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Lost in Paradise

Chapter Thirty

Nurse Izzy

Inside Keoni's bedroom, Izzy held his throbbing heart and heaved the biggest sigh of relief yet. It was barely a minute since he convinced Keoni's parents to let him stay until Keoni recovered from his fever. He was so emotional and so passionate, he was still shaking. He couldn't believe he actually told them he loved Keoni right to their faces! He was still blushing as he went over his words! He was glad that was over. He wasn't sure Keoni's parents would let him stay beyond the time limit.

Still, he meant every word. He truly loved Keoni with all of his strength, mind, heart, and soul. But now the real trial begins. It was his responsibility to keep Keoni safe and to keep hidden whatever secrets that were waiting to come out. He'll protect Keoni with everything he had and then some.

"Whew!" He stretched his arms. "What a day... So many emotions and danger. It's a little more than one kid can handle."

"Yeah well, it ain't over yet." Leilani remarked. "You sure you got this?"

"Of course not!" Izzy shook his head. "I'm in way over my head!" He sighed. "But Keoni called for me, remember? And I promised his mom I would keep him safe, so that's what I'm gonna do."

"Hmph." Leilani had her hands on her hips as she smiled. "Well, at least you're honest. Don't worry so much. You guys will be fine. I know you won't let Keoni get hurt. So just have fun with it!"

"Thanks Leilani. That means a lot." He blinked at her curiously. "By the way, why are you still here? You know Keoni can wake up at any time."

The girl smirked. "Well, I figured I could learn at least one of Keoni's secrets before I go. Ya know, for helping you get over cursing yourself earlier."

Izzy slapped his forehead at that one. He should've known she'd call in a favor for that. He just didn't think it'd be something like trying to get dirt on her own cousin. He was sure there was no way she'd leave until she got her wish, so he let her stay.

"Figures you'd say something like that." He shook his head in resignation. He turned towards Keoni, the curious look returning. "But it's weird, right? I mean...forced to tell the truth...? Can a fever really make a person do that? And what could he possibly have to hide?"

"Oh pul-lease, do you honestly think Keoni doesn't have his own secrets hidden inside that coconut shell he calls a head? You've barely known him a month, remember?"

"That's true." Izzy nodded, conceding her point. "But I feel like I know just about everything there is to know about him. What more is there?"

"For starters, how he feels about you? Oh don't get me wrong," Leilani smirked again at the dark blush on Izzy's face. "He does love you. But he's never told you that once, has he?"

Izzy gulped. That was right. Keoni never said that even one time since all this began. There was earlier that day at Waimea Bay, but that certainly wasn't the same thing. He never used the words Izzy's longed to hear. In fact, he kept trying to force himself onto the dark haired boy. Was that the fever forcing the truth out of Keoni? Definitely not the way Izzy would've wanted it, but now that Leilani mentioned it...

"No, he hasn't..." He answered.

"And also, Keoni's not some kinda angel." Leilani rationalized, the smirk deepening. "He lies too, just like everybody else."

He raised an eyebrow at that. Keoni...lies...? Such a thought was otherworldly in Izzy's mind. But again, he had to agree. No one's perfect after all. But what lies could Keoni have told him? Has he been lying to Izzy all this time? Could every word out of Keoni's sweet mouth have been a lie up to this point? Just one giant prank?


Keoni doesn't lie. He never lies. He hasn't lied once to Izzy. The dark haired boy had to believe that! He had to trust his beloved, just like how Keoni trusts him! That was the Aloha Spirit! He couldn't have any doubts about anything and he wasn't about to start doubting now, especially not the boy he loves and cherishes!

How dare Leilani try to put that doubt into his mind!? He shook his head at her, standing firm beside his beliefs.

"He hasn't lied to me. I trust him with my life." He said with finality.

"Have it your way, then." Leilani shrugged nonchalantly. "You'll find out just how much you don't know about him. Oh, before I forget, how many people have you told that you love Keoni?"

Izzy blinked strangely at the question. He's certainly said it more times than he could count. He looked up in thought as he counted the people on his fingers.

"Um, I've told you, Niko, Iwalani, Lee, and just now Keoni's parents. And I'm sure I've said it out loud a ton of times."

"Yet you can't tell the one person that needs to hear it?" Leilani gave him a reproachful look. "So who's hiding what from their loved one?"

