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Time Line: 1st season

Genre: Romance, Drama, Alternate Reality

Rating: PG, PG-13 (dramatic scene)

Summary: Darien sees this girl (Serena) in the hospital that he works in. She is with her ill father. Find out how their relationship grows.

Authors Notes: just to let everyone know I used what really happened in my life as the jumping off point in this story. That was really my dad, and my fiancée had to leave for a month the same day in the story that Darien left. It is not the typical story to fit it to what really happened to me some things are not the usual. I hope you guys like it. Email me.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor moon.

1 Emergency Room Love

Darien's POV

'I see her all the time she is so beautiful. Unfortunately though it is not the greatest of ways. Oh my there she is . . .. Oh, she is assigned to my room.' Before I enter the room I gain my composure back and with one last thought I enter the room. 'Good grief this girl goes through so much.'

"Hello, I'm Dr. Chiba. I walk over to my patient and say to him "Hello Mr. Tuskino what happens to be the matter today? Tell me where you are in pain."

"Um, Dr. excuse me. I have seen you around here but we have not had you attend to us before so there is something I must tell you. This is my father and he has Alzheimer's.


"Well sometimes it is hard to understand him because he speaks his native language most of the time."

"Which is Spanish?'

"Yes! How did you know?"

"Don't worry I can handle it."

With that said he proceeded to talk to his patient Ken. Serena just stood there astonished as the Dr. finished his assessment. 'Wow, he is amazing and cute.' 'Very cute.' ' I don't think I have ever seen a Dr. so gentle with my father.' A strong voice broke her thoughts.

"Well miss you father will be fine. He is simply a little dehydrated. With his condition I would suggest you carry a water bottle with you. We are going to give him a bag of fluids and then you may go home."

When the time passed he came back in to discharge them. She said

"Thank you so much. It is hard for me because I am the only relative around that speaks Spanish. You have been wonderful to my father; thank you."

His heart bled for her. He could understand her plight. 'She is just so beautiful and sweet that it pains me to see her go through this alone.' Suddenly he did something that he had never done before. He acted on his feelings. If only it was for a brief moment. Not for himself but for her. He didn't want her to go through what he went through alone.

"Well I know that this might sound weird but if you need to talk I am here." He then handed her his phone number and then started to walk off. "Have a good day miss and good luck." After things settled he realized he didn't even know her name. 'Why did I do that?' 'She probably thinks I am crazy.' 'Oh well got to get back to work.'


I had been an especially rough month for Serena and her mom. One night she just broke down with everything that was on her shoulders. She needed to be free if only for a moment. Without thinking she called someone. She remembered getting this piece of paper with a phone number on it but where? Who was it from and for? She didn't feel like thinking she just reached for the phone and started to dial. The phone rang once . . . twice . . . three tim . . .

"Hello? A very tired and husky male voice said.

"Um . . . Hello." A very timid voice said.

"Yes, Who is this?" he said sounding a little more demanding and annoyed because it was midnight.

Her voice started to crack and she had to make one last plea for this stranger to help her. She needed to talk. "Please help me. I need to talk. My name is Serena"

He gave in just a little to buy more time. He was trying to figure out how she got his phone number. He doesn't usually give his number out. If Andrew did this he thought. "Well what is wrong?" He said a little more soothing.

"I am having a rough night." "You know what," her voice changed she was a little embarrassed now. 'I am calling a complete stranger.' "Never mind. I am sorry to bother you so late. Goodni . . . " she was cut off.

"Wait! How did you get this number?" he had to ask because he didn't know and he needed to find out.

"I really don't remember she said dejectedly. "Look, I am sorry again."

He was up now and with no chance of going back to sleep he had to know who this person was and help her. She really did need help he could tell that. "No, don't be. Do you still need to talk?"


"Well about where do you live?"

"Juban district."

'Hmmm. I live too far for her.' "How about we meet at Nobel Park? Is that close for you?"

"That is good. Uh, what is your name? I never got it."

"It's Darien." "We can meet by the fountain. Ok?"

"Ok. See you in a few."

While he was on his way to the park he was thinking of whom he gave his number out to. Andrew had given his number out to girls before but this was different. He felt as if he knew her. Time would tell.


He followed the path that led to the fountain and saw a girl with long blonde hair. 'That has to be her. Who else would be out here this time of night' She turned just a little and he caught a glimpse of her profile. 'OH MY.' He knew exactly who she was now. "Excuse me . . .. Serena?" She turned around fully and he was caught off guard by her beauty. She had long beautiful golden blonde hair that shimmered silver in the moonlight. She had sparkling blue eyes and a creamy complexion. He knew that she was beautiful but seeing her now she was ten times more beautiful than before. Then the silence was broken.

"D . . . Darien? Dr. Chiba? She asked in disbelief. This was the first time that she had ever seen him without his work uniform. He was definitely tall, dark, and handsome. His chest was muscular and his jet-black hair fell over his eyes that gave him a boyish look. He was in jeans and he wore an athletic shirt. She knew that she had waked him up. So he was not really dressed to entertain.

"Yes, it is I. Please sit down Serena." He said. "Are you feeling any better now?" he asked concerned.

