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Recap of chapter 3

That night she couldn't sleep. She didn't go home she slept at Lita's house. (AN: for my little bro. ^_^) So she called Ilene (her step mom) at three a.m.. Be it fate or perfect timing here's what happened.

"Hello?" a tired voice answered.

"It's me Serena how is everything?"

"OH honey," Ilene let out a big breath of air. "I need to tell you something….. The police are here. He…. he's….. your father he's passed away.

Chapter 4

For a moment there was silence on the phone. Then Ilene spoke up "The funeral home is on its way Serena."

"Hang on, I'll be right there. I have to say goodbye one last time." With a quick bye to Lita she ran to her car and drove home as fast as she could. Just as she got to the house, they were taking him out of the house. Thirty minutes had passed since he left this world and Rigor mortis had started to set in. Serena bent down and kissed her father's forehead one last time. She then said goodbye. She watched as the funeral home drove away before going inside the house. The rest of the night was a blur for she cried herself to sleep.

*Ring, Ring* " Hello?" said the shaky and strained voice of Serena.

"Serena it's me Darien." He paused before he asked his next question knowing the answer was not going to be a happy one. "How is everything?"

She sniffled and said, "Not good dad died this morning."

"Serena, oh darling hang in there ok." He tried to reassure her. "I know you are strong. When you feel your strength falter or feel sad try to think of me." "Think of what you told me. He is in a better place and that you have no regrets." As he said these words, tears fell freely down her face. "Serena, you did everything you could to take care of him and the last words that you said to him were I love you. Keep those thoughts with you." "Remember that I am here to give you strength draw it from me." I must go now. They are calling for boarding now. I will call you later again when I get the chance. I wish I could be there with you to hold you. Be careful and take care of yourself."

"I will. Please be careful and safe too, Darien. I'll see you soon."

"See you soon"

Click. She couldn't say goodbye she had said it too much this past week. She did feel a bit better after talking to him though.

The rest of the days whizzed by. Serena got more and more sick. She couldn't hide it anymore. The funeral arrangements were made and everything was set. She spent most of her days in bed. She had severe bronchitis. What made it severe was that it had relapsed and it was ten times stronger. She was on her third strain of antibiotics. Darien, she focused on him. That is what got her through the days. Finally the day of the funeral came up and she had to give the eulogy. Thankfully Darien called the day before and told her he'd be home in three days that means that now he'll be home in two days. She really missed him and everything about him. The way he smelled and felt. The way held her and kissed her cheek with that memory color finally returned to her cheeks as she blushed, very different from her ghostly white appearance. She got ready and dragged herself to the funeral with the help of family members. None of the people knew she was sick except the family. That's how she wanted it and that is how it stayed. The funeral came and went everyone was in the commons area of the church snacking and consoling each other. She nibbled a bit on a piece of cake and then said to her aunt that she was going to the bathroom. She walked to the other side of the church to the bathroom her aunt and mom followed her. When they got to the bathroom, they didn't like what they saw after she got out of the stall to wash her hands she almost fainted away. Luckily her family was there to help her. Serena's aunt got her uncle and he carried her from the women's bathroom to the care where they drove her straight to the hospital. Once in the hospital she really felt alone. Even though her mom was there she finally realized to its full extent how much she still needed Darien. He was the lost piece to her twenty-two year struggle.

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