Izzy flinched, then bit his lip guiltily. He looked at the floor shamefully. After all this time, he couldn't even tell Keoni the words? Even knowing he'll be returning to Ocean Shores by himself very soon? What was he waiting for? His window of opportunity was closing fast. He had to tell Keoni how he feels before it was too late! Who knows what the fever will do to him!?

Sensing what he was thinking, Leilani sighed apologetically. She walked up to Izzy and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Listen, don't think too hard about it. I'm not trying to put you on the spot. I was just saying is all. You gotta tell him while you still can. Be truthful, both to him and to yourself."

"Right. Thanks, I will."

They were both startled by the sudden creak of bed springs and the rustling of bed sheets. Leilani and Izzy turned towards the bed to find Keoni sitting up. The rag fell from his forehead. His eyes were half open. He was licking his dry lips. His forehead and cheeks were still a fiery crimson. He rubbed his eyes and opened them fully, blinking as he looked around.

"Oh brah... What a crazy dream I had..." He yawned, scratching his bedhead. "Dreamt I was underwater fighting a giant octopus with Leilani's face. Had pig ears and a nose like an elephant's trunk... So gnarly..."

Leilani was aghast at that recollection while Izzy could only cover his mouth, snickering at the weird fever dream. That was when Keoni noticed him. He smiled broadly, his cheeks turning even redder if that could be believed. His eyes widened, his pupils dilating. His breath quickened as his heartbeat raced.


"Yeah, Keoni? I'm here for you." Izzy replied, stepping towards the bed.

Immediately, Leilani could feel something change in the air. It suddenly turned very tense. All the same though, she smirked, eagerly awaiting her reward. She was going to learn one of Keoni's most jealously guarded secrets! She couldn't wait to hear what delicious, embarrassing piece of information her cousin had for her to blackmail him with. She was going to make him do whatever she wanted when this was all over!

Once she saw Keoni preparing to speak, she strained her ears to hear. She wanted to remember every solitary detail that was getting ready to come out. What was he going to say? Was he going to divulge where he buried their older cousin's diary a few years ago? Would he spill what he really thought of some of the most respected and feared members of their family? Oh man that would be absolutely perfect! Imagine threatening Keoni with spilling the beans and getting him in trouble!

Or even better! What if Keoni tells his email password? Leilani gasped at the thought. Just imagine! She'd have unfettered access to the email addresses of all of his friends! She could email Twister and tell him how much she pines for him and vice versa! They could exchange pictures of themselves missing each other! They could talk about anything all day and night! They could even make plans to fly over and meet each other, then start dating! The possibilities were endless!

"I love you, Izzy!"

And just like that, everything shattered before Leilani's eyes. There would be no secret divulged. No blackmail material, no insults towards some relative, and certainly no access to the email address of her beloved. She could only gape in utter despair and disbelief at her cousin.

Izzy, however, was floored by the sudden confession. His heart felt light in his chest, like it would fly away if he let it. It felt like his stomach, no his entire body wanted to dance in place!

"K-Keoni...?" His face turned red hot, the corners of his lips curling up barely hiding his grin. "Wh-what did you...?"

"I love you, Izzy!" Keoni repeated happily. "I love you so much, cuz!"

"Of course..." Leilani huffed a disgruntled sigh, a vein pulsing in her forehead. "The one secret I get to hear, and it's old news..."

"Ok, you got your secret! Now it's time to go!" Izzy shouted, shoving Leilani towards the door.

"H-Hey! Whaddya think you're doing!?" The girl protested, resisting as they neared the door.

"You heard what the doctor said! Only one person has to watch him and Keoni chose me, so beat it!"

"No fair! Everybody knows he loves you! Ya gotta let me get one more!" Leilani yelled as Izzy pushed her out of the door. She desperately looked over him at Keoni. "Quick! What's your email password!?"

Keoni blinked and answered without thinking, "It's—"

"ENOUGH!" Izzy interrupted. "He'll see ya when he recovers! Aloha! MUCH!"

He slammed the door in Leilani's face. Seconds later, the clicking of the lock all but confirmed the denial. The boys were sealed inside. Leilani ran over to the window in a last ditch effort to get something—anything—from her cousin. Izzy promptly drew the curtain shut. The girl's fists shook and shuddered in rage.

