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Chapter 1

It was barely a week into her freshman year and Kagome found herself rushing to beat the tardy bell…again. Being on time seemed to be one of Kagome's weaknesses. Even when she woke up thirty minutes before her alarm went off, she was still barely on time. Normally, she made it with a few minutes to spare, but today was not the case. She had a minute before the tardy bell rang and only one hallway left before she reached her homeroom.

"Just have to round this corner. One corner…one corner." Kagome chanted. Her backpack bobbed on her back and her breath came out in short pants. She had only a few seconds left. Kagome rounded her last corner in a full sprint. She was too focused on beating the final bell that she never saw it coming…BAM!

"Damn! Are you okay?"

Did someone say something to her? The ringing in her ears made it really hard to hear. On top of that her head was painfully throbbing. Kagome carefully opened her eyes and found her body parallel with the ground. Books, papers, and pens scattered the area around her, her backpack cushioned her head, and did she loose a shoe?

"What happened?" Kagome groaned. She moved into a seated position on the ground. Unfortunately her head was not taking too kindly to the sudden change in position. The pounding only intensified. Kagome brought her legs close to her chest and rested her head on her knees. The pain was making her nauseous.

"Hey, are you okay? You don't look so good." There was that concerned voice again. Only this time it was more understandable.

"Huh?" Kagome intellectually asked. She brought her head up quickly and, "Ow! My nose," hit her nose against a very masculine chin.

"Shit, are you serious?" The masculine voice asked in shock. Kagome could not understand why he was so surprised. He wasn't the one sitting battered and bruised on the cold hard floor. That's when she felt it, something warm dripping on her hand.

"I'm bleeding!" Kagome screeched. Her hand was covered in bright red blood that was coming from her nose. She felt it trickle down her nose and onto her chin. She placed both her hands under her nose to catch anymore blood from coursing down her face.

Suddenly, a pristine white rag was shoved into her bloody hands. "Place this on your nose and apply pressure."

Kagome finally made eye contact with the owner of the masculine voice. He was stunning. His eyes looked straight at her, not through her. They were a rich golden color that kept her mesmerized. His strong chin and rugged facial features only heightened his masculine appeal. To top it all off, he had a gorgeous mane of silver hair.

Kagome tried to form words, but her brain failed her. She just continued to stare at the "golden Adonis" with widened eyes. The rag that was shoved into her hands had yet to reach her nose. It sat in her bloody palms while Kagome tried to come up with something to say.

"Put it on your nose!" The "golden Adonis" demanded again. He took the rag out of Kagome's hand and placed it firmly on her nose. Then he took one of her hands and placed it on top of the rag. Once he was certain that she could hold the rag herself, he let go. While all this was happening, Kagome continued to sit and stare.

"You must have hit your head harder than I thought. What is your name?"

Kagome blinked a few times before she realized that the "golden Adonis" was asking her a question. "My name? My name…my name Kagome." Kagome mentally kicked herself. Could this day get any worse?

"Well Kagome do you think you can stand up? I need to get you to the nurse." Kagome looked into the man's golden eyes and nodded dumbly. She allowed him to hoist her to her feet. Kagome grabbed onto his bicep for support and could feel it bulge beneath her hands. He was strong. Kagome smiled giddily at him as he supported her weight.

"Man, I hope this is just repercussions of your head trauma." She heard the "golden Adonis" mutter. Great, the first boy she actually found attractive at this school thinks she's a nut.

"She came bounding around the corner and slammed right into my open locker door. I didn't even see her coming. Then as she was getting up she hit her nose on my chin."

Kagome glared at the "golden Adonis". She was now sitting in a blue plastic chair inside the nurse's office. She had tissues stuck up her nostrils and an ice pack pressed against her head. In front of her, the "golden Adonis" got some weird pleasure in reliving her embarrassment.

"Well Inuyasha since your work here is done; I will get you a pass so you can head back to class. Kagome, I want you to take the rest of the day off."

"Yes, Nurse Kaede." Kagome nasally replied. Kagome watched the nurse leave her office to retrieve a pass. Once she was out of ear shot, Kagome turned her attention towards the "golden Adonis."

"Thank you for your help." Kagome flushed when the sound of her voice hit her ears. At this moment, she definitely was not the image of grace and beauty. Her blush deepened further when she saw the spark of amusement in the "golden Adonis's" eyes.

"Don't worry about it Kagome. It's not every morning that I have a girl falling at my feet in admiration."

Kagome's jaw dropped in shock, Inuyasha sauntered out of the nurse's office, and that was the day that Inuyasha Takahashi and Kagome Higurashi officially met.

Kagome listened to the sound of air moving through her lungs. In. Out. In. Out. Her feet kept rhythmic time with each harsh breath as they pounded the pavement. Tap. Tap. Tap. In. Tap. Tap. Tap. Out. These were her comfort sounds. They made her worries melt away and brought about a sense of calm, but today they grated on her nerves. Each breath reminded her of the shallow gulps of air she took when Inuyasha entered Professor Haruna's classroom. Each smack of her feet on pavement brought images of her jittery feet tapping anxiously against the linoleum floor as her professor sentenced her to tutoring sessions.

