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It was a typical day in Ikebukuro. The usual people were hurrying across the crowded streets, the street punks strolled around, and the little children were playing games in the park and the fountain, etc, etc.

The blond-haired man near the said fountain hastily put his hands out in a warning gesture at the message displayed on the phone held out to him.

"O-oi, l-listen, of course I'm perfectly happy for you and Shinra! But as for me, I really don't need anyone at the moment, okay?"

The dullahan holding the phone seemed to stare at him for a few seconds before hurriedly typing another reply.

That can't be true, Shizuo. You seem like you need someone

Shizuo gave an irritable sigh as he slipped his hands into the pockets of his bartender uniform. "I don't need anyone. Like I said before, I'm fine with just being single! Besides, it's not like I'm completely alone in my life! I have you, Shinra, Kasuka-"

True, but Shinra says

"Shinra," Shizuo interrupted with a scoff, "is probably just looking for an excuse to get my blood sample or something like that again! No offense…"

none taken.

There was a brief silence between the two friends. Shizuo breathed in an inaudible sigh of relief, thinking that this argument was over. Until…

I still think you should hook up with someone, Shizuo. Regardless of what Shinra is saying…

"Hmph!" The bodyguard crushed the innocent (or perhaps, not innocent, since they're very bad for the human body…) cigarette between his teeth. "Honestly, you guys! How many times do I have to say, I'm not interested in finding a goddamn 'soul mate'! Even if I was, AND I'M NOT, can you really see me in a relationship?"

"…" Celty's fingers began to type again.

"A stable relationship, mind you!" Shizuo added grumpily as he grinded the last remains of the poor cigarette under his shoe. The phone's screen was shoved at him again.

Maybe you just need to find the right person. You deserve to have someone…

"Well, I don't want to have anyone!" Shizuo growled stubbornly, reaching in his pocket once more for his pack of cigarettes. "I'm just not interested in finding anyone right now, all right?"

all right, then. Celty typed back in resignation. You win…

Shizuo made another "hmph"ing noise. "Good." The blond muttered gruffly before he closed his eyes, still frowning. He honestly didn't understand why his friends wanted him to hook up with someone. Couldn't a man just stay single for the time being?

"A-anyway," Shizuo said hastily, starting to stand up, "we better go. You said that Shinra's coming around now, right?"

Celty nodded her helmet before typing again on her phone. He'll be at Russian Sushi in a few minutes.

Shizuo raised a dubious eyebrow. "Simon, huh…" Shizuo's last encounter with the tout had not been the most friendly.

Nevertheless, he walked dutifully beside Celty, who was simply leading her motorcycle (or did it just look like a motorcycle? ;) ) on the sidewalk.

"A-ah, Celty, Shizuo!" Shinra exclaimed happily when they arrived at the restaurant's entrance. "Th-there you two are…"

"Shizuo!" Simon greeted beside the underground doctor. "Are you here to eat sushi? That's good, sushi is good!"

"…tch." Not in the mood to tolerate the tout's less than perfect Japanese, the former bartender hastily turned around. "No thanks." He answered as Celty parked her bike.

"Hey, wait a minute, please, Shizuo-kun!" Shinra interrupted hastily, reaching out for the blond's shoulder.

"What?" Shizuo spat rudely, sending a glare to his former classmate.

"W-well…" The spectacled doctor stuttered, fiddling nervously with his fingers.

"…NO, Shinra, you cannot take a skin sample of m-"

"Actually," Shinra interrupted loudly, "Um… you have a date this afternoon."

Behind his sunglasses, Shizuo's left eye twitched.




"…WHAAAAAAAAAAT?" In a split second, Shinra's white lab coat was seized and shaken roughly. "THE HELL, SHINRA?"

"B-B-B-B-B-B-BLEH, Sh-Shizuo-kun, pl-please sto-"

"CELTY…" The blond growled, dropping the now very dizzy doctor unceremoniously on the ground with a crash and turning menacingly to the dullahan. "YOU KNEW…"

Slightly panicked at how enraged Shizuo appeared, Celty shook her head frantically and typed a hurried, misspelled message onto her phone.