"Boys in love are SO STUPID!" She shouted before stomping away.

Inside the room, Izzy breathed a sigh of relief. That was a close call. It was crazy. Keoni really was about to tell her his password. Without the slightest hesitation! He really does have to tell the truth!

"Whew... Man, I can't believe she was seriously trying to blackmail her own cousin... What a weirdo." He smirked as he turned back towards Keoni. "So... You love me, huh?"

"Uh-huh..." Keoni nodded, his finger in his mouth.

He had a come hither look on his face, which would've been totally irresistible had a line of boogers not decided to descend from his nose. His pajama top was slightly undone, allowing his left shoulder to be made bare.

Izzy walked towards him, his heartbeat quickening with every step. He couldn't believe it. Just like that, Keoni confessed that he loved him! He actually said those words with no hesitation at all! No second thought! Those three glorious magical words that can create or destroy whole worlds! The words that Izzy's longed to hear since that very first night.

...The words that he couldn't bring himself to say...

How was Keoni so brave that he could just lay his heart on the line with no regard? Was this the fever's doing? Did he have no choice but to say it? Did he think the words, or did the fever make him say them?

Izzy didn't know, and at the moment, he didn't care. It was the truth, that's all that mattered. He was finally together alone with the boy he loved. No one else was there to get in the way this time. No one to interrupt. The jokes and fake outs were over too. Only their emotions remained, as well as three little words. He was going to say the words too. If Keoni could be brave, then so can he!

"Well, that makes two of us." He said as he returned to his seat by the bed.

Keoni's eyes widened as tears welled up. He sniffed back his snot and swallowed, turning towards the other boy. His lips quivered in anticipation. He had to hear the confirmation.


"Yeah." Izzy nodded, beet red. He looked Keoni right in the eyes as he held the other boy's hands. His heartbeat boomed in his ears, but he ignored it. "I love you too, Keoni. I've loved you from the very beginning. I'm so sorry it took so long for me to tell you."

Keoni sniffled as he wiped his eyes. "That's ok. I've known for a while how you feel."

"Huh?" Izzy raised an eyebrow. "H-How did you know?"

"I pretty much knew from the moment you gave me the volcano lily. I know how powerful a symbol it is too."

Keoni looked up at the ceiling and closed his eyes blissfully.

"'If you give your true love a volcano lily, it's proof you'll love them for life. It's the single most powerful token of affection in the Pacific.' That's what they taught us in school every Valentines Day. They'd always have us color in pictures of volcano lilies to present to our loved ones every year. Of course, it's not even remotely the same thing as getting the real deal, but everybody went crazy for them, girls especially. I got a few of those myself over the years."

Izzy sneered at that, but quickly dropped the look. Good looking as Keoni is, it shouldn't be much of a surprise he had more than a fair share of eyes turned his way.

Keoni continued, "It was flattering, sure, but never meant a thing to me. I'd much rather have the real thing than some badly colored picture. To receive an actual, real life volcano lily was always a dream of mine. To actually have someone so brave and strong in my life that would go through the trouble, the danger, to get me one... I knew that if anyone ever arrived that was that courageous, I would be with them for life, no matter what." He faced Izzy and gave him a bright smile. "And now that brave someone has come. I love you, Izzy. Always and forever."

Izzy was touched by all that. To think that horrible flower was such a strong token. He may have already known that from Hiwe, but to hear it from Keoni's own mouth solidified the point even more.

But still... He sniffled and wiped his tears before a guilty look appeared on his face.

"Y-you still love me...? E-even after the lily caused...all this...?"

Keoni coughed as a quizzical look crossed his face. He studied Izzy's expression before he again smiled and nodded, pulling Izzy in for an embrace, something the boy in the hat missed all too much. They held onto each other tight, almost afraid to let go. Keoni felt hot to the touch, but Izzy didn't mind. Even if he burned up right at that moment, he was happy to be held by the boy he loved.

"Yep, I sure do. You couldn't have known I was allergic. I don't blame you for this, so please stop feeling so bad. It's not like you, brah."

"N-n-no, I guess not..." Izzy pulled away, a small smile on his face. He frowned as he looked at the floor. "There's something I gotta tell you. About when you fell in the river..."

He wrung his hands as he prepared himself for the worst.

