we got trapped in a corner. We were outnumbered until..." she hesitated. She took a deep breathe, calming herself. Janine was about to proceed in talking, but when she looked up at me, her expression changed to wary.

I was on the verge of hyperventilating. I felt my spirit magic inside me threatening to overpower my self control. That scared me. I can't lose control again. Someone might get hurt. Just like Jesse... and I guess like Rose since she took the Darkness from me. Wow. The events of last night before the invasion seem like a distant memory. They seem unimportant to the events taking place right now. It's so funny how quickly things can change. One minute everyone's happy.. the next everything goes wrong. Ha, but I should be used to it. Bad things usually find their way of coming to me.

I didn't know I was pulled so deeply into my spirit- induced, crazy thoughts until- "Lissa?" Christian asked, "Are you alright?"

"Yeah.." I replied, then nodded towards Janine telling her to proceed. Christian led me to go sit next to Adrian on the branch. Before she continued, Janine handed Christian her water bottle, and he gave it to me. I had gulped most of it down when Janine started speaking again.

"As I was saying; we were outnumbered, but clearly not outmatched. If only she'd listen to orders- Dammit!" she screamed, surprising us all, "Sorry. Rose.. she.. she had come into the caves. She came with re-enforcements. We didn't need them. Anyways, soon all those Strigoi were dead. I ordered them to leave when Rose shouted 'Strigoi!' and killed an on-coming Strigoi that we hadn't known was there. We all wondered how she knew it was there.. but there was no time to ask. We ran for the exits. We made it out, but were ambushed on the way over here. A Strigoi jumped onto Guardian Belikov-" I gasped, "What?" Christian shushed me, and Janine kept talking. Her voice was shaking. "I-I warned her not to go b-back. I s-said he was as good as dead. B-but she didn't listen. She escaped m-my grasp and ran to him. The Strigoi has both of them. I t-tried to save them, but I was pulled away. I-I'm so sorry Lissa.. I t-tried. She's gone."

I didn't break down. I didn't bawl like most people would have expected me to. I didn't succumb to the power of Spirit. Instead, I stood up, walked straight to my best friend's- my sister's mom, and I hugged her. I spoke comforting words and I let Janine Hathaway cry her heart out on my most favorite shirt. It was time for me to accept the fact that officially, all of my family was gone. I was alone.


The rest of the Strigoi piled out of the room to see what was going on. More flashes of red appeared, and then silence. Dimitri and I looked at each other. Unspoken words were passed between our gaze. Whatever danger was coming, we would take it on together. We heard whispering. Whoever it was, they were getting closer. Dimitri looked at me once more and said, "I love you, Roza."

I looked at the man who made my life so worth living, the man who I would give my life for, and whispered, "I love you too."

Foot steps rang, and then three figures were at the door. I sensed that they weren't Strigoi. They clearly weren't. There were three teenagers- my age. The weird thing wasn't that they were teenagers, though. It was the fact that they were pointing sticks at Dimitri and I. It was the fact that the ginger kid asked, "Rose Hathaway?" (I nodded) It was also the fact that I knew they weren't normal.

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