Lost in Paradise

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Volcano Fever

The sun was setting as Izzy fearfully paced back and forth on Keoni's balcony. Inside, Keoni Sr., Luana, and a doctor were looking over Keoni Jr. The amnesiac wasn't allowed inside while the doctor examined Keoni. The way Izzy was feeling, it was just as well. The events of the last couple of hours still ate at his mind.


A fever...

The whole time, he had a fever.

He was suffering all day.

He was hurting the entire day, and Izzy didn't notice at all. How could he have missed the signs, the calls for help? He should've taken Keoni back home soon as he first sneezed. Even if Izzy had to drag Keoni kicking and screaming, even if Keoni wound up being mad at him, it would've been a thousand times better than the love of his life nearly drowning!

He's never felt lower and more guilty than at this very moment. How could he just stand there and watch Keoni get swept away!? To think, what would've happened if Lee wasn't there to rescue him!? Izzy's teeth clenched at the thought of what could've happened. He wiped the tears falling from his eyes with his fist.

"So stupid..." He banged that same fist against the railing as he glared at the ocean. "I was so...so useless... I couldn't even carry him into the darned car by myself. What kind of friend am I if I couldn't even do that much?"

Tears returned to his eyes. He made no attempt to wipe them.

"I'm such an idiot! How did I not know how he was getting sick? And I'm supposed to be his best friend!? I should've seen it coming from the start! That's what best friends do, right? Keep each other from getting hurt?"

He shook and shuddered in self loathing.

"So dumb... I'm so worthless... I don't deserve to call myself Keoni's best friend, much less his boyfriend."


Izzy gasped, his eyes widening in horror. He clutched his chest and dropped to the floor, barely catching himself with his other hand. His heart... Why does it suddenly hurt so much? It felt frigid, despite the humidity. A cold sweat fell down the back of his neck. His eyes throbbed with every heartbeat. His heart felt like it weighed a ton. Like it could fall out of his chest at any moment. It became harder to breathe with each passing second.

This feeling... It was just like yesterday after he gave up the money for Keoni's plane ticket. It was exactly how he felt as he collapsed on the ground at the waterfall after running from the farm. Like he wanted to disappear forever. Like he was losing a piece of himself.

But why...? What brought this pain on? Izzy searched his mind for answers before a possible explanation came up. His eyes widened in realization.

"Wh-what...what was it...Keoni told me that one time...?" He breathed, bringing himself back to the day he first learned how to surf.

"Under the Aloha Spirit, there's an opposite of blessing. It's called cursing."

"Th-that's right... I-I must be cursing right now..."

Izzy cringed and held his chest tighter. It felt like pins and needles were stabbing him right in the heart. He remembered the rest of what Keoni told him that day. Whenever he criticizes someone, or blames someone for whatever went wrong, he cancels out any blessing he's done. And the more he does it, the more he'll hurt himself and those around him. But that didn't make any sense. He wasn't blaming anyone!


Izzy gasped, the answer hitting him like a ton of bricks.

"D-does it count when I do it to myself too? S-so this feeling is because I'm blaming myself for what happened...?"

That had to be it. He was hurting because he was blaming himself for what happened to Keoni. But it was his fault! Who else could've put Keoni in this dire state!? All Izzy could think about was his guilt and the pale, sick, weakened look on Keoni's face as he laid in his arms. If he had reacted sooner, if he took Keoni straight home, none of this would've happened!


"Gah!" He cried out gripping his chest as tight as possible. He banged the floor with his free hand. "It...hurts...! Gotta...gotta make the pain stop...!"

Then he heard someone climbing up the ladder.

"Hey, I was just checking up on you guys." Leilani greeted. "How is—What's going on with you!?" She shouted once she saw him.

She scrambled to her feet and bounded over to Izzy. She knelt over him with concern etched on her face.

"Lei-Leilani..." Izzy struggled to look up. His teeth were clenched and one eye was open. "It's all my fault..."

"Your fault...?" Leilani raised an eyebrow shortly before gasping. "Ya idiot! Shut your mouth right now!"

"B-but I—"

"I said shut up! You can't be cursing! Not when you're just starting to learn the Aloha Spirit!"


"If you curse at any point in the beginning, you're gonna really undo your blessings! The first couple of months are the most crucial time for building up the foundation of your blessings! If you curse even once, you're gonna mess that up and probably will never be able to change yourself!"

Izzy's eyes widened in fear, but what could he do? He couldn't get his self doubt out of his mind at all. Keoni... He was laid up in bed and it was all the amnesiac's fault! Nothing could change that!

