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Harry had a problem.

Certainly he had many problems considering he was locked away (even if it benefited him) in a tower at a magical school in Scotland. To someone who didn't know Harry well (which was most people) the biggest problem would seemingly be the Dark Lord and his fanatic minions which were after his blood. While they easily constituted the bulk of his problems, they were also stymied by the ancient wards protecting Hogwarts.

Yet there was plenty more on Harry's problem plate from having to grow up with his abusive relatives to his celebrity status in the magical world. Currently a problem that weighed heavily upon Harry was his friends had seemingly forgotten him. However he was coming to grips with this problem. Harry had lived too much of his life without friends to let it really tear him up. When one is beaten and abused it helps to develop a hard, inner shell to deal with hurts just like this.

No, his biggest problem was that he was very, very horny.

Now to most seventeen-year-olds, this would be a normal thing and would hardly constitute a problem. Most seventeen-year-old teens would try to deal with the problem by chatting up girls and trying to get in their knickers. That most seventeen-year-old girls generally didn't allow that meant that most normal boys snagged whatever porn their fathers or older brothers hid poorly and then had one off the wrist.

Harry, however, was not a normal seventeen-year-old teen.

This had been evident to him the first time he realized that somehow, he had disappeared the glass at the zoo and talked to a boa constrictor. However Harry had learned in time there were witches and wizards who could do such things. However none of them had most of the soul of another magical person linked to their own soul. Especially not a soul filled with all the normal urges that Tom Riddle had had when he was at Hogwarts.

What compounded Harry's problem was both he and Riddle had issues with the easy way out of their horniness by simply rubbing one out. In Harry's case, his relatives had always taken him to church. It was the only thing they would acknowledge him as a family member. Harry was sure it was because they believed it might "cure" him of his freakishness. So every Sunday, Harry had been told over and over about sin and going to Hell.

Harry never gave much thought to Hell for he felt he was already in it.

When it came to sin, Father Gordon's seemed obsessed with masturbation. He went on and on, a sermon here, a sermon there about touching oneself was one of the most selfish and venal of sins. Father Gordon also always seemed to be talking right at Harry during Sunday school when talking about spilling one's seed.

That he would be singled out by the priest ended up being rather ironic for Harry. One of the few times his cousin Dudley had ever been punished in front of Harry was when Aunt Petunia had caught him wanking off to a lingerie catalog before Harry's Third Year. Harry had gotten a nasty beating as well for good measure to ensure he learned the same message according to his aunt.

In Riddle's case (since his feelings were now sort of Harry's) was the sense that feelings of lust, love or anything like closeness was a weakness. Tom had had to be tough and cold to survive his time at the orphanage. He carried those lessons to Hogwarts and they flourished in Slytherin House. Surprisingly he never once thought to use his good looks to bed witches and thus use them for his own ends. This even though there had been plenty of offers considering how handsome Riddle had been.

Harry wondered what might have happened if Riddle had been sorted to another House and shown more love and friendship like Harry had. Harry certainly had the same hard shell when he had showed up that first day at King's Cross but with friends like Ron, Hermione and his quidditch teammates he had been able to open up somewhat.

To Riddle, however, most feelings were a weakness so when he made his first horcrux, almost all of those hated desires had been locked into the diary to be forgotten. Quickly this mutilation of his marred his once handsome features so only someone as twisted as Bellatrix LeStrange would even consider anything sexual with him.

From what he had gotten from Voldemort, Harry knew all the Dark Lord lived for was power. Harry simply couldn't understand how a being who wished to live forever wished to do so when he enjoyed so little out of life. What was the point of being immortal if you hated most things in life?

In regard to Harry's own issues controlling one's so called baser instincts could be done through many techniques which had been used for ages. The most common was meditation but this generally took some years to achieve a state where one could suppress one's desires and Harry didn't have years. There were ideas from his own faith like self-flagellation or self-mortifying oneself by wearing a hair-shirt, but Harry wasn't that Catholic!

This left working oneself into magical exhaustion which helped blunt the feelings. Again, Harry was not normal. His magical core had been bound and he had gone through puberty that way. With the bindings on his magic undone when Voldemort tried to possess him, he now had magic roaring through him which was energizing his normal, hormonal feelings. In short Harry felt as if his skin was too small to contain what was inside him.

So while any normal teenage boy regularly had to deal with bouts of horniness, Harry's magic was working against him. This problem was compounded by being linked to the part of Riddle's soul where he had put all of those same urges and desires. So while Harry was making great strides integrating what Voldemort had inadvertently left him in the likes of knowledge of magic accumulated through years, it also meant he had double the urges crashing in on him.

Due to his encounter with Quirrell in First Year, Harry missed the end of year class given by Madam Pomfrey to the boys regarding puberty. Here they were told about the conflict between one's magical core and one's body going through the hormone fueled hell of puberty. It was normal that a teens body couldn't handle the amount of magic in it while trying to adjusting to the changes puberty would bring.

It was because of this that children weren't taught magic till they were twelve. Indeed witches got their class from Madam Pomfrey at the beginning of the year since girls hit puberty on average earlier than boys. Using magic on a daily basis earlier would generally end poorly. Indeed many bouts of accidental magic was the result of the body trying to purge magicks fueled by emotions which the body couldn't process properly.

So while puberty was a volatile time for one's magic and body, it was important to learn magic so both could synch properly. Unfortunately while younger students didn't have much in the way of magical stamina, they also didn't know the magicks which would truly task them. This left them with plenty of magic which needed to be purged.

When Harry finally learned what the class he had missed had been about, he had been shocked. Who would have thought that with magical England seeming rather Victorian in attitude that, in regard to teens, they were expected to masturbate often to help release this extra magical energy? While the effect would wane as one aged, during the teenage years orgasms were accompanied by quite a lot of magic.

More surprising was how magical culture tacitly accepted a certain amount of same-sex play. True this was mostly for the witches to the point of almost promoting same-sex play. This while male homosexuality was still very much taboo, it was felt better than the students having sex with the opposite gender. That so many witches would make fun of Colin for being 'swishy' while they themselves might be engaged in some sexual contract with another witch bothered Harry. It was just another example of one rule for wizards and another for witches. That many wizards did the same thing to Colin didn't make Harry feel any better about the situation either.

So Harry's horniness was his body trying to keep him from potentially lethal accidental magic. Yet while his body might seem to know what it needed; his mind was at cross-purposes with the flesh…which tended to go limp when he tried. The voices of his relatives and Father Gordon kept coming back to haunt him.

In many ways this problem had been ongoing his entire time at school. Harry always had plenty of opportunity for sex at Hogwarts, but never had taken advantage of it. He had always been surrounded by Boy-Who-Lived groupies who would have loved for Harry to bed them. Yet he had always been embarrassed by the attention and faintly disgusted by it. He saw now that with his magic bound, his emotional level was mostly kept at the 'girls are icky!' level and it wasn't till the last two years when his normal hormonal growth had finally broken through enough for him to at least notice girls like Cho.

Or rather notice girls when he was off the quidditch pitch. As it turned out, quidditch changed the normal rules. Of course for him, it was just another source of problems at first.

