A/N - Well, I swore I would never do this, write two fics at the same time, but I just had to do it! This one will be updated weekly, so I can still dedicate a lot of time to 'Summer Vacation.' I just needed a creative outlet from my creative outlet, if that makes any sense! I hope you like it! Let me know! It's a bit different from my other stuff, but enjoy!

Prologue - Choose You

August 2010

I was sitting in a white rocking chair on Edward's porch. It was a beautiful day in late August and Edward was out on the combine. It was the end of the season and he would soon be finished harvesting his wheat crop. This farm was Edward's life, his heart and his soul. This farm owned him, as much as he owned it. But he owned something else: my heart.

I loved Edward Cullen more than life itself. He was the only one that didn't see it; couldn't believe it. Now, that's not to say he didn't love me, because I knew he did. He just couldn't understand why I would choose him over the life I had started to build for myself. Yes, my life and his were like night and day, but he was my entire universe, now.

I was sitting here because Edward made me promise I would. I was sitting here because Edward wanted me to think about it. I was sitting here because Edward didn't understand. There was no choice to be made. There was no decision. I wanted Edward. He made me happy. I could deal with the changes. I already had. I could accept the life he could give me. I already had. I could turn my back on my old life. I already had.

But, I was sitting here to prove to him that I did not make this decision lightly. He wanted me to be sure. He wanted me to be happy. And I would love him forever for that. And I would sit here in this rocking chair until Edward came in from the field. He would be dirty and sweaty and tired. But to me, he couldn't be more beautiful. When he came home, he would come home to me. I was going to be here for him, with him. I was going to be here forever, because Edward was. He was my choice. I chose this life.

Now, I just had to tell him. I had to tell them both.