Leilani must've sensed his inner turmoil because the next moment, she was lifting him into a sitting position. Once Izzy was sitting up, she took an irritated breath and stayed on her knees, thinking about what to say to help her future cousin-in-law calm down.

Boys in love were so stupid.

"Ugh, you're so dumb, just like the other night." She huffed.

She looked Izzy straight in the eye. The boy in the bucket hat gulped and shrunk under her stare. It was incredible how intense the Makanis' eyes were. From Keoni, to Great Uncle Hiwe, to Mommi, and now Leilani, every single member of his beloved's family had the most expressionate eyes he's ever seen. They can easily bring an entire room to silence with just one look.

"I'm only gonna tell ya this once, so listen up. It's not your fault. You're not the one that decided to go up to Waimea Bay in the first place. It's not your fault Keoni wound up sick. And it's definitely not your fault he wiped out. So stop blaming yourself."

"B-but I..." Izzy looked down as fresh tears streamed down his face. "I-I froze..."

Leilani blinked. "What...?"

"I froze when he wiped out..." Izzy vigorously shook his head. "All I could do was stand there like a true haole while he was getting swept away and drowning and—"

"It's not your fault." Leilani was quick to interrupt, remaining firm, even as Izzy sat there crying his brains out. "I don't know what could've possibly been going through your mind at the time, but what I do know is it wasn't your fault."


"Shut up. You were scared, ok? It happens to the best of us."

Izzy's eyes were wide. "Sc-scared...?"

"Yep." Leilani nodded. "It was the first time you actually saw Keoni in any kind of danger. Of course you were probably gonna react that way."

"But he was in danger yesterday too, when that log was about to drop on us while we were trying to save the dam. I pushed him out of the way like it was nothing."

"It wasn't the same thing." Leilani reasoned. "He was perfectly fine up till that point. So you were probably able to think more clearly and react. What happened today..." She sighed, running a hand through her hair. "What happened today was out of your control. Think about it, he wiped out before you could even act, right?"

"Right..." Izzy nodded.

"So you were just taken by surprise. You had no idea that was gonna happen."

That was true. It was just after Lee told him what transpired with Keoni all those years ago. Izzy wasn't even looking at Keoni at the time. He was so happy when he learned he had nothing to worry about as far as Keoni and Lee were concerned, he just had to dance. The very next moment was when Iwalani screamed, and then...

"So I was scared because it was the first time I truly saw Keoni's life in danger...?" Izzy summarized.

"Yeah." Leilani nodded, glad she was getting through his thick head. "You froze because you had no idea what to do."

Izzy blinked and looked up at the sky. To think that's all it was. He was merely taken by surprise and just didn't know what to do. That's why he was paralyzed by the situation. It wasn't because of something he did. He was just caught off guard. That's why he couldn't react fast enough.

He was beginning to feel better about himself. His heart stopped hurting and he no longer had any need to hold his chest. He stopped crying too, having wiped his eyes with his vest. But still, that only answered one question. There was another question that popped into his mind.

"But what will I do if it happens again?" He asked, trembling. "W-would I be able to save him if I see him in danger again?"

To that, Leilani had a contemplative look on her face. She thought long and hard about how to answer.

"You'll have to trust your heart. You love him, right?"

"What kinda question is that!?" Izzy demanded hotly, standing straight up. "Of course I love him! I love Keoni with everything I have!"

Leilani smiled as she too stood up.

"Then trust your instincts and the Aloha Spirit. You're a good person, Izzy. Stupid, crazy, and ya worry way too much about everything, but your heart's in the right place. I hope Keoni never winds up in that sorta trouble ever again, but if he does, I can't think of a better person to save him than you. Just...make sure you pay more attention next time."

To that, Izzy gave a confident smirk.

"Oh don't ya worry. I won't take an eye off him. I'll watch him like a hawk from now on!" He reached out a hand. "Thanks a ton Leilani for the assist. If you didn't come up here, I don't think I'd ever get out of that funk."

"Heh, don't mention it." She replied, taking his hand and shaking it. "You're part of this ohana after all. We gotta help each other out. Now you just gotta clear the air with Keoni. Tell him sorry for freezing up like that."

"Oh yeah, you're right. It all happened so fast, I never got to tell him what happened..." Izzy looked at the door with anxious apprehension. "Think he can ever forgive me...?"