"When you fell in, I...froze up. I couldn't move at all. I was...I was afraid. I couldn't even jump in to save you."

Fresh tears fell to the floor. He made no attempt to wipe his eyes.

"It was so stupid of me! I shouldn't have hesitated even for a second! If Lee wasn't there to help you, I don't know what could've happened! I'm so sorry, Keoni!"

His shoulders shook and shuddered as he sobbed. It was hard enough when he told Leilani what happened, but to say it to Keoni took a lot more courage. More than he thought he had. Still, it felt right to tell him what happened. The weight lifted off his shoulders, carried away by his guilty tears.

"I forgive you."

Izzy's head shot up as soon as he heard that. He snapped his head at Keoni, who was smiling gently at him.

"Y-you do? Just like that?"

Keoni nodded. "It's ok. It was a pretty scary situation. I don't blame you for not jumping in. Matter of fact, I don't even remember much after blacking out. So how can I be mad at you?"

"Oh Keoni!" Izzy cried, lunging into his arms again. "I won't let it happen again, I swear it! I love you!"

Keoni had to laugh at Izzy's enthusiasm. He was truly adorable when he was remorseful. Keoni can never be angry at that cute face, especially when he cried.

"It's ok! I love you too! Haha! But um..." He pushed Izzy away. "What happened after I blacked out anyway? How'd we wind up back in my room?"

"Oh! That's right, you were out cold all this time." Izzy returned to his seat as he explained, "After you fainted, we—that is, me, Lee, Niko, and Iwalani—jumped into Lucy's jeep and drove back here."

"Lucy...?" Keoni blinked, suppressing the growl building up in his throat. "You met her?"

"Yeah. Nice girl. She had just got out from her part time job and was going to join us at the river when you blacked out. Crazy driver though. She was swerving and speeding all the way down the highway! I dunno how the cops never came after us! But she did get us back here in one piece. When we got out, me and Lee walked you into the ranch and I called out for help. Your parents were the first ones to reach us. They took you up to your room, then called the doctor."

"I can't believe she was actually there..." Keoni seethed.

Izzy looked at Keoni oddly. He was glaring at the bed, his fists squeezed tightly. His teeth were clenched shut. It was extremely rare to see Keoni so upset. About the only time Izzy could recall seeing that look on his face was when it turned out Mommi tricked them into being separated while the amnesiac worked on his chores for the plane ticket.

"Keoni, what's wrong?"

"What's wrong? What's wrong is that...that hussy actually had the nerve to show her face after taking Big Oni from me! I'll never forgive her for that!"

Izzy blinked strangely at that before remembering Lee's story. How Keoni saw Lee and Lucy kissing just minutes after Lee broke his heart. Izzy sighed and ran his hand through his hair before replacing his hat. He didn't think Keoni was still angry about that day. Perhaps the fever was making him express his true feelings. Either way, he had no reason to be mad anymore and Izzy had to help him see that.

"Keoni... I know a lot must've been going through your mind that day, but please understand. You don't have to be mad at them anymore." He said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"What?" Keoni gave him an incredulous look. "And what would you know about what happened that day?"

Izzy gulped at the look on his face. He just realized he never told Keoni he's been asking about that day. Still, he pressed on. He looked away as he prepared to answer.

"I...I've been asking around about you and Lee since the day we met him. I was so jealous of him I couldn't think straight. I didn't want him to take you away from me."

Keoni's eyes widened before narrowing at him.

"You...went behind my back...?"

"Yeah, and I'm sorry. I should've come to you in the first place. But Lee told me something today that completely changed how I felt. And I think it'll help you too."

"Oh? And what's that?" Keoni asked coldly, crossing his arms.

Izzy was brave as he answered. "Lee and Lucy were already together well before you decided to confess to him."

Keoni dropped the harsh look and gaped at him.


"Yeah, it's true." Izzy nodded solemnly. "They had already started dating a few months before you confessed to Lee. They told me in the car on the way over."

Keoni had a sad, contemplative look as he turned and looked at the bed. He was silent for a few moments as he thought over Izzy's words.

"So what you're saying is...I never had a chance...?"

"Unfortunately no." Izzy noticed tears coming to Keoni's eyes and panicked, "B-but look on the bright side! If you had gotten with Lee, we wouldn't be together! So please don't cry!"

"Th-that's not why I'm crying..." Keoni sniffled.

