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This piece will be a slash fic starring Keoni and my sourpuss muse/fan character. Don't like the thought of two males making out, don't read. The other pairings are Sam/Twister with snippets of Sam/Lars and extremely one-sided Leilani/Twister.

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Lost in Paradise

Chapter One

Just Another Typical Day

It all started simply enough...or at least as simple as you could get. After all, we're talking about the two biggest rivals in the fair town of Ocean Shores, California. The crowd perched on the surrounding mountains roared as the pair prepared to duel yet again. The stands were filled to capacity as the giant golems made their way to the valleys center. The very ground shook and rumbled as the duelists' large feet thundered louder and louder with each passing second.

The colossuses stood at a good twenty feet tall. They were made of wood in accordance with the tournament's number one rule. They were both painted in the rivals' own images. The one coming in from the left was adorned with a dozen broom ends done in a buzz cut to suggest blond hair. The cockpit's windows were square-shaped lenses with a thick black outline to symbolize the pilot's glasses. The pudgy tank-like hull clothed with an orange shirt was a testament to the boy's physique. In the massive statue's hands was a large hockey stick to show his immense support for the sport. Finally, there were the blue jeans and sneakers to finish off its down to earth design.

Inside the cockpit the pilot, a twelve year-old boy, who was wearing the same clothes as his machine with the addition of a helmet for safety, was quivering in anticipation of the battle. He swallowed hard, causing his lightly tanned throat to sink.

"Man... How do I always get roped into these things?" he questioned with a sigh.

"C'mon Sam, you can do it!" A female voice buzzed into his headset communicator. The blond smiled at the sound of his best friend, thirteen year-old Reggie Rocket. He looked ahead at the wooden mech standing across him.

"Ok..." He gulped again. "I can do this. I gotta chin up!"

The other wooden robot looked just as impressive. It was wearing a blue bucket hat over spiky black hair that stuck out in various directions. The cockpit's eyes were permanently fixed in a fierce glower that was almost as cold as its owner's true glare. Its slim body was wearing a red vest over a purple shirt. An immense mallet was situated in its left hand. Finally, its legs were adorned with black shorts and sneakers that were a combination of red, black, and white.

Inside, the evil pilot, also wearing the same wardrobe as his creation, cackled as the match was about to be under way. A sinister smirk appeared on his lips.

"Muhehehehehehe... This time your fate's sealed, Blondie!" He clenched a dark tanned fist. "And this time you don't have your friends to defend ya! Bwahahahahaha—!"

"Bro, are ya sure ya wanna go through with this?" A young male voice was heard from the radio. "You know what'll happen if ya lose, right?"

"Shaddap Iggy!" The pilot, also age twelve, shouted at his younger brother. "There's no way I'm gonna lose this!.!.!"

"Pffft! I've heard that one a million times, bro." Iggy scoffed. "But good luck anyway."

"Bah! I don't need luck, especially against that blond dork!"

Iggy gave another sigh at his older brother's arrogance before putting away his walkie-talkie. It was clear to him that this was going to be another normal day. The story was always the same. Sam Dullard and Izzy Lopez would fight countless times; each trying to defeat the other in various contests both official and between themselves, the former being tournaments held in town and the latter being matches in certain sports. The end result most, if not all the time, was that Izzy lost miserably. Every loss was worse and more painful than the last. About the worst that's happened to the kid were a broken arm and one major concussion. He was out for days.

The strange thing about this rivalry was that it was one-sided. Only Izzy expressed hatred towards Sam. He'd do anything to ensure that the blond was unhappy twenty-four/seven. Sam, on the other hand, has no quarrels with the other boy. In fact, he'd rather be friends with the brunette. There were even a few instances in the past where the two had been civilized to one another, but just as fast as those circumstances arose, Izzy would be back to his old tricks. It had often been said that they completed each other, Sam being ying, or light, and Izzy being yang, or darkness.