"Now don't start that up again!" Leilani commanded, hands on her hips. "I'm not gonna be there a second time to get ya out of one of your fits! Be confident and stand strong! That's the Aloha Spirit after all! You and only you have to believe in yourself! If you believe with everything you have that Keoni will forgive you, then he will! So cut the crap already!"

Izzy took a deep breath before nodding. She was right. He had to stand firm and believe in the power of the Aloha Spirit. Keoni will forgive him and then they'll be able to move past this horrible turn of events. He had to have more confidence in himself and think more positively about the future.

After all, he'll be by himself very soon.

The creaking of the door opening brought Izzy back from those dark thoughts. In the threshold stood Keoni's doctor. He was an old man about 50 or 60 that stood about a head and a half taller than the amnesiac. Unlike most doctors, he wore a Hawaiian shirt, khaki slacks, and sandals. Thick glasses adorned his face and he carried a black bag, presumably containing his supplies.

"Mahalo for the house visit, Doc." Keoni Sr.'s voice was heard from inside.

"Ah, my pleasure, Mr. Makani. Just do what I told you and everything will be—"

"Is Keoni ok!?" Izzy asked frantically.

The doctor blinked and looked down at the boy. Izzy was pale, his previous confidence already gone. He was looking at the doctor pleadingly, anxious for any information about his friend's condition. The older man blinked one more time and then looked behind him at Keoni Sr.

"Is this the child you told me about?" He asked, pointing at Izzy.

Keoni's dad peered over the doctor's shoulder and looked at the amnesiac. He adjusted his glasses and nodded, an understanding look in his eyes. Izzy breathed a sigh of relief upon looking at his calm expression. At least Keoni's dad wasn't mad at him.

"Yep, that's him."

"Very well. You better come in, young'un."

The doctor and Keoni Sr. stepped aside, allowing access. Izzy gulped, but was looking curious as he and Leilani stepped inside. They were talking about him? What could the amnesiac possibly have to do with Keoni's fever?

Izzy put that question to the back of his mind as soon as he saw his beloved. Keoni laid in bed, a soaked rag draped across his forehead. He was fast asleep, curled up under his blanket. He was sweating profusely, his face still red hot. His breathing was labored, his lips quivering every time he took a breath. A bucket of ice water laid next to the bed.

Beside him sat Keoni's mom. Luana was holding his hand and wiping the sweat from her son's brow every so often. A sad, fearful look was on her face. She was muttering a prayer in Hawaiian as she dutifully watched over him.


Izzy stepped forward, but stopped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked back to find Keoni Sr. shaking his head. A firm look was on his face, but Izzy didn't feel threatened. The raven haired boy turned to Keoni Jr. with an apprehensive look on his face. He wanted nothing more than to be by his beloved's side, but respected Keoni Sr.'s wishes.

"So... What's wrong with him?" He asked the doctor. "It's...it's just a fever, isn't it...?"

"'Fraid not, kiddo. This is far more serious than any mere fever." The doctor gravely replied. "This is a condition we on the islands see in a select few individuals. It's...volcano fever."

Leilani gasped at the diagnosis. Izzy, though, could only raise an eyebrow.

"...Volcano fever?"

"Don't take the name lightly, young'un. This is a very serious, very deadly disease. Your friend is in danger."

Izzy gulped, eyes widening.


"Yes. As I've said, only very few people can have this disease. Specifically those that are allergic to a certain flower."

"W-wait a minute..." It suddenly dawned on the boy. "A certain flower...? B-but the only flower Keoni's allergic to is...is...!"

"The volcano lily." The doctor confirmed.

"Oh...oh no..." Izzy held his forehead, growing white as a ghost. "That flower is what's causing...?"

"Indeed. I've noticed young Keoni has quite the garden forming underneath this hut. Buds have started sprouting alongside the parent flower. It's a fast growing plant. All that pollen must've found its way up here in the last two or three days. Most likely, he breathed it in and the disease has been incubating inside him all this time. It's been waiting for a trigger."


The doctor nodded. "You don't get volcano fever just from breathing in the volcano lily's pollen. The disease is triggered by moments of great stress."


Izzy felt sick to his stomach. To think the very flower he risked his life to get to profess his love for Keoni was what was causing his beloved's fever. Not only that, but the fever was brought on not by the flower itself, but by stress? The past few days have been nothing but stressful for the boys! Every moment that passed since Keoni first planted the heinous flower rushed past Izzy's eyes.

The runaway cart they stopped together.

The race in Manu Wikiwiki that ended in that trip down into the skate park's catacombs.

Trying and failing to protect the farm.