Harry hadn't realized till Fifth Year that one of the main reasons First Years almost never made it onto the quidditch team had less to do with skill and more to do with puberty. The excitement and danger of the game energized the magical cores of the players. This would amplify the normal issues regarding magic and the player's bodies. This would result in overt feelings of lust to push the players into purging themselves.

So while premarital sex was taken very seriously (and usually heavily punished) quidditch players got a bit of a pass. It was not spoken off, but it was an open secret. It was also another reason why there tended to be fewer witches on the various House teams especially conservative Slytherin.

Once again, however, even with his magic roaring in his ears, Harry would run off to Gryffindor Tower for a cold, cold shower rather than do what his body urged him to do. This immediately caused him problems as is magic began to back up and stagnate. So it was fell to Oliver Wood to be the one who noticed how Harry's game quickly began to fall off after the first few practices.

So to get his seeker back on track, he had Katie Bell (a Muggleborn herself) take Harry under her wing and get him squared away. Being Muggle-raised herself (even though she found out before going to Hogwarts her mother was actually a Squib) and only a year older made her less threatening. Yet even then Harry had been a hard nut to crack.

She had spent most of that first season simply trying to get him to jack off by himself. She had done things like showing off her tits or even playing with herself to try to excite him enough to get himself off. That Katie was pretty and very curvaceous even as a thirteen-year-old certainly help. In turn Katie had commented that while Harry was short and thin, this didn't apply to his block and tackle.

However after weeks of working on him Katie generally ended up having to jerk Harry off herself. Harry's shame ran deep even with someone as patient and considerate as Katie. By the end of the season, however, she had gotten him to jerk himself off onto her tits. Harry loved her tits. In fact, Harry found he loved tits in general. He often had to catch himself from staring at the busty Lavender Brown or Susan Bones in class.

After their final win of that season, she had rewarded him with a fantastic blow-job and had hinted how they might go farther the next year. Even as this fired his imagination, inside Harry was still deeply embarrassed by the whole situation. He had only managed to rub one out once the entire following summer no matter how enticing the memories of Katie's beautiful breasts were.

This, of course, meant by September the magical back-up was pretty bad which Harry now wondered how much it affected his decision making at the time.

This created a pattern which mostly held up through Fourth Year. Each year Harry was back being filled with shame after being back at the Dursleys. It was bad enough he couldn't do magic, but the shame usually kept him from masturbating and thus he'd show up on September 1st a bit of a mess. It would take many practices and a game or two for Harry to get back into the swing of things.

In fact, Harry realized him blowing up Aunt Marge was practically an inevitability given his pent-up magic most magical teens would have safely purged by having a good wank. His anger had simply given all that magic a place to go. If anything, Aunt Marge was lucky he hadn't blown her up the more explosive way given all the power he showed against the Dementors later while saving Sirius.

The Tri-Wizard Tournament was a disaster for Harry in more ways than one. With quidditch canceled, Harry had all the stress and no outlet. For the most party the only sexual gratification was being around Fleur Delacour and having dirty thoughts about her. While he could fight off her aura, it did make it easier on him to give in and occasionally jerk off. It helped but Harry still couldn't help but feel dirty afterwards which added to the general stress of the time.

Seeing Fleur in her bathing suit during the Second Task was the highlight of the year for him sexually. In hindsight Harry saw he should've just asked Katie for help, but he never could bring himself to do it. Of course there was the strong quidditch taboo of "what happens in the locker-room stays in the locker-room" so Harry didn't feel right approaching her outside of Quidditch.

There had been times when Hermione had asked Harry if there was anything, she could do for him regarding the tournament and he had been tempted to ask if he could jerk off onto her breasts. Hermione wasn't the looker Katie was, but no one would accuse her of being flat-chested. Of course Hermione did the opposite of what Lavender did and dressed to minimize her figure. She once had told him in First Year that she didn't want to waste time with wizards talking to her chest instead of looking at her face.

Harry knew, however, the chance of Hermione allowing him the chance was right up there with Snape breaking down and apologizing for being a greasy-haired git, so he had kept silent. How Ron seemed to have missed Hermione was a girl really made him wonder about his oldest male friend sometimes. Of course the git had compounded the whole problem when he was arguing with Hermione the night of the Yule Ball while staring down her cleavage the entire time!

The Yule Ball was a bit of a mystery to Harry. Parvati was certainly pretty and while not as well-endowed as her friend Lavender, she filled out her sari quite nicely. Even so Harry had promptly ignored her. Looking back with a more cynical eye made Harry wonder about this. If anything he should have been furiously worried about trying to hide a night-long erection regardless of his issues. Yet Harry might as well be a pre-teen boy indifferent to girls.

So between dealing with Ron turning on him early in the year to all the danger of the tasks themselves, it was no wonder Harry had been so confused over his feeling for Cho. His body was filled with conflicting signals of hormones and magic on top of feeling the world being against him.

In fact it was a miracle he had gotten away from Voldemort to say nothing of actually winning the Tri-Wizard Tournament considering his magic had been bound. On returning to Privet Drive, having the murderer of one's parents created out of one's own blood kept Harry's mind off anything remotely sexual which once again compounded the problem.

His Fifth Year brought the return of Quidditch fun with Katie but after a year and all the stress of those times had put a dampener on things. Not that Katie thought Harry was a nutter like the rest of school, but she seemed a bit exasperated with him because he was still so repressed. Harry did feel bad retroactively that he couldn't take her up with what she had been offering at the time. If he had been 'normal' back, then they probably would have been shagging before and after games.

Fifth Year had brought a great deal more sexual contact between the two. She had certainly liked sucking him off. She had said he felt good magically and tasted better to boot. From Riddle's memories Harry realized she had probably been responding to his magical aura even bound as it was. In addition his semen more than likely held a physical manifestation of his magic as a way to shed it. She had taught him a quite few things about pleasing her as well which Harry enjoyed very much.

While his parish priest would most certainly have an apoplectic fit about the idea, Harry found it much easier to go down on Katie than to jerk himself off. Of course fickle Fate intervened again and he was booted off the Quidditch team just as things were getting to where he'd accept going even further sexually.

So while it was difficult for him to get hard enough to have a good, satisfying wank, the whole concept of how sexual feelings was expressed via magic interested Harry. The more powerful the wizard or witch, the more the people responded to it. It seemed to explain why so many people just blinked and accepted so many of the oddities of Professor Dumbledore.

What caught Harry's attention was how this effect acted on the opposite sex like a sort of aphrodisiac. It was subtle but it could have enough of an effect to be useful. Again he had to wonder why Riddle had never taken advantage of this given how witches were already attracted to him due to his poise, looks and power.

Harry wondered how things were going to be once his imprisonment ended. Fame had drawn a lot of girls to him. If he could finally become Lord Potter, then he'd have wealth too; always a good lure for many witches. With his own magic was unbound and augmented by Riddle's soul begged the question of how this would affect those around him. If witches where subtly attracted to a strong wizard's aura, how would they react to his?

Harry was itching to try and find out. Now that his own normal teenage feelings were coming out unfettered by having his magic bound, Harry couldn't help but belatedly realize he was surrounded by pretty witches. A lot of pretty witches. Witches he'd like to get to know better. Harry had wondered about these new feelings and sort of felt guilty he didn't feel worse over them.