"Huh? Then why...?" Izzy tilted his head.

"I'm crying 'cause I'm happy!" Keoni shouted, raising his head. He had a big grin on his face. "I feel like a huge, HUGE weight's been lifted off my heart! I don't have to be mad at Big Oni—I mean, Lee anymore!"

That was new. Up to this point, he never used Lee's name in conversation. It was always "Big Oni this" and "Big Oni that." To hear Keoni actually say Lee's name for once sounded so foreign and strange.

"Wait a sec..." Izzy raised an eyebrow. "Why'd you use his name?"

"Because after everything that's happened between us, there's no need to use that nickname anymore. That truly was my pet name for him, when I was in love with him. It was the one memory of him that I clung to in my heart. One last thread to the past."

Keoni sniffled and wiped his tears. He remained smiling at Izzy as he continued.

"Now that I know I never really had a chance of getting with him, I want to leave Big—Lee in the past. I've been thinking about that day nonstop for the last year and a half. I think it's about time I moved on. I'm so glad I don't have to be upset anymore! I can finally move on, thanks to you!"

Keoni grabbed Izzy in a tight hug, laughing as he squeezed the other boy against him. Keoni's tears and sweat were quickly soaking Izzy's clothes, but the amnesiac didn't care one bit. Just seeing his beloved happy was all he needed.

"I love you so much, Izzy!" Keoni cheered. "We can finally move on without all that emotional baggage!"

"Heh, heh! I love you too!" Izzy chuckled. "I'm glad to hear that!"

The laughter soon died down and silence overtook the room. The only sounds that passed were the evening sounds of the jungle and the occasional chatter of a passing relative outside. Faint music can also be heard from the direction of the dining area. It soon became obvious they were still holding each other. Soon as they realized that, their hearts started pounding in their chests. Their cheeks flushed red as they looked each other in the eyes. Their breathing became short pants as they considered just how close they were to one another.



"So..." Keoni smirked devilishly, tracing circles on Izzy's chest. "Since we love each other now, there's no reason why we can't kiss, right?"

Izzy took in a sharp breath as he cupped Keoni's cheek. "Well... I don't see why not..."

They leaned in and closed their eyes. Their lips connected, softly at first. As if testing the waters of their passion. Then as they got more and more comfortable with each other, the kiss intensified. They peppered each other's lips with quick, light kisses. They pulled each other closer, feeling their hearts explode in their chests with every contact of skin. The room quickly filled with the sounds of their lips smacking against each other, mixing with the music of the night.

Compared to yesterday, both boys seemed to know what to do instinctively. They just let their emotions and desire for each other take over. Keoni's hands roamed all over Izzy's back, while Izzy's hands found their way into Keoni's open shirt. His hands danced all over the other boy's skin, sparking electric jolts everywhere. He took his opportunity to squeeze every muscle he's longed to feel and rub his hands across every inch of Keoni's body.

Keoni moaned his approval into Izzy's mouth as his own hands snuck underneath Izzy's shirt. The feeling of Keoni's fingers made goosebumps pop up everywhere. Then without warning, Keoni lifted the shirt up, exposing Izzy's skin to the night air. They broke the kiss long enough for Keoni to get Izzy's t-shirt and vest over his head. The amnesiac's bucket hat and clothes were flung to the floor. Izzy's hands left Keoni's skin to unbutton the pajama top. Keoni's shirt slipped off his shoulders and laid discarded on the bed as they dove back in, feeling each other's skin rub up against them as they made out.

Sweat fell from their bodies in sheets as they moaned into each other's mouths. Keoni licked Izzy's bottom lip, begging for access. Izzy readily accepted, parting his lips. Their tongues instantly darted for each other, battling it out in a saliva drenched dance battle. It was salty from their mutual sweat but they didn't mind it at all.

They continued making out vigorously as their hands ran down each other's sides. More moans escaped their lips as Keoni reached the top of Izzy's shorts. Due to their closeness, he struggled getting the button undone. His hands fumbled and fought the stubborn button, but he just wasn't getting it open. Suppressing the urge to break the kiss and laugh, Izzy reached down to help out.

Just as he was about to undo the button, Keoni suddenly pulled away. He launched into a coughing fit seconds later, bringing Izzy back to reality. The dark haired boy gasped sharply as he remembered Keoni's fever. He couldn't believe he let the moment and his lust get ahead of his duty as Keoni's caregiver.