Sacrificing the money for Keoni's plane ticket.

Their first kiss in the jungle.

Izzy fell to his knees, his eyes cloudy with worry and his mouth agape. Any and all of those moments could've been what set off the fever in Keoni. Who knows how long the lighter brunette was suffering? What's worse was that the grand majority of those events happened because of the amnesiac. If he managed to stop the cart sooner; if he never challenged Keoni to the race; if he kept his mouth shut and hung onto the money, would none of this have even happened?

But there was the most horrible event of all to consider.

If he never gotten that stupid flower in the first place, Keoni would be fine. He wouldn't be hurting. He wouldn't have nearly drowned. He wouldn't be holed up in bed quite possibly fighting for his life! It truly was Izzy's fault this happened!


Leilani clearing her throat brought him back from the brink. Izzy blinked and looked over his shoulder to find the girl glowering at him, arms crossed. That was when their earlier talk came back to the boy's mind. He couldn't blame himself for all this. It's not like he knew any of this would happen, much less that everything that transpired since the volcano could've possibly caused Keoni to get sick.

"Lil' cuz, you can't blame yourself for this." Keoni Sr., instantly knowing what was going through Izzy's mind, spoke up. "It's no good to hurt yourself like this. We certainly don't blame you, so please stop—"

"It is his fault!"

The breath caught in Izzy's throat as he turned towards the bed. There was Luana standing, glaring harshly at the boy. Her face was a horrible red as tears streamed down her face. Her fists were clenched at her sides. She easily towered over the amnesiac as she stomped towards him.

"I warned you what would happen if you hurt my Keoni! And now look what you did! If you didn't climb up that volcano and get that flower, my little boy would be fine! It's your fault for breaking his heart and setting off the fever!" She shouted, pointing at him.

Izzy flinched at the harsh words, but said nothing to defend himself. All he could do was sit there on the floor and avoid her fiery stare as she unleashed her fury.

"I wish you never came here! Keoni would've been better off if you never showed up!"

Izzy paled at that. His shoulders shook as tears flooded his eyes. Could Keoni truly have been better off without him? After all, so many bad things have happened to him since Izzy appeared. Maybe if he never woke up in that very same bed Keoni laid in, none of this would've happened. Keoni would've been happy and safe.

"Luana! That's enough!" Keoni Sr. interjected sharply. "He never would've gone into the volcano if Hiwe hadn't told him to and you know it!"

"He had no clue Keoni was allergic!" Leilani defended.

"But...but why!?" Luana sobbed, putting her face in her hands. "Why'd it have to be him that Keoni called for? I'm his mother! I should be the one taking care of him and protecting him!"

"Luana..." Keoni Sr. sighed, walking up to her. He wrapped his arms around his wife and held her close. "You know why... Search your heart. You know exactly why. Keoni won't be your little boy forever. Let him grow up and trust in others. He picked Izzy, and that's that. All we can do is help him care for Keoni until he gets better."

Luana stood there contemplating all her husband said before heaving a huge sigh, conceding his point. She had to put her faith in the boy before her, like it or not.

"Yes... You're right."

She knelt down and pulled Izzy back to his feet. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a handkerchief. She used it to wipe the tears from his eyes. Izzy had a frightened, deer in the headlights look on his face, but his fear was quickly extinguished by the gentle smile on the woman's face. The same kind smile he would always see on Keoni's face. If only he could see that expression one more time...

"I'm sorry for yelling at you little one. I'm just feeling overwhelmed by all of this. It's not your fault. Can you forgive me?"

Izzy took a deep breath to regain his composure and nodded.

"It's ok. I'm sorry all of this happened. But um...what did you guys mean by Keoni calling me?"

"It's one of the symptoms of volcano fever, son." The doctor, who was silently watching the exchange, spoke up. "Ya see, volcano fever acts like your regular, run-of-the-mill fever, with a few differences. First of all, the patient will have no choice but to tell the truth. Anything the patient's feeling, any secret he may be harboring, all of that will spill from his mouth like lava from a volcano. He will be completely honest and candid. He will say anything that's on his mind, regardless of the consequences or who's listening. He will have no control over what he's saying whatsoever."

Izzy gulped at that. No choice but to tell the truth? Such a thought was scary in itself (after all, a person's secrets was their business and theirs alone), but still... What secrets could Keoni possibly have to hide after all their time spent together? Izzy felt he should know Keoni pretty much inside and out by now. They were best friends. Completely inseparable! He's certainly never hid much from Keoni (that he could remember, anyway). He's been completely honest all this time, aside from his feelings for the other boy. So there couldn't be anything Keoni could be hiding...right?