In the end he felt his decision to reject Dumbledore and everything else had him in a mindset where he was questioning everything authority types had tried to teach him. More so since many of these lessons had been accompanied by beatings.

Harry had already found some techniques Voldemort had learned to focus his aura for certain types of magical spell work. Again he had never considered using it to tune his aura to act on a witch's own aura except as a way to keep Bellatrix in line. Harry had been practicing it and he thought it would work but with no one to actually test it on he really couldn't be sure.

Harry felt his aura would at least help him break the ice with some of the witches he wouldn't mind chatting up. He knew it was cheating but he'd rather not have to deal with the problems he had had with Cho on top of everything else. Plus hadn't he taken enough crap in his life to deserve a little pay back?

Until he could, however, Harry contented himself to reading, going through all the interesting things Riddle had picked up in his years as well as working on his wandless magic. Since it took a lot of power, Harry could at least really work his magical core which took the edge off his seemingly perpetual horniness. Even with trying to drain his core as much as he could Harry knew Dobby was ecstatic that he constantly got to change Harry's soiled bed linens every morning.

Harry had been lucky back at Privet Drive that he did all of the laundry since Petunia would have gone mental at the sight of his cum-soaked sheets. It was also a good thing he wasn't back in Gryffindor tower; he knew the guys would never let him live down him cumming on his sheets in his sleep like an ickle First Year.

"Hello Harry Potter," a breathy voice behind him said.

Harry whirled and without much conscious thought the book about the magical history of crups and kneazles went flying towards the voice pushed by his magic. Harry was half-way into a defensive crouch when he realized the voice belonged to Luna Lovegood. She was floating outside his window on his Firebolt of all things. He got a glimpse of the book he had tossed as it dropped from sight. Luckily it had missed the witch sitting demurely on his broom.

Luna glanced over her shoulder and then back to him, "Impressive! I believe even Professor Dumbledore would have to work to hit the lake like you just did. I do hope, Harry, it was not one of Madame Pince's library books."

"Sorry Luna," Harry said sheepishly. "I really wasn't expecting visitors...especially ones outside my window!"

Harry got up and offered Luna his hand to help her into through the small window. He then gleefully took his Firebolt. It felt like Christmas because visions of freedom were suddenly dancing in his head. While he eventually was going to make a break for freedom, Harry had still been wondering exactly how to make it happen.

Since he had yet to find in any of Riddle's memories about how to apparate, Harry worried he was still dependent on the floo network to put distance between him and Hogwarts. He thought his Firebolt was still locked up where Umbridge had put it last term. With it, he could go pretty much anywhere with the right planning when the time was right.

Harry took his broom and stashed it in the closet and hid it under some clothes. Knowing his luck, the Headmaster would probably pick tomorrow morning for some sort of surprise inspection. He turned to find Luna sitting on his bed, bouncing a bit and wearing a frown.

"My goodness Harry, this bed is dreadful! Do you have dead nargles hidden under the mattress?" Luna asked.

Harry laughed. "No, I think this was the office teachers got stuck with if they brassed off the Headmaster. I'm sure the Old Man is being his usual subtle self in trying to show his displeasure with my 'youthful rebellion' as he called it."

Luna rolled her eyes, surprising Harry. Luna seemed a bit different from her 'normal' loony self. Not that Harry was complaining. He was very aware that she was still a pretty girl who was on his bed. A part of Harry was happy she was here and he was eager to hear what had been going on in the school while he had been locked up. Another more primal part was just marking time before he shagged her senseless. Harry was amazed he didn't feel that guilty about the latter.

"'Youthful rebellion', is that what you have been doing? Here we had been told you were being treated for the after-effects of being possessed by Voldemort. Or at least that is what the Headmaster says. It is the reason you supposedly attacked Draco." Luna gave a very un-Luna like snort, "Like you ever needed an excuse for that! None of the students believes him. The rumors are much more exciting." Luna said.

"Let me guess, most don't believe Voldemort is back. Wait; don't tell me, the Ministry and the Daily Prophet still haven't told anyone about the fight at the Ministry? All those rumors of Voldemort's return are just the ravings of a deranged teen." Harry asked.

"More that you are a deranged teen that is being kept at Hogwarts so he cannot gather his own group of dark underlings. Oh yes, you are practically the Boy-Who-Fell-From-Grace." Luna said.

This time it was Harry who rolled his eyes. His earlier thoughts about how he would be perceived when he made a break from it had been spot on. Harry hated being right about how much the public would stupidly accept when the Daily Prophet spoon-fed them the opinion the Ministry wanted them to have.

Luna gave a musical laugh at the look on Harry's face, "Of course that is just the main rumor. Depending on what House you are in, the favored story changes. Most are wavering between you being confined because you are unbalanced and dangerous or you have finally snapped and have gone Dark which is why Dumbledore is keeping you hidden up here. "Many believe you are responsible for the Headmaster's withered hand."

Harry shook his head, "They can't pin that on me. It was like that when he collected me to go recruit the new potions teacher."

Luna nodded, "Yes well my favorite is you are actually a minion of the Old Ones and are preparing for their return, oh speaker to snakes."

"Ia ia Cthulhu fhtagn?" Harry asked with a grin. "Who started that one?" The twinkle in Luna's eyes answered the question for him. "I didn't realize you read Muggle fiction, Luna."

"I read a lot during the summer. There nothing else to really do and I find most magical fiction to be dreadful." Luna said.

"Oh? I would have thought your time in Sweden would be rather interesting." Harry said.

Luna's whole demeanor seemed to melt away leaving a very different girl. "I have never really been to Sweden, Harry. All the times I have visited had nothing to do with trying to find those silly animals Daddy is forced to write about to keep sales up."

Harry's newly acquired sense of his aura could easily read the menace suddenly inherent in Luna's own aura. Without a wand, Harry found he was rather disquieted by the feeling. He felt a bit naked and defenseless. This was certainly not the same wide-eyed girl who vexed Hermione in D.A. classes!

"So what were you really doing in Sweden?" Harry asked carefully.

"I was getting fucked by so-called business partners of my father. There is a whole group of them there who do not like to travel. Daddy has been pimping me out since I was ten. I think he makes more money off of my body over the winter break then he does in three months of Quibbler sales." Luna said in a flat emotionless voice.

Harry just looked at her. She glared back as if daring him to contradict her or refute her statement or her harsh language. Harry just searched her eyes and let his own aura interact with hers. She wasn't lying he found.

"Alright, since I thought we had enough of a relationship during our D.A. time that you might have asked me for help, I think it is safe to say that you only recently remembered all of this? Harry asked. Due to Voldemort's memories, he knew full well what memory charms and obliviations could do.

Luna nodded, "I do now. It all started at the fight at the Ministry..."



Luna hummed to her herself happily as she tried to get her bearings. Regardless of the fact she was in mortal danger, she was rather enjoying herself. So often she went through life like she was wearing dirty glasses; everything seemed cloudy and confusing. She had learned to treasure the times when her mind cleared and she could think easier. These times used to be very rare but lately her head was clearer than ever. Most of these times coincided to when she was with Harry at his D.A. meetings.

