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W-I-R-I-P Chapter:19

Worries in the dark

Ominous clouds rolled overhead above Nerima. Frequent flashes of lighting lit up everything below as if someone were rapidly flipping a light switch off and on. The wind was high, causing trees to bend under the stress as they threatened to break. The rain was falling in sheets, the water blanketing the streets and running fast down into the drains where it was then carried into the canal and from there into the river. The sounds of distant traffic could barely be made out over the roar of the storm. Inside the Tendo dojo, all was quiet as most were asleep—all but Akane, who had awoken with a start to a loud thunderous boom, indicating the storm was right over them. Her heart beating rapidly, she turned her gaze to her left to find her fiancée in a restless sleep. The smaller girl seemed to squirm as if she were struggling with something or someone. Hearing sleepy murmurs, Akane made out some of what the redhead had spoken. "No…please…let go…stop," she moaned.

Her blue-haired companion sighed to herself. 'I wish there was something I could do to stop these nightmares,' she thought to herself, feeling helpless. She turned her attention towards the window just as a flash of lightning illuminated the room briefly, followed by the loud roar of thunder overhead.

Nightmarish reminder…

Ranma opened her eyes to find herself on a familiar red couch, the sound of music blaring in the background. A TV was powered on, depicting the images of a video game in the progress of being played; however, it was blurry for some reason or another. Smoke permeated the air, making her feel nauseous. Examining her surroundings, she observed many teens all in their own conversations and some unashamedly making out. Finally having enough, she stood up from the couch and turned her gaze towards the far side of the room. There she noted a door, which she presumed led to the back of the house. Walking towards the door, she could feel the eyes of some of the teens upon her.

"Don't go that way," came the voice of one of the teens; however, the redhead ignored the teen and continued to approach the door. Once there, Ranma timidly reached forward and placed her hand on the handle. She slowly slid it open, taking in the view of a large backyard that sported an in-ground pool and a small wooden walkway that led past it and down to a small beach house. Feeling her fear well up, she forced herself to step forward. She turned sharply to the door as it slammed shut behind her, causing her to jump.

Returning her gaze forward, Ranma realized she was no longer standing in the backyard. Instead, she found herself standing in a rather large room with a tan couch to the far right. Underneath a light hanging from the ceiling was a green pool table with a red oak base; broken ropes stained with dried blood hung from the table. Stepping closer, the redhead noted a rather large patch of dried blood that stained the table's cloth surface. Her heart started to pound madly in her chest. Hearing a slight moan, she turned her gaze to the left to find a tall, well-built teenage male with his shirt off—and, as she looked further down, his pants as well. Ranma's eyes widened in shock at the sight of a clearly pregnant red-haired girl on her knees before the male. Ranma felt sick to her stomach, as it was plainly obvious that, somehow, the girl was her and seemed to enjoy what she was doing. Turning sharply to the sound of the door to the room opening, Ranma watched her fiancée walk in stark naked and blood spattered. The blue-haired girl raised her gaze from the floor, meeting her own.

"Look at you, Ranma. You really are a slut…I mean, you're sucking that guy off like a vacuüm cleaner," Akane observed in a taunting tone, gesturing to the pregnant redhead. She walked over to that Ranma, looking down at her, and then turned her gaze back to the other redhead, who had a fearful expression on her face.

"I…this ain't real…I would never do that…" Ranma insisted in a mere whisper as she backed up against the wall.

Akane laughed, a wicked, mocking sound. "You wouldn't do that, you say? Is that why you're pregnant?" she asked coldly, just as another naked young man walked out from the darkness. The blue-haired girl then knelt down in front of the newcomer, her gaze never wavering from the standing redhead as she started to lick at the head of the teen's cock.

Ranma stared in stunned disbelief at her fiancée. 'This can't be real! Akane would never do that!' she told herself, unaware of the ropes slowly snaking around her arms and legs. She suddenly found herself being pulled forward, at which point she tried to fight against her restraints…only to feel as if her strength had left her. Akane stopped what she was doing, giving Ranma a smirk. "Don't fight it. We both know you want this," she instructed, her voice sounding truly venomous.

"No! Let me go!" Ranma cried, continuing to fight a losing battle as she realized where the ropes were dragging her. She soon found herself between Akane and her pregnant self as another set of ropes sprung out from the floor, wrapping around her neck and pulling her down to her knees.

Akane chuckled at the redhead's plight. "Don't worry, they won't hurt you…much," she said simply as she went back to servicing the teen in front of her.

