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Mai sighed. Naru was pushing her to the brink of insanity. He had legs! Would it be so hard to get up and use them? Mai felt her face heat up and she turned the stove knob. She grabbed a thick potholder and began to pour the hot water into Naru's favorite cup. He claimed it wasn't bought in some casino or in a gift shop. He liked the unusual it seemed.

"Tea!" called out Naru before closing his door. Mai's eyebrow twitched. If he had time to spare to open a door then why not just walk toward the kitchen? Mai grabbed a tea bag and prepared it the way Naru normally liked it. 'Stupid, good-for-nothing, narcissist!' Mai leaned against one of the double doors to Naru's office and opened the door with her free arm before walking in.

"Here you go, Naru. Anything else you need?" asked Mai with a smile. 'He better not I have enough things to worry about!'.

"No, that will be all. You may take your leave now." commanded more than suggested Naru.

Mai huffed before mumbling under her breath, " A simple thank you would be nice."

Naru looked up from the folder he was reading and raised a perfect eyebrow. "You said something, Mai?'

Mai laughed nervously, "Oh, it's nothing! Just some silly nonsense I was thinking about."

Naru returned his attention to the folder in his hand. "As to be expected."

Twitch. Twitch.

Does he have no manners? Just as Mai was going to retort a knock resonated. Mai dashed out from the office and opened the door. She greeted the visitor with a bright smile, "Ohayo! Welcome to Shibuya Paranormal Research! I'm Taniyama, Mai but you can call me Mai if you like. Please come in."

Mai led the client to the conference room and went to get another cup of tea. Mai was just about to open the kitchen door when a voice stopped her. "Mai."

Mai turned around and smiled, "Do you want some tea, Lin*?"

Lin nodded, face still blank from any emotion, "I would also like to know how you're doing."

Mai looked at Lin with a puzzled look. Lin normally wouldn't ask such a personal question. "Good. Why do you ask?"

Lin's eyes slightly narrowed, "I received a call last night from your school. Apparently, you fainted in class. I presume that is the reason why you were so drastically late to work yesterday?"

Mai nervously smiled. What was she going to do? "Funny story. You see-"

"Mai, tea! Lin!" came a deep voice from the conference room. Mai scrambled toward the kitchen thankful that she wasn't being interrogated by the watchful eyes of Lin. Calmly, Mai began to stir the tea after the tea bag was set in. It would be faster this way. Reaching up to get a tray from the cupboard, Mai realized something. Her hospital bracelet was still on. Mai desperately tried to rip it off.


Mai sighed. She took a knife out of the drawer a cut it off before throwing it away. Setting all the cups on the tray, Mai went toward the conference room. Giving the guest their tea and nervously handing Lin his cup, Mai sat down next to Naru feeling more comfortable. Naru turned to her with a glare evident in his eyes. Mai scooted away slightly.

Naru turned to the client. "You may begin."

The client was in his early twenties maybe even nineteen. He had striking ice blue eyes and black hair fashioned in the same way as a main character in an anime called Death note. Funny how anime wasn't as popular in Japan as people think. He wore a white T-shirt and blue jeans with black shoes. He seemed friendly enough for Mai to smile to. He turned to Mai and returned the smile. "I'm Katsumi Yasuharu. Pleased to make your acquaintance. I live in a house or more like a mansion in Asakasa, Tokyo. It's not very well known but it's quite peaceful. Sometimes even celebrities come over for some relaxing." he shook his head and smiled. "I'm sorry. I'm drifting away from the subject. Despite its calm demeanor, I am fully convinced it's haunted."

Mai spoke up before she could stop herself, "Why do you say that, Yasuharu-san?"

Said man smiled, "Well a few days ago, I was getting ready for sleep and had just returned from a shower. As I was walking down the hallway, I noticed a small trinket in the middle of the hallway. I thought nothing of it thinking to myself that perhaps one of my younger sisters left it there. So, I picked it up and set it on my nightstand so, that when I woke up in the morning, I would remember to give it to them. In the middle of the night, I was awoken by jumping on my bed. I thought it was one of my sisters and told her to go to sleep."

He coughed and pulled on the collar of his shirt. Mai gently handed his untouched tea to him. He smiled appreciatively and calmly took the cup. He had a lot of self-control. 'Just like his name sake.' thought Mai with satisfaction of her observation. "When the jumping didn't stop I sat up only to be face to face with a small girl. She was on my lap but I felt none of her weight on there instead it felt as if the world was pushing down on me as if it wanted to crush me. The girl had long brown hair put up into a messy bun. She looked to be thirteen or fifteen. She wore a red flower-patterned yukata tied together by a pink obi sash. The only thing that wasn't normal was her eyes."