Luna bit her lip as she looked at the room she found herself in. It was filled with bookshelves with ancient musty tomes. From somewhere she could hear Ronald screaming but she couldn't quite seem to find a way from where she was to there. She had wished she hadn't been separated from the rest, but it was that or take a nasty curse to the chest. She hadn't wanted that. They weren't very large, but Luna liked her breasts. Or at least her large, pointy nipples. Padma and Su Li certainly seemed to like them too.

Luna wanted to reunite quickly with the rest of the group, Harry especially. Ever since she first saw him at the Gryffindor table her first night at Hogwarts, she had felt some sort of kinship with him. She needed to find him. There was something she wanted him to help her with...if she could only remember!

"Well aren't you a pretty little poppet. Have you lost your way, love?" a cold voice sneered from one of the hallways to her left. She quickly turned and cast the bat-bogey hex Ginny had taught her. The spell missed the Death Eater who was casting right back at her. Luna ducked behind a desk as the wall behind her shattered with the spell's impact.

"Now that was right impolite of you, love! Kids these days!" the Death Eater laughed as he continued cast spells to which Luna found herself hard pressed to do nothing by dodge or cast defensive spells. Finally once cutter nearly took her head off. It nicked her shoulder and cut off her butterbeer cork necklace which fell to the floor. With a screeching wail, she dropped to the floor as her mind seemed to suddenly be on fire.

Luna's mind, which had been feeling quite clear ever since the fight started, seemed to focus into laser-like sharpness. Unbidden memories started to surface: horrible, horrible memories. It was all she could do not to moan and vomit as the parade of images passed before her mind's eye.

It took biting her lip till it bled to keep from screaming.


Nestor Jugson waited for the witch to try and make a break from behind the huge oak desk. He was enjoying playing with the young Lovegood girl. It had been a long time since he had been able to do so. He had done some Muggle hunting on the side, but it wasn't the same since they really couldn't fight back. It was only fighting another Magical which really got the blood pumping. Nestor leered to himself since he always enjoyed satisfying his other urges after a fight. His cock stiffened at that thought.

"Come out pet, time for old Jugson to give you what's coming to you!" the Death Eater called out as he banished the desk away to reveal the young girl gasping on the floor. Nestor frowned a bit at this. He had hoped for a bit more of a fight. Yet he figured that he really couldn't expect a wee slip of a girl to put up much of a fight in the face of one such as him.

No matter, if he couldn't get a fight, he could still satisfy other urges. He carefully walked over and used his foot to toe the girls' wand away from her hands. She did nothing but continue to gasp for breath as if she had been running for kilometers.

"Alright my lovely, let's see what you have under that dress of your," Jugson said as he grabbed her by the shoulder and flipped her over on to her back. The spell to banish her knickers out from under her skirt was already on his tongue when the girl exploded into action. Her foot suddenly lashed out and kicked him hard in the crotch as her hand reached out; her wand suddenly jumping into it from across the floor. A slash of the wand without a spoken spell and Jugson was thrown across the room.

The Death Eater groaned in pain as books from the shelf he had been thrown into rained down on him. Through the pain he looked up to see the girl bearing down on him. As hard as a man he was, Jugson was amazed and frightened by the hellish look in the girls eyes as she advanced on him.

"You are not allowed to touch me! Do you hear me?" the young witch screamed as she slashed her wand to and fro. The fallen Death Eater gave a strangled cry as some form of cutting spells lopped off both of his hands at the wrist. The smell of burnt flesh rose from the burning stumps.

"I know what filthy things you wanted to do! You will never rape again!" and with that girl's wand slashed again, easily castrating Jugson who howled in agony.

"I know what you see when you look at me! You are all alike with your dirty, filthy eyes. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LOOK AT ME!" the witch roared in a voice which seemed too big for her body. Jugson soiled himself as she conjured a frothing cup of a nasty looking liquid. She threw it into Jugson's face where it quickly began to burn his flesh.

Jugson could barely hear the witch as she went on seemingly oblivious to his screams, "You never imagined a 'pretty little poppet' could know such spells, did you Death Eater? Just little Looney Luna, daughter to bitter old Lovegood is that what you thought, right?" The girl laughed a strangled, bitter laugh as Jugson continued to scream in agony as his flesh melted. "Oh if you only knew what deprave acts and dark knowledge can be found at the Lovegood house!"

As the Death Eater prayed to his Dark Lord that he would pass out, the young witch leaned down and whispered into the one ear the acid had missed, "There is nothing worse than destroying a little girls' dreams and innocence. There is no mercy for rapists."

Jugson heard her back away. He hoped she'd finish him off quickly. The pain was unbelievable. Amazingly he could feel the witch gathering her energy before she shouted, "Congrego Glacies!"

Nestor Jugson was a seasoned veteran from the first war he fought under Voldemort. He had once failed in a mission and had gladly suffered the Crucio cast by his master. Yet that pain was nothing like what he felt now. It started at his feet and rapidly rose from there. Nestor had not thought he could scream any louder, but he managed it as fear raced through him when he realized that the very water in his body was freezing! The last seconds of his life was filled with a pain he had never knew could even exist.


Luna looked down at the wreck of a man as his body froze and buckled as the ice expanded it. A muttered curse blew it into pieces. After a moment's thought, another swish of her wand brought the bookshelf down upon what was left of the body. She then walked over to where her butterbeer necklace lay on the floor. Luna stared at it with venomous hatred in her eyes for awhile before her wand came up and destroyed the necklace with fire.

Luna raised her head, listening to the sounds of the fight in the distance. "Now it is time to burn all such chains!" she said grimly. With a toss of her hair, she used her wand to close the cut on her shoulder which had continued to bleed throughout the fight.

"Cuspis Viator!" Luna cast and headed off in the direction the spell indicated. She had to find Harry Potter. Everything depended on it.



Harry watched as Luna struggled with her breathing. He knew it must have been hard to talk about something so personal, so visceral. However, her story brought up more questions than it answered.

"So, I guess now the question I'm expected to ask is why? I wouldn't think pimping out one's adolescent daughter was normal." Harry finally asked.

Luna gave a cold, lifeless laugh, "Oh it happens more than you think, Harry. It used to happen all the time back in old Queen Victoria's time out among the Muggles. We Magicals live like that time never ended. For the right price you can go to Knockturn Alley and get a boy for the night, fuck a centaur filly or have a house elf fulfill whatever deviant desire you might have. Got enough gold and you can have your way with a Veela bound by magic compelling her to satisfy what sick fantasies you have. Whoring out your daughter for galleons? Please, for the seamier side of our culture, what happened to me was tame."

Harry was stunned by this. Magical Britain had always seemed rather sexually repressed to him. Certainly there was the same-sex play tacitly accepted during school but Harry had gotten the sense that the minute you got out of school you where expected to get married, have a family and that was that. From what he had seen, especially at the Weasleys, things were all very proper with good Victorian family values or some shite like that.

Luna seemed to read his thoughts. "You thought it was all Mummy, Daddy, two point five kids and the family kneazle, right? If only! Harry, most men with some excess gold have a mistress on the side. You can almost take it to Gringotts the busy-body witch lecturing you on proper behavior is doing nothing of the sort behind closed doors! It is all hypocrisy, all of it!" She said fiercely.