"Not really I am still feeling a little distraught and upset but otherwise ok, " she said with a meek smile.

"I know that you needed to talk so tell me what is bothering you."

"Well you know the situation with my father right?"


"It has taken a turn for the worse. He I fear is dying." "He . . . he speaks no English now." She stammered out through tears. He just embraced her and let her cry. 'Hmmm. This feels very nice. But why do I feel the need as if I need to protect her always? I don't think I have felt this way in my life.

"Oh, I am so sorry that I am imposing on you like this Darien." She says as she starts to pull away.

"It is quite alright. Go ahead." He said and gave her a reassuring squeeze before letting her go. "I have tomorrow off. Plus you have much to deal with." I don't mind helping."

"You know you are the first person to understand me. Thank you so much."

Then he thought of something. "Why don't you take the day off with me?"

"Oh I can't he needs me."

"Well then what about half the day?"

"Umm . . ." she thought for a moment. "Sure why not." She finished with a smile.

"Ok then it is settled how about I pick you up from your house at 1?"

"Yes, that'd be wonderful." She gave him her address. "Darien have a goodnight."

"You too. Be safe." He said and gave her a light hug.

Serena watched him leave. She started to feel cold without his arms around her. "Hopefully tomorrow will be better." She said aloud

12:30 he pulled up at her house. He showed up early to see if she needed any help. It was a good thing he did.

Ding, Dong

"Yes?" a woman with big blue eyes and blue hair answered the door. Her eyes were once bright but now they were a dull gray.

"Yes, ma'am is Serena available?"

"Please come in and sit down it will be a few minutes. I will tell her she has a visitor. Who shall I say is calling?"


"Nice to meet you. My name is Ilene." She walked away back towards a bedroom. Serena was having a time with her dad. "Serena dear you have a visitor." She reached over and said, "here let me do that." "You can't just ignore a handsome guest in our living room."

"They can wait. My dad is more important." She said trying to shift towards his bed.

"Serena don't worry just go see your guest Darien."

"Oh!" "It's Darien?" She blushed bright red. Ilene chuckled. "Here, I'll be right back."

True to her word she was back in an instant, only with Darien in tow.

"Darien is here to help you can let dad go."

"What happened?" Darien asked.

"Well he was having a good day earlier so we took him out of the bed and put him in his wheel chair. Unfortunately he fell asleep in it and now we have to get him back into bed. He is really heavy though." Ilene was surprised that she was this open with him about Ken. Serena sensed her uneasiness. "It is ok that he helps he is a doctor. He took care of dad in the ER one time."

"Oh, ok." She said still a little taken back.

Darien plucked him up out of the wheel chair with ease and placed him on the bed.

"There, much better. Serena is there anything else you have to do before you can leave?"

"Nope nothing else."

"Shall we go then?"

"Sure." "I will be back later. I will call periodically to check on dad ok?"

"Ok dear just have fun."

"Ok bye."


"Thank you so very much for lunch Darien. If you'll excuse me I must call home."

"Here use my cell." He said as he passed her the phone. 'It has been so wonderful this afternoon. She is such an absolutely lovely person.' 'I don't want her to go home yet.'

"Ok . . .. Hello, hey how is dad doing? Do you think that I can stay out longer? Please? Oh that is great!" "Thank you." She hung up the phone, turned to Darien and said, "I can stay out for the rest of the night. She says if she needs me that she will call your cell. Is that ok?"

"Sure, that is fine."

"Well then I was thinking how about a movie? Lunch was your treat so the movie can be mine."

"A movie sounds good Serena. I could really go for a comedy."

"I heard 'Out Cold' was pretty funny." (AN: I liked that movie.)

"Well then lets go."

_1 Movie Later_

"Oh Darien thank you so much; I have not had this much fun in so long."

"To be honest Serena neither have I." "I really am enjoying this. Spending time with you and getting to know you better. I feel as if I have known you for a long time. It is nice."

"Me too Darien." She looked down and chewed on her lip as she said, "I have to go now though."

"Alright then lets get you home." The car ride was silent. Each were recapping the day's events and wondering if their feelings were mutual. And they were. Darien was definitely smitten with Serena. She was his beautiful rose. Well not his rose yet but he'd win her over for sure. As with Serena she was attracted to him. He was smart, caring, and handsome. She felt so comfortable in his presence. However before they knew it she was home.

"Again Darien thank you for a most wonderful day."

"Anytime Serena. Take care of yourself." "Goodnight."


Longing for a few for moments in each other's presence they hugged one another. They shared a long hug with one another. It felt so good to be in each other's arms. However, they reluctantly let go from the embrace. They immediately missed the warmth that they felt. Neither was going to admit it to the other.

He watched her retreating form and then said "Sweet dreams."

She turned around swiftly and their eyes met. A blush crept upon her checks. She smiled brightly and stuttered out "Y . . .. y.. you. . too." His gaze unnerved her. She walked into her house and shut the door. She slid on the closed door and sighed.