"What about them Yasuharu-san?" asked Naru indifferently.

Katsumi suppressed a shutter, "She had no eyes."

Mai heart skipped a beat. "How terrible."

"That is enough information for now." responded Naru.

"Will you accept this case?" asked Katsumi with a hopeful look in his eyes.

"Of course we will." replied Mai. She turned to Naru. "Right Shibuya-san?"

Naru nodded. Katsumi sighed in relief and Mai smiled knowing they would once again be able to help someone. "Is there anything I should do before you arrive?" asked Katsumi.

"Yes, have a room ready for a base. We will be needing a room big enough to fit our monitoring devices and have meetings take place. We will also need two rooms set aside for our rest. It would be a great help if they are near the base. Have anyone else who has witnessed or experienced any of the paranormal activity in your home be ready for an interview." responded Naru.

Katsumi stood up and bowed deeply, showing how grateful he was. "I will do that immediately. Thank you." He turned towards Mai and smiled. "Thank you Miss Taniyama for such delicious tea. It was quite a calming drink. Please do not hesitate to use our kitchen once you get there."

Mai laughed with a slight blush on her face. "Thank you but I don't want to burn down your house. I will need it for tea though so don't hesitate to ask me for any."

Katsumi nodded. "For someone so young you sure are smart, Shibuya-san. I will have everything ready by tomorrow."

After Katsumi left, Naru began to speak. "Refrain from being too social with our clients, Mai. You are stepping over the personal boundaries that an employee should pass."

Mai huffed, "Naru, there are people who are extremely effected by the paranormal. Even though he can control himself, there's only so much a person can take on their own!"

"Either way. You are not to act accordingly."

"You can't tell me what to do!"

"I sign your paychecks."

Mai kneeled down on one knee. "I am at your bidding."

If a person could roll their eyes without moving them, it would be Naru. "Get up and make me more tea. The one in my office is cold now."

"As you wish Sire!"

Masako arrived half an hour after receiving a message from Naru saying he needed her. Mai greeted her with a smile and tea. "No, thank you. I don't want tea handled by an ignorant. Where is Kazuya?" asked Masako, her eyes scanning the office.

"He went with Lin to check on our insurance just in case something happens to it. He told me to meet him later on about it." answered Mai. She inwardly snickered. 'Serves you right for acting like a snob!' thought Mai derisively.

Masako huffed and walked toward the conference room to wait. Mai sighed and looked at the clock. "Bou-san will be here soon. I need to go somewhere. If you want to make some tea on your own there's hot water in a pot. Will you be fine on your own?" called out Mai.

"No need to worry about me I'm not the one who brings trouble where ever I go."

Mai sighed in relief. She wasn't the least bit suspicious. As her hand reached for her coat, the door opened to reveal a tall, light brown-haired man in everyday attire. He smiled widely before hugging Mai. "Mai, did you miss your nii-san!"

Mai smiled before laughing half-heartedly, "Let go of me you pervert!"

Houshou pouted, "So cruel to your nii-san!"

"Sorry, I just have to go somewhere." replied Mai as she put on her coat.

"All alone?" asked Houshou with an arched eyebrow.

"I'm a grown girl! I can take care of myself!" defended Mai.

Houshou slightly frowned, "All right. If you need help though just give me a call."

Mai nodded. She left the office and walked toward her apartment to get some necessary things before heading out once again. It was a few blocks down and she was in a good neighborhood so she would be okay. Mai looked up at the sky. It was a little off. The sky had a grey tint to it and the wind was getting a bit harsher than earlier. 'Guess it's going to rain.' thought Mai as she absent mindedly started to hum. She was glad her coat wasn't really thin. The cold wind would be biting against her flesh. Her school came into view after five minutes of slow walking. If she hurried up maybe she would have time to meet up with Lin and Naru on time.

She jumped over the foliage fence and sped up her pace. She wanted to get this over with. Her feet moved without her according knowing the pathway she was walking fairly well. As she neared the door she dreaded to open, Mai stopped and took in a deep breath. 'It's okay. I got this all in the bag! I can do this!'. With a confident nod, Mai opened the door and was shocked to see the scene in front of her.

"Na- Shibuya-san, Lin-san! What are you doing here?" stuttered Mai remembering to call Naru by his real name in public.

Naru turned toward her his face void of any emotion. "We're here to handle your hospital bill."

Mai's eyes widened and turned to Lin's watchful eyes. 'Snitch!' she thought lividly. Naru tensed a bit and Lin's eyes narrowed. Apparently, her face gave her away. The principal was oblivious of it and sat in confusion between the trio. "There's no need really. I have all the money here."

Naru ignored Mai, "I will have the check sent to you via mail if that is alright with you." The principal's bald head shined slightly as he nodded. "Very well then Mai, Lin, let's take our leave."