Harry sat down on the bed next to her and took her hand. He couldn't help but notice how good she smelled and her scent again ignited the war between his two selves. However throwing her down and shagging her did seem rather repellent even as his own cock strained against his pants.

"Luna, be that as it may, I just want to know how did this happen? Why you? How could your dad do this to you?" Harry asked gently.

Luna visibly calmed herself down. "Harry, it is as I have said. So much of our world is based on lies and hypocrisy. Say one thing; do another. Promote one value in public and violate in private. As much as I hate my father, he has at least tried to fight this."

Harry had to nod at this. How could Magical Britain say they stand for the Light when they accepted so readily that Death Eaters guilty of murdering so many were simply themselves victims of the Imperious curse? Harry knew a lot of it was the gold passing under the table had trumped any sense of justice.

Luna wiped her eyes of tears which threatened to flow down her cheek, "In my father's case his actions stem from his relationship with my grandfather Praxis. My uncle Neoptolemus was a powerful wizard. He was a fighter and he had vitality about him which people responded to. He was like you in that way, Harry."

Seeing him about to protest, Luna cut him off, "Harry you are going to have to accept much of our generation looks to you. The sooner you accept this the better it will be for all of us."

Luna absent-mindedly ran a finger dawn the scar on her neck for a moment before she went on. "My father, on the other hand, is more of a thinker. He can see links that other people miss and he grasps subtleties lost to most people. To my grandfather, however, Daddy was less than the dust under my uncle's feet. So he grew up very bitter and feeling unloved. My uncle was always the favored child even though he never aspired to be."

Harry nodded at this. Growing up around Dudley getting all the praise while he got all the blame meant he could understand what Luna's father had gone through growing up.

Luna nodded at the look on Harry's face, "Yes I thought you of all people would understand. No matter how well Daddy did at school, no matter how many awards he won or critical acclaim he gathered, my grandfather doted on his oldest son. Of course much of this was for good reasons as Uncle Neoptolemus became a renowned auror and a heroic fighter against Voldemort to rival Alastor Moody. His team of aurors rarely failed."

"Did my dad and Sirius work with him?" Harry asked.

Luna shook her head, "No. They were their own strike team. In fact Daddy and your mother had something in common. One of the reasons was, unlike my grandfather, Neoptolemus respected my father's intellect and used him to investigate possible Death Eaters and predict when the Dark Lord's forces would strike and when. My mother and your mother were friendly and in her journals, she mentions how your mother did similar things during the war for your father."

"Really?" Harry said in surprise.

"Yes Harry; not all power comes from the wand. Both Daddy and your mother were the ones directing the fighters to their targets. In a way, they had as many kills as my uncle and your father," Luna replied.

Harry blinked at this. He'd never thought of his mother in that way before. In his mind she was simply a Charms and Potions prodigy who rapidly became a stay-at-home mother. It never occurred to him that looking after him wouldn't take up all her time. As a Gryffindor, Lily Potter wouldn't just sit on the sidelines.

Luna sighed sadly, "Yet no matter how much credit Uncle Neoptolemus would give Daddy, the public always seemed to focus on him being the hero of the day. Again no matter what my father did, he never got the recognition he felt he deserved."

Harry nodded, "I hated how the Daily Prophet seemed to forget Cedric existed during the Tournament. He was the real Hogwarts champion, but you almost wouldn't know it reading the Prophet."

"Unless they were tearing you down by saying you were stealing his chance at glory," Luna said with a sneer. "My father's issues were made worse by his own financial problems. He had started the Quibbler as a counter-point to the Daily Prophet which then, as now, seemed to just report what the Ministry told them to. However in the climate of fear, people did not want to read the truth; they preferred the comforting lies they found in the Prophet. So on top of getting little support from his own father, Daddy was rejected by the very people he had started out to enlighten. It almost broke him financially."

"Into this came the Ancient House Ollivander to supposedly save the day." Luna said in a tone that would have made Snape proud. "They offered my father a hefty bride price if he would marry my mother, Selene Ollivander. Rumors had her a bit off, but Daddy knew she was brilliant. She had received many awards at Beauxbatons where she had gone to school to get her NEWTs after getting her OWLs at Hogwarts. Knowing he needed an heir and he desperately needed the money, so he took House Ollivander's galleons and my mother as his wife."

"Daddy did his duty and Mum did hers and thus I was born. Unfortunately before that day, Daddy found out why House Ollivander had been willing to spend so much wealth to get Mum married," Luna said sadly.

"She was a lesbian, wasn't she? It's why she went to Beauxbatons for her last two years. They were trying to cover up the fact, right?" Harry guessed.

Luna looked surprised but pleased. "Right in one, Harry! Yes, my mum loved women and refused to give them up. You must know, Harry, that with so many wizards screwing around on the side, it is an open secret how often witches have 'girl's night out' where some same-sex play goes on, but as long as it is just that, society as a whole looks the other way."

"At least they do for the women. I don't think it is the same for wizards," Harry said thinking of all the crap Colin got for being gay. Harry wasn't such if the boy was actually gay, but he sure seemed to fit the stereotypes.

"Yes, but much of that is because of the pressure for men to have an heir and continue their House line. Regardless, having a long-term relationship with another adult woman is considered very bad in our culture. Even actively seeking out new sexual relationships among other adult women is frowned on. If adult witches have sex with another witch, it is almost always with women they had sex with back at school. However Daddy was trapped. He needed Mum to bear him a son and he couldn't bear the shame of a divorce." Luna said.

Luna suddenly sat back onto the bed and crossed her arms over her chest as if she was laid out in a coffin. Harry decided to lie next to her on his side. Seeing how pensive she was, he stroked her long hair hoping it would calm her down enough for her to continue.

She shook her head as if to clear her mind of the topic before continuing. "Things changed with the end of the war and not for the better for my family. Voldemort was gone and my uncle had been killed in an ambush the night your parents were murdered. My Uncle and his team went down fighting and they took out many of the remaining Death Eaters with them. My grandparents were already dead in a previous strike where the Death Eaters had hoped to catch Daddy and my uncle during a visit, but they managed to escape the trap. So now Daddy was a new father and now the new head of House Lovegood."

Luna paused and looked at Harry to gauge how he was talking it. Seeing him calmly waiting for her to continue, she pressed on. "House Lovegood use to be very rich. Yet when my father took over, he found our House to be practically penniless. My uncle had either willingly or through trickery funded much of Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix. So right at a time when my father expected to come into some wealth which would allow him to continue the Quibbler, to say nothing of funding research projects he had dreamed about since Hogwarts, Daddy found the goblins calling with past due debts. How he raged that magical Britain sat and cowered on the sidelines and had not even spent a knut on their own defense."

"So Daddy's financial woes continued. The paper he had started to expose corruption and challenge the witches and wizards of Britain slid into becoming little more than a tabloid simply because that is what sold and we needed the money. This ate at him and I have heard how he would rage at the stupidity of the average witch and wizard. This bitterness would be compounded when he contracted Dragonpox while trying to get investors for the Quibbler while in Finland.