Darien's POV

It has been a week and he hadn't heard from her. Ahh yes, he was definitely stricken with the woman. He kept trying to convince himself that it was just a short interlude. He didn't want to get his hopes up that Serena, such a beautiful and wonderful angel would actually like him or even love him.

"NO, NO he must not think that. You are supposed to be alone for all of your life. Remember?" His mind said

"But what if she is just too busy to contact me?" "That is all it is I am pretty sure of it." He had to stop thinking his thoughts hurt. They cut him like a knife.

Finally he just gave up and said "Oh well if it is to be it will be."

Serena's POV

Meanwhile Serena was having a terrible week. Sure she thought about Darien . . .. She thought about him a lot.

"too much I think about him too much." She said aloud to her self. "I have so much to do with school, work, and now this with daddy. She stopped fixing the bed for a moment. "I should call him." "Yes, I should."

Shortly after she got her father dressed and ready she called Darien's place.

Hello this is Darien leave a message. BEEP " Hi Darien it's me Serena. I know that we haven't talked in a week but I have been really busy with my dad. Look here is my number; call me.

Darien's POV

When Darien arrived home that evening he noticed two messages on his machine. The first from Andrew telling him that he had to break their boys night out. Andrew had to fill in at crown. Someone called in and since he was the manager/business partner well he had to fill in. The other message was from Serena. That night he was glad for two reasons. The first because all of Andrew's boys' nights out usually mean trouble; and second because Now he has to time to call Serena back. The thought of getting to call here made his heart go all a flutter.

'Why am I acting this way? Is it love?' 'Am I falling for a girl I hardly know?' He started to have an inner battle with himself. 'I do know her though.' ' I have been watching her for a while now in the hospital and I know even more about her now.' 'I wish we would have met on better terms but I'd rather had met her this way if not at all.

Now that Darien finished arguing with himself he called her.

Ring moshi moshi.

May I speak to Serena please?

"This is she."

"Uh," he started to get a bit nervous, "Hi this is Darien."

"DARIEN!" she shouted. "I was wondering if you got my message." "I am so sorry that I haven't called you in so long. I have been busy."

"That's ok, I am just glad that you did call."

"Darien I want to talk to you really I do but I must go now." " I have to get my dad ready for bed. Can you call me in the morning?"

"No problem is there a specific time that you want me to call?"

"How about 8:30? Is that ok? I should be up by then."

"OK." "G'night Serena."

"G'night Darien."

I hung up the phone feeling so happy. For the first time in years I had a peaceful sleep.

Darien: 'Ahhh, the morning came early but not nearly early enough. Quickly I scrambled out of bed and called her.


"Hi Serena it's me Darien."

"HI!" She said with a smile on her face. He couldn't see it but she was. "How are you doing today?"

"Ok I guess; as good as any other day." "You know what has been going on with dad."


"Uh hold on Darien" a moment passed and she then said "yes?" The door to her room opened but she was greeted with silence. Nothing but silence. Ilene just stood in her doorway with eyes full of emotion and just stared at Serena. Then in a moment later Ilene's eyes showed her the feelings that we mainly occupying her mind: extreme sadness, hurt, and loneliness. Without saying a word, with those eyes the message was clear as the sun shining on a warm summer day. "Then Serena spoke with a soft and sympathetic tone."

I know mom. I know" (AN: Ilene is really Serena's stepmother. Her parents divorced when she was 12)

"I will be there in a minute." After that being said Ilene left the room.

"Darien, can you call me back in a few minutes?"

"Sure. Are you ok?"

"NO. But just call me back please."

"Ok then I will." Take care and goodbye."


As soon as she hung up the phone she ran for her father's room. Upon arriving there she fell abruptly to her knees. She took one look at him and then cried. Ilene just stood there numbly.

"How long has he been like this?" She managed to choke out between sobs once she found her voice.

"Since about 5:30 this morning."

"Why didn't you tell me?" She asked looking at her father's closed eyes.

"Because I didn't want to wake you and have you worry."

"But . . . But . . . " she then closed her eyes and furrowed her eyebrows. "Should we bring him to the hospital?"

'No Serena, we both know that e wanted to die at home and he is not in any pain."

Serena's POV

* Ring…Ring…Ring *

My telephone rang at that moment. I realize that it is Darien. 'Thank goodness it is him. I need his comfort right now. I need him to tell me that everything will be alright; then I can be strong.' Picking up the phone I regain my composure.

"Hello Darien."

"How did you know it was me?"

"Caller ID."

"Oh, so Serena are you alright what is going on?"

With that being said her voice changed immediately. With all of the strength that she could muster she forced the words out of her mouth; they were small solemn.

"Darien, my dad is in a coma. " "I don't feel that he will make it past the morning sunrise."

"Oh my, Serena how are you faring?"

"I am doing ok at the moment but I really don't think I can do I again."

"What? What is it Serena you can tell me?"

"I watched my stepfather die already six months ago. I watched him take his last breath." "I don't have the emotional strength to go through it all again." "It will be like I am going through 2 deaths instead of one. I'd re live my step dad's death."

"How about we go and pick something up to eat and we will talk more?"

"That would be absolutely wonderful. I will tell you more once we meet up."