He put his hand to his lips, feeling the fleeting remnants of the other boy's lips and instantly felt guilty. Just how far were they about to go? He looked down at his clothes on the floor and felt shame wash over him like a wave. He had promised Keoni's mom he wouldn't let any harm befall him. That included any psychological trauma too! What would everyone think if they found out he just took advantage of Keoni while he was sick!? How would Keoni feel when he recovers and finds out what happened?

That was when Izzy remembered how Keoni was acting earlier that day. When he first tried to get Izzy to make out with him in the middle of the jungle, and then again at the river while they were getting ready to surf. How he had no recollection of what he was doing every time he broke out of the fever's grip. Was Keoni even in his right mind just now when they kissed? Even though he was speaking the truth, were his actions fueled by the fever? Will he even remember all that was said and done?

"Whew...! That was a lot..." Keoni breathed. He reached over and grabbed the box of tissues on the nightstand, then blew his nose. He cleared his throat and smirked as he turned and grabbed Izzy again. "Now where were we...?"

He pulled Izzy in for another kiss, but Izzy put his hands on Keoni's bare chest, stopping him. Keoni blinked and looked at him strangely. Izzy returned the look, noticing how red the other boy's face was. Keoni's eyes were half lidded and crusting over at the corners. Dark rings formed under them. Snot dribbled down his nose as sweat dripped down the sides of his face. He was panting hard, causing even more pangs of guilt in Izzy's heart.

"Keoni, wait..." Izzy turned away. "I...I can't do this..."

"Huh? Whaddya mean?" Keoni tilted his head oddly. "You love me, doncha?"

"Yeah, I love you greatly, but you're sick... It doesn't feel right to do this while you're like this..."

"Oh don't let that bother ya, brah! I won't cough like that again, promise!"

Not even five seconds later, he coughed again. He turned back to Izzy and grinned innocently.

"That doesn't count! Now kiss me!"

Keoni pulled Izzy in again, but again Izzy resisted.

"No Keoni." He shook his head. "I won't take advantage of you. I promised your mom I would take care of you, and that's what I'm gonna do. When you're better again, then and only then can we make out."

"Huh? That's no fair!" Keoni whined. "I want you so badly! I'm not gonna tell anyone!"

"Sorry, but no. You won't even remember anyway. I want you too, you have no idea, but if you can't remember, what's the point? I want that moment to be imprinted in both of our minds for life."

"Whaddya mean by that!? Of course I'm gonna remember it! I can never forget how much I love you!"

"Yeah, like this morning when you tried to kiss me in the jungle?" Izzy crossed his arms. "And what about at the river? You didn't remember either time, so how can I even know you're in your right mind now?"


Keoni was at a loss for words. What was he talking about? None of that happened...right? But that didn't matter! He needed Izzy and now!

"B-because I love you...?"

"Thought so. Just lay back and chill, Keoni." Izzy stood and reached for his clothes. "Dinner should be here soon."

"Oh no ya don't!" Keoni shouted.

Before Izzy could stop him, he lunged. Keoni tackled him to the floor and straddled him. Izzy gritted his teeth in pain and looked up with one eye. The other eye instantly opened in fear as he looked at Keoni. The sickened boy had a strange, hungry look in his eyes. He was licking his lips as he eyed Izzy up and down. He held Izzy's arms tight. He put all his weight on Izzy's waist, pinning him. The amnesiac struggled to get free, but Keoni held on tight. Even when he was sick he was still the stronger of the two!

"I want you Izzy." He breathed huskily. "You're so fine, brah. I've never wanted you more than right at this moment!"

"K-Keoni!" Izzy was pale and sweating as he fought to get free. "D-don't do this!"

"Like you don't want it!" Keoni leaned down and kissed the other boy forcefully. "I've seen the way you've looked at me whenever we were surfing! How you've checked me out every chance you got! I know you've been wanting me for the longest time!"

Still maintaining his control over the taller boy, Keoni kissed down Izzy's neck, then his chest, all the way down to his belly button. All through this, Izzy struggled, his breath becoming hisses as Keoni hit his sensitive areas with his lips and tongue. He fought the overwhelming urge to moan his approval at Keoni's assault. He had to get free before Keoni did something they were both going to regret!