Luna laughed without a trace of humor, "It is ironic that Daddy had worked as a volunteer treating victims of the Dragonpox epidemic of 1978 without any problems. The strain then had been terribly virulent and so many died horribly. It was this epidemic, by the way, which killed your paternal grandparents, Harry. So even when many healers were afraid to treat the sick, Daddy waded in to show how his father had been wrong about what type of man he truly was. Even as Daddy risked death to prove himself, my grandfather seemed not to notice. So ironic that after all that Daddy went through during the epidemic that he would catch it in a pub in Helsinki" Luna said a bit woodenly.

"I can see why he'd be bitter but at least he didn't die. Most people don't survive it from what I've heard. I'd think being alive would be a blessing." Harry said.

"Yes, he did survive it, but he found out he was sterile. So I was the only child he would ever have. There was no chance now of a son to carry on the House name unless he could find a House willing to take me on as a consort. Oh there was a chance my aunt might still have a child, but my father did not think this would ever happen nor could he depend on it.

Harry was about to ask Luna who her aunt was but decided it wasn't worth interrupting the young witch.

Luna sighed, "You must understand the pressure my father was under. In 950 my family immigrated from Sweden. In fact they came over because your ancestor Ǽlfric Potter married my ancestor Fiora Lofgóðr who helped him defeat a Dark Wizard. Her brother decided to follow her to England and changed the name to Lovegood. By 1010 House Lovegood was an official English house. Can you imagine how my father felt thinking he might be the one to fail to produce an heir just years short of our House becoming Ancient?"

Harry nodded. Given how much weight was given to the ancient houses, Harry could see how much Luna's father would be terrified to be labeled the failure.

"Plus I think Daddy wanted a son to treat in a way he wished his own father had done to him. So it was in this stew of bitterness, feeling of failure, worry about House Lovegood's future and disgust at the world in general that Daddy came home one night to find Mum in bed with the Adrienne Peasegood, the wife of the head of the DMLE at that time." Luna said.

Harry blanched at this. He couldn't see any wizard that high up the Ministry food chain taking it well his wife was in bed with a suspected lesbian or being happy with the husband of that woman. "I'm guessing your dad took it...poorly."

Luna nodded sadly. "He calmly waited until the moment the other women floo'ed out and then flew into a terrible rage. Their argument woke me up and I went downstairs just in time to see Daddy strike my mum down after she made an unkind remark driven by her own anger. House Ollivander helped to create the so-called spell-crafting accident and it was all hushed up. This set the stage for my father to later take his rage and bitterness out on me."

Harry's eye's narrowed dangerously, "Did he molest you?" The thought of tossing Luna's dad into a pit filled with rabid (and hungry) animals flitted through his mind.

Luna closed her eyes. Between her pale skin and her pose, she might as well been a corpse laid out for viewing at a wake. "No, but he certainly was mentally abusive. When I got a bit older, he decided I needed to be broken of any hint that I might follow in my mother's lesbian footsteps before I got sent off to Hogwarts. It was all just a hypocritical lie. Daddy just needed the money and his so-called investors were happy to pay to indulge their sick, sexual fantasies. Daddy always made a point to come in after I had been taken and told me how this was for my own good."

Harry shook his head. "You know Luna, if I had a hundred galleons for every time I had been told things were being done for my own good, you and I could have one hell of a summer holiday," he said sadly.

Luna opened her eyes and rolled over towards Harry. Their faces were close. Harry had to fight down the urge to kiss her and then do so much more. He wanted to so badly, but he had to be there for her. She had been there for him after Sirius had died; he owed her. Even so his cock seemed about to burst through his trousers it was so hard.

"Yes, Harry I know. Even when I was under charmed objects which muddled my mind and obliviations kept me from remembering things that no girl should have too know, I always knew you and I were kindred spirits."

"Did your Dad obliviated you every time? No wonder you ended up loony!" Harry said appalled at the thought. Considering the symptoms Mr. Roberts had shown to multiple obliviations back at the World Cup, Harry was surprised Luna was capable of thinking at all if she had constantly been obliviated.

Luna traced a finger down Harry's cheek oblivious to what affect it was having on Harry. "No, Daddy did a special obliviation where when he lifted it, I would remember everything until he cast the spell again. Originally he had just obliviated me but even my bastard of a father could not deal with his daughter going through the trauma of being betrayed by her daddy and given to smelly old wizards as their plaything over and over again."

Harry reached out and took Luna's hand away from his cheek. He needed to keep some distance or he was going to lose it. It disgusted him that here she was talking about being raped in the worst possible way and all he could do was barely contain his raging desire to take her himself.

"Luna, please stop that," Harry said gently. He didn't want to hurt her feelings.

"Why? Are we going to finally fuck now?" Luna asked. As fast as it had disappeared, the fun and rather loony Luna seemed to be back. "I certainly hope so. I have been worried your poor cock was going to rip through your trousers. That has got to be painful."

"Huh…we're going to what?" Harry sputtered. The sudden profanity from Luna threw him almost more than her question.

"As Hermione would say, Honestly Harry! You have wanted to shag me the minute you saw me on your bed. I must say you have been quite the gentleman but right now I do not want a gentleman. Well I guess I do want a gentleman; one that will make love to me. I want you to wash away the memories with your honest lust!" Luna leaned forward and started to kiss him passionately as her hands started to undo Harry's trousers.

To say that Harry was a bit gobsmacked would have been an understatement! However, he was a Seeker and they were all about speed. He rapidly helped Luna undress him and almost ripped some of Luna's clothes off getting her naked as well. He was amazed at how ethereal her body was! It seemed to glow with a radiance that Katie didn't have.

Of course Katie's body was taut and tanned from all of her time on the Quidditch pitch. She also had a smashing set of tits. Luna, however, had very small breasts but whose nipples were huge and pointed. Her areolas took up most of the tips of her breasts.

Seeing the direction of his gaze, Luna cupped her breasts and fingered her nipples. "I take it you like?" she asked coyly.

'Oh yeah!" Harry said in a hoarse voice. He unconsciously took his cock in his hand and started stroking it. Considering that he was still a virgin, this was the typical sexual act for him. Plus something in the back of his mind told him he wouldn't last long anyway.

But that wasn't going to stop him!


Luna leaned forward, primping her breasts at him. "Do you want to cover my hard nipples with your hot seed? I think you do! I know I want you to. Come on Harry! Show me what a young wizard can do! I am through with old, worn out men." Luna figured talking dirty would help keep Harry from falling back into his self-conscious ways. It was so cute how shy he could be when so many witches at Hogwarts would leap into his bed if he only asked.

Not that he ever seemed to have noticed that Luna thought. Of course, Luna had had enough of the filth that had been forced on her. She was more than ready for some honest dirty play, so the words came easily to her lips. She couldn't help but lick those same lips as the erotic sight before her.

Harry continued to jerk off as Luna cooed and played with her nipples. She continued with a string of dirty comments and suggestions. Harry didn't last long and his cum came boiling out in explosive spurts. His eyes rolled back in their sockets and he almost fainted as he shot load after heavy load all over Luna. Most of it struck her tits but his body was jerking so much that he shot some on her face as well. Harry's aura flashed with power to the point where the room seemed to brighten for a moment.