Now, the rivals were preparing for battle once again. As they waited for the referee to start the match, they showed off to the crowd, either by flexing their machines' arms or inspecting their weapons. Inside their cockpits, the pilots went over their strategies in their minds. After a good ten minutes of mental preparation by both the contenders and the crowd, the judge made his way up a tall staircase to the platform from where he oversaw the fight. Everyone looked on in silence as the man reached the top and prepared to deliver his speech.

"Ladies and gentlemen," He shouted through a microphone, causing his voice to boom all over the valley, "Welcome to the championship bout of the twelfth annual Toy Robot Battle!"

The spectators roared their approval at this. The referee waited a few moments for the crowd to die down before continuing.

"The rules are the same as the previous battles. The contenders will fight for ten minutes with no holds barred. The match is decided by the amount of damage each robot has when time is up. Whoever has sustained the most damage will be declared the loser. If one of the fighters' heads is knocked off during any point, the match will end immediately and that pilot shall be considered the loser. Once the victor is decided, the runner-up shall be ejected from his cockpit and his machine shall be made into firewood."

The official pointed to his left at a pile of logs that easily towered the automatons twofold. Everyone in the area had mixed reactions to this sight. The defeated pilots in particular were saddened at the fact that all their hard work was put to waste.

"What a waste..." Sam commented.

"Well, at least you know they'll do something with all that wood." Reggie radioed with uncertainty in her voice.

"I'd rather see it all turned into boards than burned to be honest..."

"Heh, heh, heh... It'll be fun to see Blondie fly into the stratosphere for a change," Izzy sniggered to himself.

"Yikes!" Iggy cringed at the gigantic pile. "I sure wouldn't wanna be Izzy when this is over..." He then thought about what he said and shuddered. "Ewwwww... Never in a million years!"

"I heard that ya little brat!.!.!"

The boy jumped nearly ten feet upon hearing his brother's roar. He looked around to figure out how Izzy heard him when he realized that he left his radio on! He pulled it out of his pocket just in time for it to hop around in his open palms.

"Just ya wait until this is all said and done! I'm gonna ring your scrawny little neck and—"

"Berr meww meww. We're sorry, but your call cannot be completed as dialed." Iggy stalled, imitating a recording one normally hears on the phone. "Please hang up and try again NEVER!.!.! Bwahahahahahahaha!.!.! Over and out!.!.!"

"Iggy!.!.! Don't you dare hang—"


Iggy put on a sly grin as he put away the now switched off walkie-talkie. It's rare moments like ticking off your brother who's currently in a position in which he can't hurt you that makes life worth living. At least that's the philosophy the two Lopez Brothers have been acting on most of their lives and they seem to be happy...or at least as happy as two siblings that fight all the time can be...

"Heh, I love it when a plan comes together." He said before walking away, whistling to himself.

Unbeknownst to him, a large shadow loomed over him. It grew steadily larger and darker for a moment or so before Iggy stopped, having noticed it. Gulping and sweating profusely, he turned around to see what was blocking the sun. His eyes went as wide as saucers and his mouth dropped to the ground.

Izzy's robot was standing over him, its right hand reaching out to grab him!.!.!

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!.!.!" The younger brother screamed, taking off at top speed.

The hand continued reaching for him. The chase continued all over the valley for a few moments before the terrified boy dove into the bunker set up for Izzy's support crew (which unsurprisingly consisted of only Iggy). The giant hand was about to grab the poor boy when the shrill sound of a whistle blowing was heard all around the area. That seemed to do the trick as the hand pulled away and the robot's head faced the other end of the field.

"No way! They started the match already?" Izzy muttered shortly before yelping in fear.

Sam was already on the move! His robot was charging towards the brunette fast! Izzy gritted his teeth when he realized the blond was moving way too fast for him to defend himself.

"Dang it, brace for impact!" He shouted, putting his back against his chair.

Sam's robot got closer and closer until...