Zhisuo I swaer I ddin't knwo-


"Oh, Shizuo has date?" Simon inquired happily behind them, oblivious to Shizuo's obvious anger. "Good, then the two of you can eat sushi here-"


"Shizuo, now don't swear, swearing is bad, it leads to fighting. Eating sushi is good, sushi will calm you down-"


"Sh-Shizuo!" Shinra, now a little bedraggled looking, pleaded desperately. "I-I know this is kind of last minute, and I know that… you probably aren't interested in anyone at the moment, but will you please give this a try-"


"…because we care so much about you?" Shinra offered hopefully.


"Come on, Shizuo-kun… if you don't like him, then-"

"Him?" Shizuo interrupted roughly, raising a dubious eyebrow.

"W-well, all women…" Celty turned to Shinra. "E-except for maybe Celty, of course, irritate you, so maybe…"

"BAH!" Shizuo turned around quickly. "Men, women, what's the difference…"

"So you'll go out with him?" Shinra asked eagerly, adjusting his now cracked lenses.


Shinra sighed heavily. "He's not some 'random guy I picked out from a laboratory', Shizuo-kun. He's an old friend of mine whom I attended middle school with…"

"Same thing…" The blond-haired man muttered irritably, but he was starting to have second thoughts. If it did go wrong, then maybe Celty and Shinra could finally shut up-

"Shizuo, please, it's just one date! If you don't like him, then you can yell at me all you want, and maybe break one of my-"

"No!" Shizuo said hastily, cutting off the rest of Shinra's speech, angry that the doctor had seen through his thoughts. "I DO NOT WANT TO GO ON A DATE WITH ANYONE!"

You're just saying that now because you don't want to go back on what you said earlier, Shizuo…

Shizuo huffed at Celty's message, secretly mad that it was also true. "Th-that's it! I'm leaving!"

"Eh?" Simon, momentarily forgotten, called from the shop. "But Shizuo, you need to eat sushi-"

"SHUT UP!" Shizuo quickly ran away, causing passerby to stare curiously at the scene.

"A-ah…" Shinra groaned and grabbed his hair in frustration. "Now what am I going to do? He's going to be so pissed if I tell him that he canceled his plans today for nothing…"

Celty seemed to perk up in recognition and hurriedly typed out a question on her phone. You mean that guy? Do you really think he and Shizuo would match?

"Well…" Shinra answered sheepishly, "I did think that they would look good together… and he was single too, so…"

I get it, I get it. But what are you going to do? Shizuo's not going to cooperate…

"Hmm…" Shinra suddenly punched his fist into his hand triumphantly. "AHA! I got it! I'll just make him find Shizuo-kun on his own!"

how do you know that will work?


never mind. We better find Shizuo first, then.

"Yes!" Shinra fished out a cell phone from his lab coat pocket. "I need to let him know, too…" He warned Celty as she tossed him a helmet.

"Why are you leaving? Aren't you going to eat sushi?" Simon demanded indignantly as Shinra awkwardly clambered onto the back of Celty's motorcycle.

"A-after this, all right, Simon?" The doctor managed to yell before Celty sped off.

"Grrr…" Shizuo growled to himself, sitting on a bench in the west gate park of Ikebukuro. "Damn Shinra… and his stupid plan…"

…It would be perfectly normal to say no to that, right? Shizuo mused as he pulled out his pack of cigarettes. After all, Shinra had known Shizuo wasn't interested in anyone…

Realizing that he had crushed his last cigarette from the time with Celty, Shizuo tosed the empty pack into a nearby trash can, still fuming about Shinra, dates, etc.

"LALALALALA!" A happy-looking child, singing some nonsense song, skipped over to the trash can to throw something away. She stopped hesitantly when she saw Shizuo.

Shizuo glared at her. "Stop singing."

"WAAAAAAAAH!" Now crying, the little girl ran away. At the moment, Shizuo could honestly care less…

And it was this moment, when he was seated on the park bench, hands in pockets, a foul mood hanging over him, where Shizuo first saw… him.

Black hair hanging lazily over red eyes, with pale skin. A fur trimmed coat parted to reveal a V-neck black shirt. Hands hidden in pockets while black clad legs walked a leisurely pace…

…Yes, that was the appearance of 'him' in a nutshell.

Shizuo stared at the mysterious stranger walking past him…

…and frowned. He didn't like this person…

And, as if Shizuo had spoken his thought out loud, the stranger turned, his crimson eyes catching Shizuo's sunglasses.