"Because of this, it's in the patient's best interest that one, and only one person stay by his side at all times. To prevent their most hidden secrets from being known." The doctor shrugged. "After all, nobody wants all of that information to fall into the wrong hands!"

At that, everyone in the room turned towards Leilani. The girl immediately noticed the stares and gave an astonished look. Offended, she huffed and turned away, arms crossed and nose held up. Izzy and Keoni's parents chuckled at the reaction, breaking the tension in the room.

"Usually the person that's picked is the one the patient trusts with the utmost confidence. Typically this is a loved one. Someone that basically the patient trusts with their very life. Someone that won't blab their secrets."

Izzy blushed darkly, memories of that night at the waterfall pouring into his mind. That was the very night Keoni confessed that he trusts the dark haired boy. So it was time to put that trust to the test. Izzy took a deep breath, putting on a confident look. He won't let Keoni down!

"Ok, so only one person can stay by his side, and I guess I'm it. But how was it decided?" He asked.

"Oh that's easy lil' brah. Keoni's been calling your name in his sleep the last hour or so." Keoni Sr. answered.

"We interpreted that as a sign he wanted you to be the one to watch over him." Luana added with a hint of regret in her voice.

"He's been...calling for me...?" Izzy's blush intensified as he turned towards the bed.

"Oh..." Keoni Jr. stirred, making the other boy jump in shock. "I-Izzy..." He groaned. "Izzy..." He grew silent again, snoring seconds later.

"Yep, just like that." Keoni Sr. crossed his arms and nodded.

Luana glowered and elbowed her husband, who flinched as Izzy walked over to the bed. He sat beside his beloved. He took Keoni's hand in his and rubbed it soothingly. There was no reaction from Keoni, but Izzy felt he knew he was there for him.

"I'm here Keoni... It'll be alright. I won't leave your side."

"That's good, because there is one more symptom you have to be aware of young'un."

The doctor's somber voice brought Izzy back to reality. The boy in the bucket hat gulped as he turned towards the man. The doctor too looked visibly scared as he prepared to speak.

"This is the most dangerous symptom of volcano fever and what causes so many injuries and deaths. Like lava from a volcano, the patient will have an insatiable need to go into water. No matter what young Keoni says, no matter what he does, do not let him out of your sight. He will run towards the nearest source of water first chance he gets and dive in. He will dive as deep as he could in order to cool his body temperature. However, he will likely never come back up. The fever itself will render him unconscious if he doesn't drown first."

Izzy went whiter than a glacier as he held Keoni's hand tight. He couldn't get that horrible mental image out of his mind. The thought of Keoni diving into the ocean as deep as he could until his lungs filled with water frightened the amnesiac badly.

"Keoni... No..." His lips trembled.

"Relax. As long as you can keep him cool and in bed, he'll be safe." The doctor comforted. He then sighed. "I tell ya, it's a good thing you can only get volcano fever once, like chicken pox. It never gets any easier diagnosing people with it, especially kids. I'll reiterate, you and only you can watch over Keoni until he recovers. Do not let him out of your sight until then, and definitely don't let him anywhere near water!"

"How long will it take until he recovers by the way?" Keoni Sr. asked. He turned towards Izzy gravely. "After all, you got a plane to catch in three days."

"Oh crud...that's right..." Izzy's eyes widened as he faced Keoni Jr. "I almost forgot about that..."

Time was almost up. Three more days and he'll have to return to Ocean Shores. Whether or not Keoni recovered by then. ...But he couldn't possibly even consider leaving Keoni alone, much less in this sorry state...can he?

The doctor shook his head. "It really depends on when the fever was triggered. Most cases recover in a day or two. The very worst cases can take as long as two weeks."


Izzy's hat covered his eyes as he considered the doctor's words. He grit his teeth, fighting with himself to think of something, anything. His free hand tightened so hard, his veins were straining against his skin while his other held onto Keoni protectively. His mind raced as he considered what he should do.

Ocean Shores, his home, was waiting...

He couldn't leave Keoni, he just couldn't!

But Iggy, his brother, was waiting...

He can't leave Keoni!

But his memory, his entire being, was waiting...

He won't leave Keoni!

"I'm sorry, lil' bruddah..." Keoni Sr. attempted to comfort him. "I know it's really bad timing, but—"

"I don't care."

Everyone gave him a strange look. Did he even realize what he was saying?