"AUUUUUUAAAAGH!.!.!" The brunette shouted as he was rammed hard by his opponent. The impact sent the dark robot flying twenty yards. It bounced along the ground, making large craters and ditches. As the titan spun around, Izzy dizzily fought to regain control. "So ya wanna play dirty, huh!.?" He smirked as he stopped the fumbling bot. "That's just fine with me; I love playing dirty!"

With those words, he made the robot stand and dash at Sam with his mallet held high. The blond prepared to counterattack when he noticed something quite peculiar about his rival.

"Huh, I hardly left a scratch on him!.?.!" He gasped. "But how?.?.?"

He didn't have much time to contemplate this. Izzy was right on top of him! Sam backed away and prepared to jab his opponent with his hockey stick. But Izzy darted out of the way and raised his hammer. The blond quickly switched tactics and pulled his stick backwards to strike. The brunette had other plans, however. He brought his mallet down...onto the ground? The audience and Sam were surprised by the action. Izzy only grinned as he made his robot do an upwards swing. The maneuver caused dirt and rocks to fly up into the eyes of Sam's robot, not only effectively blinding it but also damaging it slightly! It grew dark inside the cockpit, causing the blond to panic.

"That was a dirty trick!.!.!" Reggie protested to the judge over her radio.

"It's completely within the rules." The referee responded. "It is no holds barred after all."

"Ugh!" Sam grunted. "I gotta get this sludge off me or else!"

His robot backed up a few paces and proceeded to rub the dirt off with its left arm. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Izzy came in swinging, repeatedly pelting his rival with his mallet. The dark brunette laughed manically as he kept up the punishment. Many cracks and holes appeared in the wooden automaton as thousands of splinters flew off it. After about two minutes of pounding the living daylights out of Sam's machine, Izzy's robot jumped backwards to prepare for the final strike.

"Aw man..." Iggy groaned to himself. "I thought for sure Mr. Sammy-Sam would win again..."

"I can't believe how easy this was!" Izzy cackled as he pushed several buttons on the control panel. His robot bent forward like a football player would before executing a play. "Almost makes it feel like I wasted my time making this thing out of steel and painting it to make it look like it was made outta wood!"

Outside, the robot shimmered in the noon sun.

"Oh well," He shrugged as he readied his robot for the final blow, "At least I'm getting a win today! Let's go!.!.!"

With that proclamation, the blue-capped robot stormed right for the blind golem. Izzy's malevolent grin grew wider and more insane as he got closer and closer to his victory. After all these years of fighting, he was finally going to be on top staring down at his fallen rival, laughing at him!

Unfortunately as Izzy was about to find out, fate—with a dash of karma—has that nasty way of screwing you over and teaching you some very important lessons.

The dark haired boy's bot was running towards the blond's with his mallet held to the side, ready to knock his rival's head clear off his body! Sam was still struggling to regain his vision, but even with his limited sight, he was aware of the incoming threat. He had to act fast if he wanted to stay in this match. Should he try to dodge? No, Izzy was way too close to avoid the blow without sustaining some damage. Besides, he had no idea where to weave. Sam could try jumping, but Izzy would most likely see it coming. The blond sighed and rubbed his temple.

"Sometimes I wish I wasn't so analytical... I gotta learn to take a right brained approach to things like Twister."

He blinked and chuckled when he remembered the hair-brained antics his friend, a redheaded cameraman in training, would get into. Getting his face stuck in cement, playing around in chocolate until he was covered from head to toe in the stuff, and, in his absolutely most insane, setting a whole flock of penguins free at the local aquarium.

He gasped after that recollection.

"That's it! That's how I can beat him! I just hope this works!"

Sam pulled back a nearby lever and readied himself. Outside, his robot pulled back its right arm, which was holding the immense hockey stick. He kept his trembling hand on the lever, ready to unleash it. Meanwhile, Izzy was on the verge of ending the battle. Just a little closer... The tension in the makeshift stadium was thick as supporters of either boy shouted for them to either "Get up!" or "Finish him!"

"Sammy!.!.!" Reggie shouted from her place at Sam's bunker.