Continuing to fight her bonds, Ranma's eyes locked on yet another figure entering the room in the form of Tatewaki. Staring her down, his eyes seemed to pierce her very soul. "This isn't real! Let me go! Stop it!" came her cries as Kuno began to disrobe in front of her.

"Oh, come on now…" Ranma's pregnant twin spoke for the first time, "you know we both like this. We're women now. We're supposed to enjoy this…and we are martial artists, after all, ain't we? We can't ignore the feelings of our own bodies," the grinning redhead stated before returning to her task. Ranma looked up in fear and disgust at the boy who stood over the pregnant girl, only to find that he was missing his head.

Ranma snapped awake, shooting up in bed. She was back in her and Akane's room. She directed her eyes toward the window, watching as lightning flashed. She soon turned her attention to her fiancée, who was already awake and watching her with a concerned expression. 'Oh, kami…why do I keep having these dreams? Why can't I dream of bunny rabbits or something?' she asked herself as another all-too-familiar feeling encroached upon her. She quickly made her way off the bed and over to the desk, where she knelt and emptying her stomach's contents into the trashcan that sat on the floor.

Akane pushed the covers off, getting out of bed. She then walked over to her fiancée's side and knelt down. "You okay, honey?"

"No, I'm no-" Ranma started to say before she was overtaken by another urge to wretch into the trashcan, Akane rubbing her hand on the redhead's back in comfort.

A few minutes passed in silence before the couple concluded sleep probably wouldn't be returning for now and decided to prepare for their day. Ranma chose to wear a green camisole along with a pair of green bikini-style briefs, and over those she wore a black and green pajama pants. Akane wore a red camisole and a pair of red boy-cut briefs, along with a pair of red and black pajama pants. Done getting dressed, Ranma went about taking the liner out of the wastebasket to take it out to the trash while Akane busied herself with making the bed. Ranma left the room with the trash liner in hand, Akane watching her go. 'Wonder what her nightmare was about this time?' she asked herself.

Once outside, Ranma, umbrella in hand, walked over to the outdoor trashcan, lifted the lid and placed the liner inside. Shutting the lid, she then scanned her surroundings, taking in how dark things looked as the rain fell in sheets around her. The rapid thudding of droplets hitting her umbrella sounded as if a water hose were being sprayed against it. Ranma headed back into the house just as another clap of thunder sounded, causing her to jump. 'Damn it…I shouldn't be jumping from the sound of thunder,' she thought sheepishly just as she reached the front door and entered the house.

Coming down the stairs, Akane met her fiancée, who was shutting her umbrella. "Ranma, it's pouring out there! Couldn't you have just put it in the trash in the kitchen?"

"I s'pose I could've, dear. But I didn't get wet, if that's what you're worried about," Ranma answered as she headed for the furo so she could wash her hands.

Akane watched Ranma go with worried eyes before deciding to follow her girlfriend. "Hey, think you can tell me what you dreamed about this time?"

"It was nothin'…just this stupid girl body messin' with my head," Ranma responded in a somber tone, as she made it to the sink. Turning the hot water handle, she waited for the water cascading out of the faucet to warm up before proceeding to wash her hands.

Akane studied the redhead throughout the process. "You sure it's nothing? I mean…I heard you calling in your sleep to be let go…" she noted with concern.

"Look, I'd rather not talk about it…it's just a stupid nightmare," Ranma repeated in hopes that her fiancée would leave it alone, as the dream had shaken her up a bit. Finished washing, she turned the faucet off and grabbed a towel from the rack to dry her hands.

"Damn it, Ranma, why can't you talk to me about these things? All you do is bottle it up," Akane complained, just as the shorter girl hung the hand towel back up and started walking towards the door. The Tendo girl blocked her way, her eyes showing her frustration.

Ranma let out an exasperated sigh, leaning back against the wall with her hands pressed out against it to either side. Her gaze settled to the left on her blue-haired lover, who was standing in the doorway. "Akane, please, I really don't wanna discuss these dreams. They…horrify me It's bad enough I have to write about them in a journal for my therapist and then try to answer her questions. To be honest, I'd rather just forget about it."

"Please, Ranma…just this once, let me in?" Akane pleaded as she walked over to Ranma, now standing before the pregnant girl.

Ranma let a heavy sigh escape her lips. "It was about the party and my attack, okay? There's nothin' new to tell," she half-lied. She certainly didn't want to share the real reason she was afraid to speak about the dream, knowing it could potentially upset her fiancée greatly.