Shizuo blinked; a bit taken aback by the stare he was receiving. Almost immediately, however, he began to feel ticked off. What was this person want, staring at him like that, when Shizuo didn't like him? It was annoying!

Annoying, annoying, annoying, annoying… Shizuo glared back at the man, wishing that he would burst into flames if Shizuo started at him hard enough.

However, as awesome as Shizuo is, it didn't happen. The man didn't seem upset with the glare at all, in fact, a wicked smile slowly curled onto his face.

Shizuo was gradually gathering more and more unexplainable dislike for this man. Especially since he didn't burst into flames when Shizuo was glaring at him…

And, to just make things cliché, the stranger began to walk toward Shizuo, the predatory smile still on his face-

Riaru to ideare no hazami ni ite geiseino kaseni ashi wo torare temo afureru shoud-

And, of course, the ring of a cell phone completely destroyed the makeshift tense atmosphere.

Shizuo frowned, not recognizing the ringtone as his own.

"Ah?" The man, however, paused before pulling his hand out of the pocket of his fur coat, along with the ringing cell phone. Flipping it open smoothly, he casually walked a few more paces and sat right next to Shizuo.

…Great. Now he definitely HATED this person, whoever he was...

"Yes, what is it?" The strange man asked easily, crossing his legs. Despite his recent… thoughts, Shizuo glanced at the man curiously. …Give him a break. It wasn't like Shizuo was interested in him or anything! He had seated himself right next to the bodyguard, for crying out loud!

"…He's… not here?" The stranger repeated, the smile on his face slipping off, and a slight frown replacing it. "…Then where is he?"

Despite his immediate hate for this stranger, Shizuo couldn't help but wonder who "he" was. Maybe the stranger was some sort of shadowy dealer? Yes, he certainly seemed the type of person….

"…You don't know, do you?" The stranger sighed into the cell phone. "Listen, he better be cute…" At the same moment, he turned to Shizuo and smiled slyly. "…because there's one real cutie next to me right here…"

…CUTIE? WHAT THE FUCK? Shizuo almost barfed in mortification before hastily flipping the winking man off and stomping away.

Several minutes later, Shizuo leaned his back against an alley wall, his cheeks still red from embarrassment. What the hell had been up with that guy from earlier? Whatever 'he' was, Shizuo now knew that it was probably not a customer…

But that stranger with the red eyes… that called him a c- He must have been a freak. Yes, a freak! A very dangerous freak… no wonder Shizuo didn't like him… Thank god Shizuo was able to escape. He was probably a pervert, too, that guy, with the way he was looking at Shizuo…

Just when the blond was beginning to relax, he heard that voice for the second time. A voice he was sure he had escaped a few minutes ago…

"…you're just leading me in circles and wasting my time." It was that freak again, except, to Shizuo's somewhat satisfaction, he was no longer smirking, but looking rather irritated as he still talked on the phone. "He's obviously not interested if he ran away… Oh?" The black-haired man spotted Shizuo.

Shizuo gritted his teeth. He was not going to run away this time. He had been here first, and he would stay here until that… freak would walk past him.

Meanwhile, the said freak had looked away from Shizuo and was now arguing with whoever was on the other end of the line. "What are you talking about? …no, there's no one here… just the cute guy from earlier… wait, what?" He glanced to Shizuo again, raising an eyebrow.

"…yes …yes…" He said slowly, looking the bodyguard up and down.

Shizuo, confused, opened his mouth to demand what the hell the man wanted when the stranger himself suddenly sighed, flipped his phone closed, and lifted his eyes up to the top of the building facing him.

Not understanding anything at all, Shizuo warily did the same. Upon doing so, his jaw promptly dropped. "EH?"

"O-oh…" At the top of the building were no other but Shinra and Celty, the former nervously fiddling with his glasses. "Er… Shizuo, meet Izaya, he's my friend from middle school! Izaya, meet Shizuo, he's my friend from elementary school… a-and also the guy you thought was cute, too, I guess… a-anyway, we better go, right, Celty?"

If she had a head, Celty would have definitely face-palmed, but as awkward as the situation was, she decided to simply nod and drove off.


"…" Shizuo was still incredulously gaping at where they had been until he remembered what Shinra had said before…

" He's not some 'random guy I picked out from a laboratory', Shizuo-kun. He's an old friend of mine whom I attended middle school with…"

…oh… SHIT.

