Love, Hope, and Questions

Harry's life was perfect. His scar hadn't hurt in 4 years, he wasn't living with the Dursley's, he had a family who loved him, and his relationship with Ginny was great. Harry loved Ginny and she loved him. They had seriously started dating after Harry had stopped Voldomort for good, he remembered that night all the time. It was filled with pain, but, also happiness as the world rejoiced that Voldomort was dead. As soon as Harry graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he packed his bags and left the Dursley's to go and live with Ron and his family. He still laughed at that day.


Harry packed his bags and waited for Mr Wesley to come. While he was waiting his uncle Vernon had come into the living room. In Harry's opinion his face looked like a beetroot that was going to explode.

"Where the devil do you think you're going?" he asked harry. His aunt Petunia came into the room as well. Harry just sat there waiting for whatever else was coming. He knew his aunt and uncle all to well to know that they would just leave him there.

"I asked you a question boy!" uncle Vernon said, his face getting redder by the minuet.

"Well" Harry started. "Seeing as you obviously don't want me here, and that I am now 17 going on 18. I have decided to live with the Wesley family." Harry said.

"You will do no such thing." His aunt said. "We must legally look after you until you are 18 years of age, we must and we will." Harry rolled his eyes. He had already had this same conversation again and again throughout summer.

"Yes aunt Petunia, but you see, I will be staying at the Wesley's for the rest of the summer and as you well know my birthday is at the end of summer so by the time summer ends I will legally become an adult." Just then Mr Wesley apperarted into their living room. Harry's aunt and uncle jumped in shock.

"Right harry. Ready to go?" He asked. Harry nodded; he turned to his aunt and uncle and said his goodbyes and geld on to Mr Wesley's arm and apperated out of the room straight to his new home.

Flashback ended.

Since then harry had lived here and he had loved it. He still went to visit his aunt, uncle and cousin every Christmas and Easter but he generally didn't talk to them much. Dudley was the only one who gave him half decent presents. Harry supposed it was because he was still thankful to harry for saving him from the dementors. Harry shivered at the thought. Speaking of Christmas, it was Christmas Eve and there was still work to be done. Mrs Wesley would probably have Hermione in here any minute. Harry got up and out of his bed. He turned to the bedside table and got his glasses. 21 years he had these glasses, they were almost a part of him now. His always spiky black hair, his mothers green eyes, his fathers looks (and Quiditch skills) and also his scar. The same scar that Voldomort had inflicted upon him when he was just a baby. Harry got up and got ready, Ron was still snoring when he came back and Hermione was in the room. He saw her.

"Morning Hermione." Harry said. Hermione jumped with shock.

"Morning Harry, I've been trying to get Rom up for ages now." She said looking a bit annoyed. "Mrs Wesley wants us to help with the decorations."

"I might be able to help." Harry said. He took his wand from the bedside table and muttered a levitation spell.

"Wingardiam Leviosa." He said with a swish and a flick. When he said those words Ron's sheets rose of from him and fell to the floor. Harry thought he would have a bit of fun.

"Hermione, why don't we give Ron a little Refreshing wake up call?" he asked. Hermione caught up in an instant. With that she got out her wand and Harry heard her mutter: "Aught." A get of water formed at the end of her wand and when she waved it, it moved over to Ron's head. With a flick of her wand the water fell onto Ron's head. Ron woke with a start and both Harry and Hermione started laughing.

"What the bloody hell did you do that for?" he asked, water dripping down his nose.

"Sorry Ron but we needed you downstairs and you wouldn't wake up." Hermione said still laughing. "Come on get up and ready, we have a long day to go." With that Hermione turned and went out the door still laughing.

Harry stopped laughing when Ron glared at him.

"What a I meant to do with these." He asked holding the wet sheets.

"Use your wand, you are a wizard after all." Harry said. "But hurry up or you'll miss breakfast." Harry said helping Ron off the bed.

"What am I meant to do with her?" Ron asked, looking at himself. He was wet all over.

"Don't ask me. She's your girlfriend." And with that harry left Ron and went downstairs to help with breakfast.