With no relief in sight, Kagome slowed to a stop on the well-worn nature path. She bent over at the waist in defeat and allowed the exhaustion of her run to take over. "So how bad is it?"

Kagome jumped at the voice that broke her solitary silence. "Sango, I completely forgot you were behind me." Kagome's heart pounded from Sango's surprising presence and her blunt question.

"Obviously" Sango replied with an accompanying eye roll. "Now something is wrong and I demand to know what's bothering you."

Kagome chuckled nervously. Sango's intense glare was going to make creating a convincing lie very difficult. "Nothing's wrong Sango." Kagome squeaked. She then followed her statement with several more bouts of awkward giggles.

Sango's response was an exaggerated sigh and another eye roll. She then crossed her arms in front of her chest, narrowed her eyes in a menacing glare, and began to tap her right foot in an intimidating fast pace. She did not say a word to Kagome. Sango just held her severe pose and watched as Kagome began to squirm uncomfortably under her scrutiny.

Kagome admired the dirt surrounding her feet. Sango neither moved nor spoke for the past three minutes. It was getting rather awkward, especially when other runners on the trail would pass and send weird looks their way. Kagome knew that Sango was not going to let up until she got what she wanted. She was simply too stubborn and nosy and this time she was not going to get her way. Kagome was going to stay silent. However, after several more minutes passed by, Kagome finally cracked.

"Fine," Kagome shouted, breaking the mounting tension, "I will tell you everything."

Sango's face broke into a joyful smirk. Before she allowed Kagome to utter a single word, Sango led them both to a vacant bench located in a clearing beside the trail. She plopped Kagome's bottom onto the hard stone, then made herself comfortable in the spot next to Kagome. Sango angled her body towards Kagome's and folded her hands in her lap. She was now ready.

"Okay…now spill."

"Inuyasha is my precalculus tutor."

Sango's eyes bulged and her mouth fell open in shock. "Woah, hold up. You definitely need to explain."

Kagome took a deep fortifying breath and began from the beginning…

Inuyasha rubbed a kink in his neck while he waited for Miroku to finish grabbing all his football gear. The pair had just finished another grueling football practice. Their coach had been pushing the team harder and harder at each practice as the team got closer and closer to their next big game. Unfortunately, all the drills and tackles were leaving Inuyasha's body battered and bruised. All he wanted now was a nice rubdown from his favorite cheerleader.

"Are you almost ready to go Miroku? You know how Kikyo hates it when I am late for any of our 'dates'."

Miroku chuckled at Inuyasha's suggestive tone. "Yeah man, just let me grab my shoes then we can get going. By the way, when were you going to tell me that you were Kagome's new tutor?"

Miroku raised an eyebrow when Inuyasha shrugged his shoulders in response. "It's really not a big deal Miroku. Professor Haruna wanted me to tutor one of her students and I agreed. I didn't find out until later that said student was actually Kagome."

"And you still agreed to tutor her?" Miroku asked in surprise. He swung his gym bag over his shoulder and headed out of the locker room. Inuyasha followed closely behind.

"Why would I say no? I have tutored several people in the past, it looks good on my college applications, and it's just Kagome."

"It's not 'just Kagome', Inuyasha. It's Kagome." Miroku put extra emphasis on his second pronunciation of Kagome's name. Then Miroku paused for a few seconds to let the weight of his statement sink in. "Are you sure you're not trying to get close to her again?"

Inuyasha scoffed at Miroku's absurd question. "Miroku, Kagome and I are history. It's been two years now and I have Kikyo."

"Please Inuyasha; we both know that Kikyo is the type of girl you take to bed. Kagome is the type of girl you take home to meet your mother. Which one would you honestly want to have a relationship with?"

Inuyasha did not even stop to think about Miroku's question. He answered truthfully and had no regrets about his answer. "Since dating the "good girl" always ends in heartache, I choose Kikyo. This way I am always guaranteed to get lucky without having to worry about getting hurt in the process."

Inuyasha had surprised her one Friday afternoon, a month after their fatal run-in. He leaned against her locker as the last bell of the day rang. He could see a blush grace her delicate cheeks the moment she noticed his presence. She was gorgeous and he hoped that everything would work out in his favor.

"Hey Kagome." Inuyasha greeted the moment she was within earshot. "How is the head?" Kagome's bruise had finally vanished, but she had confessed, on the few occasions that they had talked, that her head was still tender to the touch.

"It is feeling better." She squeaked. The squeaking was an improvement, Inuyasha noted to himself. Only a few weeks ago, she could barely form a complete sentence whenever he tried talking to her.

"Good." Inuyasha creatively said in return. He moved a little bit to the side so Kagome could get into her locker. As Kagome packed her bag, Inuyasha built up the nerve to address the real reason for his surprise locker visit.


"Yes" Kagome squeaked with her head hidden behind her locker door.

"Would you like to go on a date with me this Saturday?" Kagome's head shot out from behind her locker door. Her eyes were widened in excitement.

"Y..yes, I would love go out." Inuyasha chuckled at her reaction. Apparently her inability to form complete sentences had not completely resolved, but at least she had said yes.

Before leaving, Inuyasha solidified plans with Kagome for the next day. He had a good feeling about tomorrow. He knew it would be the beginning of something great.

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