"You sure there isn't more to it?" Akane asked as she stepped closer, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend and giving her a comforting squeeze.

Ranma let herself be held, a content look to her features. "No, nothin' more to it, really. Just the same red couch, the games…the smell of smoke, the loud music and the people…and the attack," she elaborated in an increasingly shaky but convincing tone.

"Oh, Ranma…" Akane sighed, tightening her grip on the redhead. "Well, if you have any more of these nightmares, please don't hesitate to talk to me about them. Then I won't have to corner you in the furo anymore," Akane stated as she moved in for a kiss that was quickly returned.

Breaking the kiss, Ranma looked to her fiancée thoughtfully. "Alright, I'll try to talk about them with you, should there be a next time," she replied, though she knew full well both that there would be a "next time" and that the nightmares might even get worse.


Not far from the Tendo home was the Gosunkugi estate, which was a relatively large property with a rather large, ominous looking home of traditional Japanese architecture. The interior of the house was just as eerie, its furnishing seemingly of classic feudal era design. The house consisted of a kitchen, a dining room, a den and a furo on the first floor, and four bedrooms that were located on the second floor. It also included a small basement just below the kitchen, as well as a sizable attic. That last space was the primary area of the house in which Hikaru preferred to hang out and perform his dark rituals. The attic was dimly lit by a single hanging light bulb, and a small altar was set up in the middle of the room, with several rows of unlit candles standing in a half circle around it. Battered old boxes, most likely filled with odds and ends, made up the most of the attic's contents. On the far right side of the attic was a single square window that had an old, ragged black curtain blocking the view to the outside.

A beautiful, rain-soaked figure entered the attic. She stood at a petite 5'1", her hair raven and her eyes an emerald green. She currently wore a black priest's robe with a prayer sash tied around her waist. This girl was none other then Gosunkugi Hikaru. She walked over to the window and threw open the curtain, peering out into the dimness of the early morning. A look of intense anger crossed her features. Turning her attention to the altar, she looked to the item that rested upon it: a solitary pair of coke-bottle glasses. Its lenses sporting spiderweb cracks that made them unusable, most likely caused during a scuffle.

"Ran…ma," she growled. "Ranma…you're going to wish you never left me with this cursed existence! You may laugh at me all you want, but you will know true power! By the time I'm done with you, you will be nothing but a broken shadow. I'll destroy everything you value…and cherish," Hikaru vowed in a low, dark tone that seemed to echo, her eyes seeming to flash brightly for a brief moment. She slowly approached the altar; with every footfall closer, the candles lit up one by one, as if some unseen force had lit their wicks. The hanging light began to flicker due to the aura surrounding the raven-haired girl. Reaching the altar, she bent down on one knee and raised both hands palms up as she started to chant her wicked spell. The coke-bottle glasses started to thrum with energy, giving off a purplish glow. The spiderweb cracks on the lenses started to recede until they were once again solid glass. A few moments later, they started to lift off the altar as if some unseen force had picked them up. The cursed girl had a slight grin as she continued her chanting louder than before. As she did so, the outline of a figure had started to take shape under the glasses. Standing at roughly 5'5", the figure first came into being in skeletal form; then muscle, organs and finally skin grew over the body. Lastly, dark hair sprouted from its…now clearly his head.

Hikaru marveled at the sight before her as she completed her chant, and with a wave of her hand the candles blew out one by one. She felt triumphant, standing up to look more closely at the figure with dark but amused eyes.

The figure looked around the room with confused eyes, his long, raven hair thrashed about momentarily as he struggled to determine where he was. His gaze then settled on a figure in the room with him. He reached up and straightened his glasses, which were now properly situated. "Are- are you an angel?" he asked the young girl, who looked to be roughly his age. However, he didn't recognize her.

Hikaru continued to grin for a moment. "I've been called many things…but an angel? Never. Mousse, it's me, Sai- uh, Gosunkugi Hikaru. Remember me now?" she asked, her voice still seeming to echo with demonic energy as if they were in a wind tunnel. She hoped that Mousse missed her near slip.

Mousse considered the girl's words a moment, his memories fragmented from his short torment in Hell. The screams of countless millions still echoed in his skull, though the voices were slowly subsiding.

"I remember now…so, this must have been your punishment. But how am I standing here? I died, didn't I?" Mousse asked, hoping to confirm whether what he had been through was real.

