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When we last left Cammie and her friends she was captured by the COC and was being tortured by Zach's mother.

Cammie POV

After what seemed like hours the knife stopped carving into my flesh. My voice was hoarse from screaming Zach's name over and over again. I had tears in my eyes and blood was running down my body and soaking my clothes.

I almost wished that I hadn't come with the men, but I knew that if I hadn't chances were they would have hurt my friends and I couldn't let that happen.

I looked down and say the designs carved into my arms. Judging by the amount of blood I only had a little time left before I would pass out and then slowly bleed to death. Apparently I was not needed alive anymore. Oh joy.

"Oh yes, those scars are going to mess up your pretty skin aren't they?" Zach's mother was too evil to be related to him. "Its too bad your not going to live long enough to see your friends look at you in disgust. Maybe I will keep you alive just long enough for them to see you slowly die in one of the most painful ways, in the same way I killed your mother."

My mother, the blood that was still in me ran cold. This woman (a term I used loosely) in front of me had killed my mother. She was the reason I was an orphan.

"What is little Cammie all upset? Is she mad that I killed her mother by carving into her flesh with the same knife I just used? That I heard her mother beg for her life and then denied her mercy? How after I finished torturing her she ended up begging for release? Begging for me to just kill her and I complied?"

This woman in front of me may be the most evil person I have ever seen.

I felt myself growing weaker and weaker and knew that if I was to stay alive I would have to be saved within an hour. (a.n. I don't know how long it takes to bleed to death so I am just going to take artistic license with this.)

Zachs Pov

We had to get to her soon. If we didn't find Cammie soon then there would be no hope for her. I knew my mother well enough to know that.

Sense I was a spy I had placed a tracking device in Cammie. She had placed on in me as well. They were almost impossible to find, and we were the only ones who knew they were there.

My friends and I followed the device to an old abandoned building. Of course, how dramatic.

We walked in and followed the map on the tracker keeping an eye out for others. Finally we got to the room that Cammie was in and opened the door. There she was, unconscious in a chair. Everything else was gone. It was easy, too easy. The place was actually abandoned. I looked and say a letter addressed to me.

Dear Zach,

Hey honey its your dear old mom. This is what you get for not only not inviting me to your wedding but also marrying (or trying to marry for that case) an enemy of the COC. You probably have about ten minutes before she dies and the nearest hospital is fifteen away. Make sure you say goodbye.


Your mother

Omg Cammie was going to die. No, she was not. She would live. I gathered her in my arms and started to run. I laid her into the car and barely waited for everyone else to get in.

I sped as fast as possible toward the hospital and made it there in 7 minutes. I ran in screaming for help.

The nearest doctor came in and grabbed her. She was brought straight to ER and the waiting commenced.

Finally, hours later the Doctor came out.

"Who is here for Cammie?"

"I am"

"And are you related to her?"

"I am her fiancé. We were supposed to be getting married tomorrow but she was kidnapped."

"Well son, it doesn't look too good. If she makes it through the night she should survive but it will be touch and go. She will have the terrible scars for the rest of her life. You can come and she her in a little while."


Zach's POV

I walked into the cemetery walked around. Today, a year after the day Cammie went into the hospital, I was in here to visit a special someone.

I went over to a grave and looked at it. I placed some flowers down and said thanks for looking over me.

"Us you mean?" The woman next to me smiled. Even though she had terrible scars I always thought she was beautiful.

"Yeah Gallagher Girl, us. Without your mother looking down at us we would never be married, or looking forward to the newest addition to our family."

It had taken awhile, and lots of effort but we were ok and we always would be.

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