Mai stood in the middle of the room muttering incoherent words. "I- wait- what?" Mai sighed and bid a farewell to her principal muttering a sorry for the interruption before running after Naru. "Oi, Naru! What was that all about! I told you I had the money ready to pay my bills!"

"You're only seventeen, Mai. You shouldn't be paying any bills." retorted Naru.

"So! You're only twenty-one! Barely drinking age! What gives you the right to take care of someone when you're only two years their senior!" argued Mai.

"This coming from the idiot who has trouble find her everywhere she goes? And suppose I did let you pay for that bill. What would you be deprived of? Electricity? Water? Your rent payment?"

"No! Just money I was saving up for some extra food or in case of an emergency!"


"Naru?" asked Mai reluctantly. He seemed deep in thought. "Na-"

"Have you been behind on any of your bills?"

Mai stared at Naru in confusion. After a few moments, it slowly dawned upon Mai that Naru might pay for the rest of her bills. "No!"

"Stop lying, Mai. Are you saying this to preserve your pride-"

"I have every right to be proud! I survived for years without the help of a parental figure and not once have I had to depend on anyone! Now I have you paying for bills I could pay for on my own!" Mai stopped to take a deep breath. "I'm sorry Naru it's just I don't want anyone to worry about me is all."

This time it was Lin who spoke, "It is not bad to depend on someone, Taniyama-san but depending on someone too much can be bad for a person. Please keep in mind that we are only thinking of your well being."

Mai sighed. He had a point. "I appreciate it. I'll make it up to you somehow."

"No need to worry about that." Mai looked at him in wonder. Was Naru being nice to her? "You can make it up by carrying all the equipment into the base."

Mai huffed. Leave it up to Naru to bring your hopes up only to have them crashing down.

A slight snore was heard. All eyes turned toward the sleeping girl even the driver's uncaring gaze looked from the rear view mirror. Mai couldn't help but snicker. Here they were: Lin, Masako, Naru and herself, and Masako ,the 'elegant' medium, was snoring. In a very unladylike position too if Mai had to say. Her front dress looked like it was going to rip because of how wide her legs were spread apart, one of her arms were behind the seat and there was slight drool creeping down her part small lips. Mai took a picture on her phone after she had stopped laughing. Mai sighed and put her phone away. Gently, Mai closed Masako's legs together before taking her arm to place it on her lap and gently wipe away her drool with a napkin. Maybe Masako was more of a normal teenager then Mai thought.

The van stopped and Mai felt overjoyed. Finally, some fresh air! Mai just about flew out of the van. No more uncomfortable warmth from the incredibly clean leather seats or the stiff air that gave a person a headache and want to go to sleep. "Mai, the equipment." announced a voice that belonged to none other than Naru. Mai sighed. Once again, Naru had ruined her moment.

"Hai." She waited until Houshou arrived with Ayako. Despite the fact that those two fought like a married couple they both agreed to drive the equipment over to the house. Speaking about a house, Mai turned to observe it. It was a traditional Japanese home a noble would have. It was huge! Blooming Sakura trees surrounded the home, slightly tinting the home pink. She was currently standing in a clearing near the road. Mai heard the roar of an engine and turned her head to see the van that had the load of doom Mai had to carry. She smiled none the less. She was happy to see the part time monk and miko.

"Ah, don't worry Mai, nii-san is here!" exclaimed Houshou as he opened the door with a swing. He closed the door and walked up to Mai nearly killing her with his bear hug.

"Bou-san. Air. Now!" gasped out Mai in what she assumed would be her last few breaths. Death by a hug. How pathetic.

He chuckled before letting go, "I'm sorry it's just been so long."

"That was yesterday!"

The monk crossed his arms. "It was a long time away from you either way!" he argued.

Mai laughed. Oh, that child-like monk of hers! She turned away and opened the back of the van. Apparently, Naru was right about her making it up to him. There were enough monitors in here for a mini-mall! She began with the lightest first and followed Lin who was waiting for her to show her the way. He slid the door open for here and excused himself. Mai set the equipment down on the incredible sturdy table before turning to leave. When she passed the staircase, Mai felt a slight shiver run down her back and looked around. After thoroughly examining the room, Mai began to walk again. 'Must have been the wind' thought Mai as she brushed the latest event off. Yet, there in the very same spot that she stood…

…was a small doll.


Lin*- I know it sounds like Rin but must I remind you that the Japanese Language (the sounds) don't include the letter 'l'. So they substitute it with 'r'. For example: ropu -romanji- (ロプ ) is Katakana for rope but for a name like Lee it usually looks like Rii -romanji- (りー ). A little mini-lesson for once in my stories.

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