Hikaru stepped closer to the half-blind martial artist. "Indeed, you had died in a foolish pursuit. But I have given you a second chance…a chance to get back at that red-haired harlot once and for all. With my spells and your skills, we can make this happen together."

"I- I see," Mousse said simply as he considered this new information. 'A second chance at life…to get back at Saotome…no, after what I've experienced, maybe this is my chance to make things right? But if I don't agree, this girl might send me back to the abyss…' he noted with worry, weighing his options. After some deliberation, he finally made his decision. "I'll…help you. When do we start?" he asked hesitantly.

Hikaru gave a devious smirk before speaking, her words reverberating once more. "We start soon, but first we must wait for you to gain your full strength back. That could take time. I suggest you get prepared, Mousse, because we have work to do." 'First Ranma and that tramp of hers, along with Sylvia…then all of Nerima will tremble before my power. After that, the whole world will feel my hellish pain!' she swore with wicked delight, breaking into hysterical yet sinister laughter.

Mousse watched on, not making so much as a sound. However, he couldn't help but look over her figure. 'She surely is a beauty to behold…no, what are you saying, man? Come on, that's a boy standing there!' he chided himself, unsure of why he was feeling this way. Yet despite reminding himself of Hikaru's birth gender, he still couldn't shake the feeling he got as his eyes drifted across the curves of the raven-haired girl standing before him.

"I suppose you don't have anywhere you can go. Stay here in this room for now…tomorrow, we'll find you a more permanent residence," Hikaru said calmly, unaware of the eyes of the room's other occupant on her as she headed down the stairs out of the attic. She then shut the attic door behind her and headed off towards her bedroom.

Ranma and Nabiki have a talk

The residents of the Tendo estate had begun to stir, one of whom was in the kitchen working at her craft of preparing a savory, satisfying meal for her family. The storm outside had yet to let up as it continued to rain steadily, the wind blowing fiercely and lightning streaking the skies.

Ranma sat on the couch with her blue-haired fiancée, who was leaning against her to rest. The redhead aimed the remote at the TV, flipping through the channels until she reached the news channel. 'Never anything good on,' she observed.

The image on the television revealed a desk with three individuals seated at it, one a brown-haired gentleman in what looked to be a cheap suit, along with two auburn-haired women sitting next to him. Each took turns discussing coming events related to the the greater Tokyo region. Eventually the newscast reached the part Ranma was interested in the most, namely the weather. It was delivered by a rather short Japanese woman dressed in a gray woman's business suit and four-inch black heals, her hair dyed blonde and pulled back into a ponytail. "That's right, ladies and gentlemen," the meteorologist began, "rainstorms are going to be a constant today and on up until tomorrow evening. So be sure to bring your umbrellas and rain jackets and, if you have them, rain boots." As she gave her report, she then pointed to the forecast for Wednesday, at which point the redhead started listening closely. "And on Wednesday, the high will be sixteen degrees Celsius with a low of seven. Yes, it's that time of the year again to start preparing for-" hearing enough, the redhead turned the TV off and directed her attention to the window just as another flash of lightning came into view.

Ranma turned her attention to her fiancée, a smile crossing her lips. 'She looks so vulnerable this way,' she thought to herself contentedly. She then turned her attention to footsteps coming down the stairs, noting Nabiki looking as if she had been through a long night. "Good mornin', Nabs."

"Good morning, Ranma. Do you know if Sis has made coffee yet?" Nabiki asked, a small yawn escaping her lips unintentionally.

Ranma looked to the coffee table, noting her empty cup. "Yeah, just a while ago."

"Thanks," Nabiki said with a relieved smile as she made her way to the kitchen to get the nectar she craved.

Thirty minutes later, the Tendo patriarch stepped out of his room and headed to the living room, where he took note of his youngest daughter dozing against her red-haired fiancée. Shifting his gaze, he noted Ranma's eyes were open with a classic look of boredom. "Good morning, Ranma," he called.

"Good morning, Mr. Tendo," Ranma replied, turning her attention to Soun. Taking in his appearance, she noted that he looked unusually pleased. "Um, what's got you in such a good mood?"

Soun chuckled at the question from his daughter's fiancée. "Is it a crime to be in a good mood?"

"Well, no…I was just curious, is all. You're dressed rather nice just to be havin' breakfast this morning," Ranma replied as she started to shift away from Akane, only for the napping blue-haired girl to pull her closer into an embrace.