For Luna it was an amazing sight. Of few of her father's so-called clients had jerk off onto her. Most of them had done it to just degrade her. Harry, on the other hand, had looked like he had been unable to keep from touching himself while looking at her. This made her wetter than she had ever been in her life. The feeling of his cum, hot and silvery, on her tits and lips was so very different from the yellowed spunk most wizards had barely been able to shoot a few weak spurts.

Harry by contrast seemed to be a wellspring of cum as spurt after spurt continued to cascade down upon her. It was Harry's aura, however, that took her breath away as it flared with power, crashing through her and bringing her to surprise orgasm.

Harry almost collapsed on the bed, his breathing labored and heavy. Luna was breathing hard as well from the unexpected orgasm that seemed to have just erupt from deep within her due to Harry's aura spiking. She was smiling as she took her fingers and rubbed Harry's cum into her breasts and licked what had hit her face off her fingers. It tasted like nothing she had ever had before. She wasn't sure if it was magic or Harry's semen was just naturally tasty.

Luna rolled over after she had finished rubbing all of Harry's spunk into her alabaster skin to see him still panting. His death-curse green eyes, however, were on her as if he could pull her into himself with just his gaze. This made her quiver inside in a way she had never felt before. From his gasps Luna felt it must have been a long time since he had had an orgasm for him to be as wiped out as he was. She looked down and noticed that while Harry was still winded, his cock was still semi-hard. With a smile of anticipation she snaked down and took it in her mouth.


Harry groaned as Luna sucked out what little cum was left in his cock. He was still sensitive and his aura seemed to be still sparking but he couldn't tell her to stop. Her tongue just felt too good! In short order his cock was once again erect and pulsing with blood and need. As he struggled under her oral assault, a musky smell caught his attention and he realized the Luna was practically wetting the bed due to her own desire.

With a grunt he positioned himself and forced Luna's legs opened and started to lick her wet slit. With Umbitch kicking him off the quidditch team, it had been a long time since he had been between Katie's thighs and he missed her taste.

Harry began to lick up and down Luna's wet slit while her pale blonde hair tickled his nose. He drank in the smell of her arousal even as the witch's own ministrations on his cock distracted him. Without realizing it, he began to slowly buck his hips even as Luna did the same to get more of his probing tongue.


Luna moaned around Harry's cock. She had never had a guy go down on her before! Sure she and a few of the other Ravenclaw girls had experimented not to mention all she had done over the years with Ginny Weasley. She hadn't gotten along with the other girls of her year, but she often found comfort in the arms of Su Li and Padma Patil. For all the talk about how exotically beautiful they were the two witches were discriminated against more often than not.

Luna remembered the time Padma had gotten up her courage to ask Lisa Turpin for a bout of girl sex and she had told Padma she wouldn't sully herself with a wog like her! So Luna, herself an outcast, often had the Indian and Chinese girl in her bed and between her legs.

This, however, was totally different. Harry's tongue was rougher and his aura so different from the girls she had been with. Plus Harry already had started to finger-fuck her as he tongued her clit. For some reason only Su Li would do that and Luna usually had to ask. She was finding it very difficult to concentrate on sucking his wonderful cock as Harry's tongue drove her wild.

Then Harry's pinky slid up her puckered anus and she almost orgasmed right there. She felt Harry immediately stop everything he was doing and tensed up as well. "Oh god no, Harry! Do not stop! You are wonderful! Finger-fuck me! Fuck my arse as well!" She felt him hesitate, so she bucked her hips to urge him on. She felt him stick his thumb into her cunt while he started to fuck her arse with his index finger. He soon got a rhythm going and went back to tonguing her clit as well.

Harry's hard cock slipped out of her mouth as she couldn't continue other than uncoordinated jerks on his cock with her hand. She was moaning and panting and giving out semi-incoherent comments of praise. Her hips where bucking back against Harry's tongue and fingers. She had never felt so full before! She loved how his finger felt up her bum.


Harry was in heaven; he had always enjoyed going down on Katie and Luna tasted even better. Plus while Katie was passionate, Luna seemed on fire! Soon enough she began to keen and then let out a wordless shriek of pure lust as her orgasm crested through her. Remember his time with Katie, he didn't let up and sure enough Luna orgasm peaked only to have another, more powerful orgasm, rip through her. Harry finally stopped when he worried that she was going to hyperventilate.

While Luna lay panting on the bed, Harry wandlessly summoned a towel and wiped Luna's juices off his chin and cleaned his hands. By the time he was done, Luna breathing was a bit more under control and she was watching him from half-closed eyes.

"I need you to fuck me right now, Harry," Luna said; her voice heavy with need.

"Who am I to deny you when you ask so nicely?" Harry joked as he helped her spread her legs and adjust the pillows. As much as the humor had come easy to him, Harry found that his mouth had gone dry at her bold demand. He felt as if skin was hot to the touch and blood seemed to be a roaring in his ears. He was about to become a man! As he rubbed his cock-head up and down her slit he paused. "Uhm Luna, I don't have any sort of protection."

Luna was practically panting, her eyes glazed over with lust, "Just fuck me Harry. As long as you do not cum in me, I can take care of it. I will tell you all about it later. I need you inside of me now, Harry! Fuck me please! You cannot know what you are doing to me!" she begged.

Harry hesitated for another second and Luna's eyes popped open to see an odd look on his face, "What's wrong Harry?"

"I…I've never done this before. I'm a virgin and you…well I just want to do it right." Harry said in an oddly unsure voice.

Luna sighed and leaned forward with a lusty growl and grabbed the teen by his tight arse and pulled him deep into her. "Oh Harry, you will be fine…oh yeah, that is already better than anything I have had before." Luna groaned happily as Harry filled her up. She fell back against the pillows and arched her back, her pointy nipples enticing Harry anew. She began to buck her hips against Harry, urging him on to give her what she so desperately craved.

To Harry it seemed all of her pent-up desires she had kept hidden deep within her ever since her father had betrayed her was boiling up out her. It seemed his earlier thoughts of how his aura would affect witches seemed to be born out as it seemed to be washing over her driving her wild.

Harry's mouth felt dry as dust and he focused on just getting a natural rhythm going. He had a bit of a hard go as Luna was practically thrashing under him. He couldn't believe the feeling around his cock. It was hot, tight and everything he had expected and so much more. For some reason Harry had expected her to be looser. He guessed that old wizards had flaccid dicks after all.

He concentrated on his thrusts into the bucking girl, alternating deep thrusts to the occasional harder and faster ones. No matter how much fun he had had together with Katie Bell, there had always been a part of him that held back. As Luna was beginning to leaving welts in his back with nails digging in passionately, Harry found his mind shutting down leaving only that most primal part of him in control.

The room was filled with the sound of their bodies slapping together. Their moans mingled as they both ground against each other. This was not some sunny lover's tryst in a high garden like in some romance novel. Raw need bled off the two teens like steam. The sweet smell of sex and sweat mingled and drove them both further along in their desire. The pair's world had shrunk to only encompass the lumpy bed that creaked and swayed under them as the pace of their fucking increased as their passions continued to rise.