"Sammy-Sam!.!.!" Iggy also yelled before blinking. "Oh yeah! ...Izzy." He added as silently as possible.

"Victory is mine!.!.!" Izzy screamed, practically foaming at the mouth.

"NOW!.!.!" Sam roared, pushing the lever with all his might. The robot's right arm pulled back one more inch before thrusting forward...


The crowd and both coaches gasped at what had happened. In the span of a split second, all yelling and cheering turned into shock and awe. However, the ones most affected were the two pilots. Sam was pale and breathing hard as his heart fought to regain its normal rhythm. His eyes were wide and unblinking. As were Izzy's. The brunette, unlike his rival, was red in the face. His teeth were clenched hard enough to cause any other person's to crack and shatter. His heart pounded in his chest, pumping blood as if it was a volcano fighting to control the magma contained within. His lips quivered trying to form coherent sentences.

"H-how...?" He trailed off. "H-h-how c-c-could I...?" His eyes became two tiny slits as he took a deep breath in preparation for the scream that was about to come. "HOW COULD I LOSE TO THIS LOSER AGAIN!.?.!"

Outside, Sam's robot's stick was jabbed so far in Izzy's robot's hull that it could be easily seen coming out of the other side! It seemed that the arm jabbed with enough force to penetrate the other robot's metal shell. Attached to the stick's end was what appeared to be the power source of the dark mech. It was a car's engine attached to a tank of...nitro glycerin!? Electricity crackled all around the obviously defeated automaton.

"NITRO!.?.!" Sam screamed in horror before slapping his head. "Oh no, he didn't!"

"This match is null and void!" The referee shouted, blowing his whistle. "Izzy Lopez has used an illegal substance in the construction of his robot! Therefore, he is disqualified from the competition! The winner is Sam Dullard!"

"Gee, like I was able to continue anyway? That blond idiot knocked out my power." The brunette said, drumming his fingers on the now dead control panel after hearing the late call. He then banged his seat's armrests. "Ugh! And I was so close too! How'd he get that lucky shot in!.?.!"

"Oh no, oh no, oh no!.!.! How'd he even GET nitro!.?.!" Sam shouted frantically pressing buttons on his control panel. "He's not old enough to drive, let alone own a car to mess with! I gotta get it off before it explodes!.!.!"

Before anyone could stop him, Sam made his robot put a foot on Izzy's mech and kick it right off, causing the defeated fighter to fall over backwards. The crash knocked Izzy out of his chair, causing him to literally kiss the cockpit's back wall! The already ticked off kid crawled back to the control panel and glared out the window.

"Hey!.!.! Just whaddya think you're doing!.?.!" He roared before letting out a sharp gasp.

The nitro powered engine was still attached to Sam's hockey stick...and the robot was wildly swinging it in an attempt to get it off!.!.! The gaping Izzy looked on for a few seconds before dropping his ears and sighing deeply.

"Yeah, only he would move around violently with a volatile substance attached to him..."

After a particularly hard swing, the engine finally detached and flew through the air...towards Izzy!.!.! Expecting this, the brunette could only give another sigh and put on a bored expression.

"Just another typical day..." He said as it neared his cockpit. "I wish I put on my helmet when I had the chance."

The tank of nitro collided with the robot's head and exploded, creating one heck of a fireworks show for the spectators. The explosion incinerated the dark boy's robot and sent its owner flying high into the air. Higher than most birds can manage. A thin stream of black smoke followed in his wake. He flew in the direction of the ocean and beyond, cursing his rival for all the pain that has been inflicted on him.

Izzy paused long enough to add, "It looks like I'm blasting off again!.!.!" His scream echoed as he disappeared into the horizon, becoming a star.

"Ugh... He forgot the helmet again." A disappointed Iggy sighed, putting down the binoculars he was using. "And the parachute too. Tsk, tsk... I keep telling him to wear those whenever he fights Sammy-Sam. But does he listen? Noooooooooo!"

He looked through the binoculars again and gasped when he saw Izzy disappear from view. Tears welled up in his eyes.