Soun gave the pregnant teenager a happy smile. "Well, if you must know, Ranma, I am going on a date after breakfast with Ninomiya-san," he explained with confidence.

"Really? Huh. Well, good luck with that, Mr. Tendo," she said simply as he headed towards the dining room to sit and read the morning paper. Ranma then turned her attention to Nabiki, who had just walked in with two mugs of coffee. She offered one of them to the redhead, which Ranma accepted gratefully, since she was pinned down by her girlfriend.

Nabiki looked to the couple as she sipped on her coffee, watching the red-haired girl do the same. "Did they say how long it was going to be raining, Ranma?"

"The weather lady said it'll be raining well into tomorrow evening," Ranma answered, taking another sip of her coffee.

Nabiki considered that news. 'Guess I'll have to reschedule for Thursday, then.' "Ranma, do you have this month's rent ready?"

"Not yet, Nabs, but I get paid tomorrow after work," Ranma replied, draining her mug before setting it next to her first empty one.

Nabiki gave a nod as she walked over and sat on the couch. Leaning against the arm rest, she took another sip of her mug's contents. "How's working for Dr. Tofu going for you?" she asked.

"Pretty well, actually. It's not really hard work, just a few clicks of a mouse and dealin' with patients. Some are kind and some rude, just like anywhere else. Nothin' I can't handle," Ranma said calmly while stifling a yawn.

"So, are you going to go for Tofu's offer, Ranma?" Nabiki probed once more, as she liked being prepared for all possibilities for future profit.

Ranma shrugged her shoulders. "I dunno, Nabs. Bein' a nurse means a lot more responsibility and commitment…and, well, I think I'll have enough responsibility to deal with once this baby's born. Not to mention I still wanna be a martial arts master and train students in the dojo."

"You sure? The medical field has lots of potential for earnings and promotion. You could really set up my little sister and yourself, along with your child, with a really good life. I mean, martial arts isn't really as popular anymore, so it could be a gamble to focus on that exclusively. Are you sure you wont consider his offer?" Nabiki asked, setting down her empty coffee mug next to the redhead's pair.

Ranma let a weary sigh escape her lips. "I'll figure it out when I'm ready…right now, all I wanna do is focus on gettin' my life straightened out, graduatin' high school, and gettin' the baby born," she answered.

"Speaking of, how is the pregnancy going for you?" Nabiki asked curiously.

Ranma pondered the middle Tendo's question a moment. "What do ya mean, Nabs? Is there somethin' particular you wanna know?"

"I was just curious as to how it feels. I don't know the feeling of carrying a child, nor do either of my sisters, but you do. So, any answers?" Nabiki asked in a kind tone, as she was quite interested.

Ranma shrugged, shifting uncomfortably. "Well, I feel weak at times, my back aches, I've been havin' morning sickness, vomiting, cramping…along with occasional cravings I get for weird food choices. I even found myself wantin' to eat Akane's cooking the other day! Not to mention the mood swings…so I guess you can say it comes with a lot of cons and not many pros so far. But from what Mom and some of the patients at the clinic have said, childbirth is 'both the most wonderful experience and also the most painful experience in the world.' I don't know that part yet, but sadly I will soon enough. I'm…goin' through something no man has ever felt before," she explained, her voice having dropped to little more than a whisper at the end..

"When's your next appointment with the doctor, Ranma?" came Nabiki's next question, as she knew the redhead was overdue for her checkup.

Ranma looked down towards the coffee table. "Tomorrow. Mom said she would be by and that she'd already scheduled my appointment, since Dr. Tofu's friend apparently called her all concerned, sayin' it was unhealthy for me and the baby not to be under 'proper care,'" she said in a saddened tone.

"I'll admit I'm not that knowledgeable on all of the issues you're facing, Ranma but one thing I'm sure of is that your doctor was right in contacting your mother. You need these regular checkups so that you and your baby don't run into any complications," Nabiki explained in a sisterly manner, since Ranma in her eyes had come to be another baby sister right next to Akane.

Ranma just gave a simple nod in agreement, turning her attention to the call of the eldest Tendo sister, letting everyone know breakfast was ready. "C'mon, Akane-chan, wake up. It's time for breakfast," she whispered softly into her blue-haired lover's right ear, nudging her ever so slightly.

"Already, Ranma?" Akane murmured before a soft feminine yawn escaped her lips. She gave a long stretch before finally sliding off the couch. Her redheaded fiancée rose as well, and both headed towards the dining room table, Nabiki right behind them.

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