"Ahaha. Well, wasn't this an interesting first meeting?" The freak, no Izaya, no, HIS DATE remarked, laughing carelessly. "I suppose I should introduce myself properly, then." He grinned at Shizuo before slipping his cell phone into his pocket. "Orihara Izaya. Nice to meet you."

"Ah… o-oh… um…" Shizuo stuttered awkwardly, now feeling deeply embarrassed. "I… I'm Shizuo. Heiwajima Shizuo… hey, listen, I-"

"You thought I was a girl?" Izaya asked coyly, stepping closer to Shizuo. "Or you didn't think I'd be this… strange?"

"N-no, I-I mean, I knew you were a guy…" The blond hastily said, involuntarily taking a step back, only to remember he was against a wall. "Wh-what I mean is that-"

The cocky grin on Izaya's face was growing as he stepped closer to Shizuo again. "Then, which are you? Uke or a seme?"

"I… WH-WHAAT?" Shizuo could feel his face flushing deeply in embarrassment. "N-No! I mean… I… Shinra really didn't tell me anything about this thing!"

"Oh?" The red eyes seem to laugh at him.

"Y-yeah, just ten minutes ago…" Shizuo went on quickly, hating how this man made him so uneasy. It was like just by looking at him, Shizuo felt his strength leave him… IT MUST BECAUSE HE HATED THAT MAN, DAMN IT!

"Well, that's not too last minute…" Izaya winked at him again, his eyes glinting dangerously. "Are you up for it?"

Shizuo stared at this man for a few seconds, shocked, before continuing. "B-but the truth is, you see, well, I'm not really… looking for a relationship right now… uh… um…" He ended up trailing off pathetically, lost in the crimson gaze.

Izaya chuckled, leaning toward Shizuo's face. "Isn't that what they always say in love stories, Shizuo-kun?"

…THE HELL? LOVE STORY? Shizuo gawked, flabbergasted. Was this man insane? Shizuo… and him? Together? EWW! No, NO, NO! He had to say something…. He had to set this man straight…

"…I don't like you." Shizuo finally said bluntly, scowling as he stared straight into Izaya's face.

Unfortunately for Shizuo, the statement had an opposite effect. "Well," Izaya replied brightly, "I think I like you! We'd balance each other out, then!"

"N-NO, WE WOULDN'T!" Shizuo raged, finally starting to snap.

"Oh?" Still grinning, the black clad man went even closer, if it were possible, to the blond. "You have a temper? …even better…"

"G-get away from me!" Shizuo yelled, hastily throwing out his arm to hit him, but only meeting air. "Wha-"

"Heh, all right then, calm down." Izaya had dodged the blow with such speed, it was almost as if he had teleported. RIGHT NEXT TO SHIZUO AGAIN.

"Gah…" Shizuo jerked his head around hastily, not wanting to let Izaya out of his sight.

"Ahaha…" The quiet laughter sifted through the air like wind. "Don't worry, then, don't worry. I won't try to pressure you into going out with me…"

Shizuo only tensed more at these words. Something in that grin was bothering him…

"But, we can be friends, can't we?" The man asked, his eyes lowering teasingly.

"Wha… no!" Shizuo snapped, glaring as hard as he could. "I DON'T like you!"

"Hm… but you've only met me just now, haven't you? You really shouldn't make judgments… on first impressions, Shizuo-kun~"

The blond scowled, too intent on continuing his glowering to realize that the man was stealthily making his way nearer to him…

"Fuck that. Get lost!" Shizuo spat defiantly.

Izaya's grin only seemed to grow. "Oh, but I don't plan on getting lost… I think I like Shizuo-kun a lot… and if you insist that you're not interested in dating anyone at the moment…"

In a flash, Izaya's mouth was hovering over Shizuo's ear. "…I'll just be Shizuo-kun's friend."

Shizuo froze in what he was certain was disgust, especially when the cool breath blew against his skin again...

"…Shizuo-kun's…" Without warning, Shizuo felt his ass being squeezed. "…very, VERY GOOD friend…" The blond's face flushed for the third time before he could stop it.

Before he could jump away from the peverted man and throw a nearby vending machine (or a sign, at least) at him, Izaya was already walking calmly away.

"I'll see you soon! Shizuo-kun..."

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