"I said I don't care!" Izzy stood and raised his head. His eyes were sharp, even as the tears cascaded. He trembled as he spoke, but his voice was firm and resolute, "I don't care how long it takes for him to get better, I won't leave his side no matter what!"

"But think of your family! Think of becoming a better person! But most of all, think of the plane ticket! Do you have any idea how much that cost us?"

"Keoni!" Luana shouted. "How can you think about that when our son is sick!?"

Keoni Sr. was unnerved by his wife's glare. "I-I know, b-but..."

"I'm sorry, but I don't care about the money at all." Izzy shook his head. "Even if I never see my brother again. Even if I never make up with Sam. Even if I never get my memory back, I refuse to leave Keoni's side while he's suffering like this! We came this far together and I can never forgive myself if I just up and leave him to deal with this by himself!"

He turned towards Keoni Jr. and smiled softly.

"He's the first person I've met, my best friend, the greatest thing to ever happen to me, and...and..."

He sniffled as he faced Keoni's parents. He wiped his eyes and gave them a bright smile, despite his blush.

"I love him. I love Keoni too much to just leave him like this. How can I become a better person knowing I left the one I love to suffer just for a little thing like getting my memory back? So even if he takes longer than 3 days to recover, I'm staying by his side. I'll protect Keoni with everything I have. I won't let him leave this room. And no one is going to take me away from him! You'll have to...you'll have to kill me before I let anyone separate us!"

"Izzy..." Leilani was moved to tears by all that. "That's beautiful... I wish Twister could've said that to me..."

Momentarily forgetting the moment, Izzy raised an eyebrow at her. That was only the third time he's ever seen her cry, but it was still so weird to see Leilani of all people show actual emotion. All the same though, he smiled at her and gave her a thumbs-up.

"I meant every word." The serious look came back as he turned to Keoni's parents. "Look, I'll be more than happy to pay you guys back for the plane ticket when this is all over. But until Keoni recovers—"

Keoni Sr. shook his head, smiling at the boy. He was beaming with pride. He was proud, not just for his son, but for the boy standing before him. It must've taken a lot for Izzy to come to this decision. Even more for him to say all he said. Keoni Sr. couldn't be happier his son had such a passionate, selfless friend willing to stand by his side in his most dire time of need.

"That won't be necessary, lil' cuz. We'll figure out something."

"In the meantime, take good care of Keoni." Luana was very near tears herself as she walked over and grabbed Izzy in a powerful hug. "And mahalo. I'm counting on you to watch over and protect him. For all your lives." She added.

Izzy finally cried and let loose his tears—every last one he had—as he returned the embrace, feeling it was the right thing to do after pouring out his heart and soul. It was amazing how hard it was to hold his emotions in check. Briefly he wondered if he should just give up doing that and act according to how he was feeling. Certainly that would be a lot easier than trying to hold it all in, no?

"I won't let you or Keoni down." He said as they separated.

"That's all I ask." Luana said as she and the other adults turned to leave. "We'll bring you both dinner soon and check up on you from time to time. Be strong. Keep him safe." She finished, closing the door behind her.

As she walked to the ladder, she looked at the door with apprehension.

"He'll be fine, dear, no worries." Keoni Sr. held her hand and squeezed.

"Yes, I know, but still..." Luana sighed guiltily. "Do you think it was really a good idea to leave out that other symptom? The one where the patient will...want...the one taking care of him? If Izzy's not prepared..."

"I feel it's best to omit that part." The doctor, who was already about a quarter of the way down, answered with a smirk. "So as not to scare the caregiver away. It also makes for quite the surprise." He snickered.

"They already love each other and besides, they're about to be separated for who knows how long." Keoni Sr. reasoned. "What's the harm in letting them act out their urges for a day or two?"

Luana turned a terrible crimson as she gave her husband a look that was a mix of embarrassment, disgust, and rage.

"They're just kids!" She nearly shrieked.

"I-I'm kidding!" Keoni Sr. held his hands up in defense. "Either way, we have to trust Izzy. He won't do anything to hurt Keoni. I promise."

Luana gave the door one last look before huffing in defeat and stomping towards the ladder. She had no choice now. She had to leave her faith and the fate of her son in the hands of the amnesiac.

"I'm holding you to that promise." She gave her husband a glare colder than Antarctica. "He better not touch my son, or you'll pay."

And she climbed down, leaving Keoni Sr. to gulp and look at the door frightfully.

"Good luck Izzy." He said as he started climbing down. "You're gonna need it..."