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He was gone. The words repeated in her head over and over as she sorted them out, trying to make sense of them. How could he just be gone? A body doesn't just get up and walk away...unless he was alive.

The smallest ray of hope broke out and Amu clung to it like a life perserver. Her feet removed her from the room, not sure where she was headed, only that she was moving. He had to be close. Then she could tell him how much he really meant to her. She could tell him the truth.

"Amu!" It was Kukai, who had run up to her. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to find him, Kukai. Youc an help if you want. i already lost him once. I'm not losing him again."

He grabbed her arm. "I'll help. Go to the west wing. Check out the rooftops there. Ikuto always liked to hang out in high places. I'll try the East side. Okay?"

Amu nodded. "yes. Thank you, Kukai."

She ran towards the stairs. Normally, she would have been exhausted and wiped out from all the running, but she felt nothing. Only adrenline kept her moving now, placing one foot in front of the other.

The gargoyle statues frightened her as she ran in the dark. Only the moon guided her way, with the help of a few stars.

A loud crash had her running faster, almost tripping on her feet.

"Ikuto!" She yelled. "Ikuto!"

"Be careful there, AMu." The voice chilled her blood and raised the hairs on the back of her neck. "Don't want a little slip up to happen, now do we?"

Tadase was in front of her...and so was Ikuto. He's alive! He's really alive! But Tadase had Ikuto by his collar, leaning him precariously on the ledge. Ikuto was struggling to remove Tadase's hand at the same time as keeping his balance. Cat like reflexes were a good thing now.

His eyes looked at her and she felt a lump in the back of her throat.

"A...mu." He choked out.

"Let him go!" Amu cried, running towards them. Tadase pushed and Amu screamed as Ikuto started to fall from the edge. "No!" She cried, jumping to grab him, but losing her footing. Her arms encircled around his waist as she fell...before being jerked up.

She gasped as she saw who had caught her.


He grinned. "hey, Amu. Looks like you're in a little trouble again."

She managed a weak grin. "Just...hanging out." She said lamely.

He grabbed her closer, only to pull both her and Ikuto back on the ground. Kukai was there, and so was Utah, who were both holding onto Tadase as they dragged him away.

"You'll be okay?" He asked.

She nodded. "yeah, i will be. Thanks for saving my life. little different than your usual thing."

"Yeah...sorry about all that, Amu."

She smiled. "Don't worry about it." She told him. He simply nodded as he walked away. Amu looked back at Ikuto, who was leaning against the wall, breathing heavily.

Her hand touched his cheek slowly. His skin was warm under her palm she let her hand linger, savoring the touch.

His eyes opened and Amu felt her heart open. Maybe a heart could be broken in two ways. One from pain, but the other from all the love causing her hert to burst.

"Amu..." he whsipered.

She managed a watery smile. "Yeah?"

He closed his eyes. "Shouldn't have jumped afte rme. You're ten different kinds of stupid."

She laughed as more tears fell. "Okay. Whatever you say."

His eyes reopened, and he leaned in closer. Slowly, almost heistant, she kissed him on his waiting mouth, letting her emotion appear through the kiss.

But it might not be enough. "Ikuto. i love you."

He grinned. "I know." And recaptured her lips with his own.

So that's how it ended. The curse was finally over and well, you know the rest. But it wasn't the end. It was only the beginning.

Because that's just how love is. It's about Empowerment not dependence. And most of all, it's about strength, not weakness. Every person has their own story and everyone can find their own Prince or Princess. it just might not be where you think. Love is when that person lifts you up and gives you the courage you need. The one who understands you, just gets you. The one person who lets you just be you, no masks, no facades. And who will hold your hand and tell you how beautiful you are. believe in love. Because it's the closest thing we have to magic.

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