Here's a new story! Using just the prologue first to see if people actually like it. The idea for this actually came from a story i read, and the author has kindly let me use her idea. And i don't own the characters.

Anyway, please enjoy!


She now knew why her heart had always been fighting against her conscience. This whole time she had been wrong, her conscience always thought it was Tadese who she would need, when all along her heart knew otherwise.

She had fought so hard against him yet… he was always there protecting her, loving her. She was a fool not to realize how much she loved him, he was everything she never needed yet… he was exactly what she needed and still yearned to hold him, to touch him, to see his beautiful face.

"I'm so stupid!" she screamed racing through the corridors

"Amu wait!" Someone called to her "He told me not to let you go!"

"I don't care!" she screamed back

"Amu!" he called again but she cut him off

"It's going to be all my fault if he dies!" she cried back "I can't lose him! I love him!" that was when she heard her follower stop dead in his tracks

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