"K-Keoni...! Please..." Izzy begged futilely.

And then Keoni licked his way down Izzy's navel to the top of his shorts. The amnesiac shuddered involuntarily as he felt the shorter boy's breath over his most hallowed area. His shorts tented, his body betraying him. Keoni paused, admiring the other boy's body. Izzy held his breath, his brain both trying to think of a way out of this and begging Keoni to do whatever it was he was going to do. He shut his eyes, not willing to see his beloved stoop so low.

Just then, he felt a weight on top of his belly. Soft breathing was then felt as well as sweat dripping onto his body. Seconds felt like hours to Izzy as he waited for any kind of action. Nothing happened however. He cracked open an eye and chanced a look.

To his great relief, Keoni was fast asleep. He was snoring soundly. Izzy blinked as he sat up, trying to figure out what happened. Cautiously, he freed his hands from Keoni's grip, then reached over and felt Keoni's forehead. His eyes widened when he realized Keoni was burning up again. The fever must've spiked, knocking him out at the nick of time. Izzy breathed a sigh of relief as he looked up at the ceiling gratefully.

"Whew... That was close..." He wiped his forehead. "Gotta get Keoni back into bed..."

Grunting, he slowly pushed Keoni off of him, then got back to his feet. He reached down and pulled up his beloved, then sat him on the bed. Taking one last look at Keoni's beautiful, sweaty body, he put the pajama shirt back on over him, then buttoned it up. He laid Keoni down on the bed, taking care to get his head on the pillow. Then he pulled the blanket over the other boy and grabbed the rag. Izzy dipped it in the ice cold water bucket and squeezed it slightly before gently placing it atop Keoni's forehead. Keoni shuddered as soon as he felt the damp cold hit him, but he quickly settled down.

Izzy heaved another sigh as he resumed his seat next to the bed. He reached down and grabbed his clothes. Once his shirt and vest were back on, he grabbed his bucket hat and placed it atop his head. He ran his thumb through the brim and gave Keoni a thumbs-up. He then leaned back and put a hand to his forehead.

"Oh man... I can't believe that really happened..." He shook his head sorrowfully. "This fever's a lot worse than I thought it was gonna be..."

He took a look at Keoni and smiled as he took the other boy's hand and squeezed.

"Still, that was a lotta fun...well, up till that last part. So weird... That couldn't have been just the truth coming out. Even back at the river, Keoni was so desperate to touch and kiss me..."

He thought about those earlier moments. Keoni's eyes looked the same way they did just now when he was about to force himself on Izzy. That hungry, lust-filled gaze was most definitely on Keoni's face before. He was like...an animal. It was as if he had absolutely no control over his desire for the amnesiac. He really was going to go that far and beyond if he didn't lose consciousness.

Izzy shuddered at the thought. Much as he wanted...that to happen, he was way, WAY too young to even be thinking about that! So was Keoni for that matter!

...Weren't they?

He shook his head.

Either way, he wondered if that whole ordeal wasn't another symptom of volcano fever. After all the pranks the Makanis have pulled on him, Izzy was starting to question if Keoni's parents knew about this before they left him to care for their son. The doctor had to have told them about this, right? There was no way he couldn't have known. At this point, the boy in the hat wouldn't even be surprised if they knew.

They really had the worst sense of timing when it came to their pranks, the whole family did! Seriously, when their only son was sick!? What's the deal with that!? Would it have killed them to be transparent and warn him this would happen!? It's not like he was going to say no anyway!

Still though, if they knew this was going to happen, did that mean they were giving the boys their blessing to do whatever they wanted with each other? After all, they'll be saying good-bye to each other in three days. Who knows if they'd ever meet each other again? Would they truly be ok with Keoni and him doing...that despite their age...?

Izzy shook his head vigorously, blushing darkly. No, he couldn't think like that! As much as he loved Keoni, he couldn't think of possibly doing that to him while he was sick! He won't take advantage of him! He'll care for Keoni until he gets better. Then and only then will he jump Keoni's bones!

"Augh! I'm too young to be thinking about this!" He hissed, pulling his hat down over his face. Wisps of steam shot out from his head. It looked like his head would tear through the hat as he willed his blush to go down.

There was a knock at the door, jolting Izzy from his thoughts. He let go of his hat and looked up.