Harry pushed back up onto his hands to take in the erotic sight that was Luna underneath him. She was practically glowing, her alabaster skin shining with the sweat of their passions. Luna reached out and returned to pinching her nipples and Harry felt her cunt tighten around him as she orgasmed. Harry was amazed! Katie had told him witches could cum a lot more than wizards but seeing it (and feeling it!) was another thing. All too soon he felt the familiar feeling in his balls. He cursed himself for having so little staying power but the roar of his need was not to be denied!

"Oh God Luna, I'm…I'm going to cum!" Harry gasped out as he unconsciously started to fuck her faster and harder. He felt as if body was acting on its own accord as if following a script written long before conscious thought.

"Yes! Cum for me! I want to taste you again! Cum in my mouth for me, Harry!" Luna squealed. She licked her lips in anticipation of sucking his hot cum straight from the source. Sure enough Harry began to grunt and started to quake. He pulled out and Luna hungrily guided his cock into her mouth. It was Harry's turn to give a wordless groan that turned into a roar as he shot his load deep into Luna's mouth.


Luna greedily sucked it down although she had a bit of trouble concentrating as Harry's aura flared again as he orgasmed. Again this sent a wave of pleasure through her as if every sensor in her body was stimulated and she orgasmed again. However she wanted to drain Harry dry so she worked through the pleasure, sucking his hot seed out of him as she fondled his balls to coax every last drop out of him. She marveled at the warmth of it on her tongue as if Harry was shooting fire into her mouth.

Finally Harry began to beg Luna to stop as the feeling got to intense and he fell back onto the bed finally spent. Luna smiled as she saw this time his cock was rapidly shrinking. She had certainly sucked him dry after all. Her own body was still tingling with little muscle twitches. In that moment she knew she was ruined on any other wizard but Harry. True she looked at witches more than wizards to begin with.

She gazed up and down Harry's wiry but toned frame with appreciation as he gasped for air and trying to come down from his own mind-blowing experience. She doubted any man could ever top what she had just experienced and she was happy that she had made Harry's first time so obviously memorable.

It was just as well, Luna thought since he was all she wanted in a wizard. She was her mother's daughter after all, so she preferred the softer feel of a witches touch. Luna leaned back and let out a sigh of pure pleasure as she remembered that not everything she had seen in her scrying had been dark and terrible. Harry would gather around him a bevy of delicious witches that Luna would taste and devour. Her ultimate fate was unknown to her, but Luna knew at least she and Harry would enjoy pleasures worthy of a sultan before the end.


"Merlin! Luna that was…fucking brilliant that's what that was!" Harry said as he tried to catch his breath. His heart was still racing and again it felt to him like his aura was still having spasmodic flare-ups. Everything he had ever heard or read had warned someone's first time was never the experience which stories or movies made them out to be. If that was the case than he was trapped in one of those books or movies because what they had just done had easily been the most amazing thing in his life. Considering he had fought off a 20 meter basilisk with only a sword when he was twelve that was saying something! This thought brought forth a happy, contented laugh.

Luna gave a coy smile as she licked up a bit of his cum that had overflowed onto her lips. From the many stories he'd been forced to listen to over the years in the dorm, Harry got the impression he'd shot a lot more than was usual for a wizard.

Harry rolled off the bed and again looked a bit unsure of himself. "Luna, I don't know much about after sex etiquette, but would you like to join me in the shower?"

Luna laughed, "Harry just because I have had sex since I was ten, do you really think I know anything about it? Trust me; in every way that truly counts, this was my first time as well. All the other men just wanted to use me or worse, hurt me to make themselves feel better. You are the first to care about how I felt and I love you for it. I will gladly take a shower with you. You can scrub me and then I scrub you and then we can see how long the hot water lasts!"

Harry watched in appreciation as the naked girl skipped past him into the bathroom. She certainly had a pert arse! He stood there just wallowing in this change of fortune as he heard Luna turn on the shower. He felt his cock give a bit of a twinge as heard Luna's voice over the water, "I have always wanted try a shag in the shower!"

Harry noticed his reflection in the mirror; he had the widest, shit-eating grin he had ever seen. "Fuck Fate!" he told his reflection. "I'm getting lucky today and I deserve it!" Harry then went into the bathroom with thoughts of skiving out of Hogwarts on his Firebolt forgotten.


A/N: Just a reminder from the first chapter. Unless stated otherwise, everything which happened canonically up through Book 5 has happened in this story. However we will find out that many things which Harry was told or things he thoughthappened aren't what they seemed. In fact in canon, Harry takes so much info at face value at the same time he seems completely incapable of asking questions. As pointed out in Paging Dr. Bell, it is something like Book Three before Harry not only finds out what an auror is but that his father was one! You'd think an orphan would be asking all sorts of questions about his parents. Once again, this lack just adds fuel to the Dumbledore as Manipulator theme.

OOC Harry: Obviously Harry is taking a road not taken but there is more to this story than him just getting pissed off at the world. I want to show that for all Harry is a nice kid, he is an abused child. Most fics concentrate on how this makes it hard for him to love. Well it also makes it hard for him to trust. Many reviewers were surprised how Harry seemed to turn on his friends in Chapter One. It makes more sense when you think of his life growing up.

There is only so much beatings and verbal abuse one can take before going numb and 'ignoring' it. So I see Petunia hurting Harry by playing 'good cop' to Vernon's bad cop by giving Harry certain things only to take them away and in the process hurt him more. Mental abuse, the head doctors say, leave worse scars then physical abuse.

Considering everything in Harry's life has been him getting something neat and then having it taken away, it is surprising that he would be primed to see his friends in the same light? Just another thing that wasn't permanent in his eyes. So if at times Harry seems edgy or cruel, remember him crying, alone and injured after a beating in the darkness of his cupboard under the stairs. JKR might have just let that bit of Harry's life drop quietly out of the story but he was abused longer than he was at Hogwarts and you just don't up and walk away from something like that.

GEEK! Yes, I know…throughout this fic you will find little literary 'Easter eggs' – full points to those who spot them. I'm sorry, I can't help myself!

Behind the Wand: Luna's comments about her father being the hand which guided his brother's wand applies to me. As a chaplain said when I was in reception prior to Basic. Everyone in the military kills in their own way even the chaplains. In my case, I was the one helping doing the targeting and I was good at it. I remember being asked during an interview for a position for the local sheriffs if I'd ever killed anyone or caused someone to die. I immediately said no before realizing that wasn't true at all.

It is all a matter of perspective. One of my favorite teachers often referred to our computers as the "crew-served weapon" of the intelligence branch. We may not pull the trigger but we are definitely part of the process. Unfortunately you rarely (if ever) see all the support personnel who keep the tanks running, the infantry fed and the arty guys firing. At least Navy commercials show all the hard-working flight deck crews.

Lemony Goodness: I know a lot of you folks out there aren't here to read erotica so feel free to skim those parts. However there is a lot of character development in many sexual scenes so don't be surprised if you miss something important. I will try to keep the sex from falling into endless 'IKEA' sex scenes of Tab A into Slot B.

Spells: For those who want to know…and I know you want to know!

Congrego Glacies: Literally "To gather together the ice"

Cuspis Viator: Point Messenger