Riding Shotgun with Sly Cooper: Chapter 1: Intro


Summary: a 15-year-old hybrid is transported into sly cooper's world, will she succeed in helping sly cooper defeat clockwork or die trying...

On a Sunday afternoon, a teenage girl is sitting under a weeping willow sketching the day away. She is a dreamer, a friend, but most of all a "sister" to two great friends, but lets get into details about the girl were talking about. I am Cece Kimari and this is my story about living in Sly Coopers world for the rest of my life...

"Your a Idiot you know that Celia!" my father yells madly at me cause of my D in English his "favorite" subject.

"No duh, father and its Cece not Celia" I said keeping my voice clam hiding the anger in my voice.

"Get to your room young lady! I'm going to let your mother deal with this...this..." My father said stuttering on the last word.

I just rolled my eyes and started to walk to my room, slamming the door, to my room. I crawled under the covers of my soft bed, booted up my laptop, putting my headset on, logging on to Face Book.

"Hey Hiccup, guess what happened today." I said to my best friend on the computer, I was talking to him chat not face to face even though I met him in real life once but that was 4 years ago.

"Hey Royal, what's going on with you," He said concerned but gentle with his voice "let me guess your father is mad at you?"

"How did you know?" I was shocked he got the answer right

"I've known you for too long Royal, and I heard your father yell at you that one time we were talking" he replied with a hint of laughter in his voice, this made me smile gently knowing that I can have a friend to rely on when I'm down.

"You sure about that runt?" I said teasingly back.

"... Royal you know I am not that short!" he said a bit mad.

"I'm kidding Hiccup, you one inch taller than me dude!" I replied trying to hold my laugh in.

"Really? I never noticed" he said back a bit surprised.

"How tall are you Hiccup, I'm 4'9?" Nest thing I know I hear Hiccup is compiling how short he is by an inch. I cracked up hearing him rant and rave about his height. After he was done, I was in tears cause I was laughing to hard listening to him.

"Have to go Royal mom is here to take the computer in into the doctors" he sighs sadly after he says this.

"So I'll see you when?" I asked gently.

"Eh a week from now or four days" he complained

"You have my cell number right." I asked.

"Yeah I have it and do not worry I'll call you when I need a shoulder to cry on" after his last word, his chat went from Online to Offline. After I shut down my laptop, I plugged it in so that way it can charge up. Tomorrow was Sunday so I can sleep in. I grabbed my Sly Cooper hat off the post near the head of my bed, put it on my face before I drifted off into a deep sleep, dreaming of meeting Sly, Murray, and Bentley meeting CeCe Luna Kimari a Night Fury Hybrid.