Three months after at the Tendo's Chapter 2

The Tendo family sat around the table for breakfast. Ryoga was also there getting a talking to by Akane.

"Ryoga I just wish you would have told me about this 2 years ago..." Akane said

Ryoga sighed "I am sorry Akane I, was only doing it to make Ranma jealous. I never meant anything perverted by it I swear to you."

Akane sighed "I am not mad.. Thanks to Ranma helping me with my anger issues. He tried to drop me so many clues, and I ignored them."

Ryoga looked at Akane "Are you saying you forgive me?"

Akane looked at the table "I Suppose yes I forgive you. I do have a question for you?"

Ryoga pondered "Is it about Ranma?"

Akane looked worried. "Its well... Been a couple months, and he has not returned from China."

Ryoga contemplated. "Look I haven't seen Ranma since he left with Herb to go after that cure. Heck I would be there too if wasn't for my sense of direction.

Ryoga then looked into Akane's hurt face. "Look would you like me to attempt to find him?"

Akane half smiled at Ryoga. "I would Appreciate it, but you don't have to." Akane contemplated then spoke again. "Ryoga could we both go find him Together?"

"I suppose we could but are you sure you want to go? What I mean is China isn't a very nice place for woman right now." Ryoga said.

Akane frowned hmph "I can handle myself thank you. If a half girl can make it in China, So can I."

Ryoga taking a few bites of his food, then spoke "Okay than if you want to we can leave when ever but I suggest you confirm to your father first." Cringing under Soun's demon head look.

Akane looked to her father. "Dad I am going to China to bring my fiance back, be back soon." She then got up dragging Ryoga behind her and up the stairs to pack.

Soun and the rest of the family sat in quiet watching Akane drag Ryoga up the stairs.

"I had no intention of stopping her, I was just going to ask if she knew where she had to go to find Ranma." Soun said.

Nabiki, and Kasumi looked at each other and shrugged. "That's Akane for you." The said at the same time.

One Week Later

Akane, and Ryoga made good time getting to China, after paying for a boat they made the trip to China with little effort. Making good time after they arrive in Beijing they continued their travel toward Jusenkyo Valley.

"Don't worry Akane we will find him." Ryoga stated.

"I hope so. I have so much I want to tell Ranma, and so help me if something happened to him Herb is going to get it!" Akane growled at the thought of Herb.

Elsewhere in the Qua Di Forrest

Ranma continued her trek through the Forrest, it had stopped raining temporarily. She was happy about this made travel much easier. She stopped temporarily to look consult her map, and compass to make sure she didn't veer off in a wrong direction. Ranma looked around at her surroundings.

Okay good I am right on track that's the eagle land marker over there. Ranma looked over to a eagle land marker that had its wings pointed in a south, eastern direction. "Yes" Ranma cheerfully stated.

She was happy cause this means she was making better time then she thought, Tree hopping had made this trip much easier, and would mean she would be at her destination in three days.


Akane and Ryoga continued their trek toward Jusenkyo when they were stopped by a musk Patrol.

Akane growled. "What do you want?"

"I want to know where Ranma is? Do tell." Herb stated as he climbed down from his mount.

"That's what we are here to find out about. Ranma hasn't returned we assumed he was still with you." Ryoga said

Herb laughed. "No I have not seen Ranma since he had a fight with my double."

Akane pondered. "What do you mean had a fight with your double."

"What Herb is saying is he used a magical spell to make a double of himself in order to tame Ranma, Into being his wife." Lime stated. Quickly loosing breath as Mint hit him in the gut. "Fool" Mint sighed.

Akane glared at Herb. "That is grrr you cant have Ranma. He is my Fiance!" Akane charged at Herb only to get knocked backwards by Herb backhanding her away.

Herb sneered. "Don't ever try to do that again, Or you won't get a chance ever to see anyone again."

Ryoga losing his temper pulled his umbrella in a fighting position, charging Herb at full force. "I won't stand here, and let you touch Akane like that!"

Herb grinned wickedly. Pulling out the ladle from its pail, he splashed Ryoga locking him in pig form then kicked Ryoga back into Akane's gut causing Akane to fall out of breath.

"Come Lime and Mint we have to continue our search for Ranma I will have my bride!" Herb said.

Watching Herb, and his men leave. Akane checked On Ryoga who was currently knocked out.

"Oh no Ryoga.. he locked your curse..The kettle is destroyed how are we going to get you back to normal.."

Akane picked P-Chan up, and carried him after putting his pack on her shoulders. She made her way toward Jusenkyo hope fully the guide would have something that can help Ryoga.

Else where.

After four hours of searching Ranma finally found what she was looking for. An old temple which stood ominously in front of her. Ranma shivered. "What is with this place."

After walking up the stairs going up for about a couple hours she had to stop for a minute for breath. "Wow what kind of idiot puts the entrance at the top of a temple!" Ranma said to herself

After what would seem three hours. Ranma finally found herself at the Entrance upon walking in she could tell it was old, and not in use there were cobwebs far as the eye could see. Meaning she would have to push through some of them.

Ranma looked at the floor noticing etches along the floor as she stepped forward she stopped when she heard a click. Ahhh! Ranma screamed as she narrowly missed getting killed by a spike trap that had a corpse on it slowly dragging it back into the wall.

Panting for breath Ranma let out a sigh of relief. "I should have known there was going to be traps."

After surveying the floor she made a calculated guess and started leaping from tile to tile til she was at the end of the corridor, covered in dust and spider webs.

Ranma shook herself off as she could feel spiders crawling on her. Ugh "Why does all these old places have to have so many creepy crawlies!" Ranma said to no one.

Finding a torch she lit it up with her lighter, Ranma using the torch to light her way. After walking down the corridor she found some stairs leading down, following them down for what seemed like five hours she found floor. Upon hearing yet another click she jumped quickly grabbing onto a pole that was sticking out of the wall, the floor she was just on fell away into the darkness.

Ranma let out yet another sigh of relief seeing that there were five more poles heading to the other side she used the gymnastics skills she learned from Akane to get across, landing on the other side she slipped on some loose stone and fell on her back. Oof Ranma let out as she crashed onto the floor.

"Man this place stinks" Ranma said as she covered her nose.

She walked through the darkness til her hand found yet another torch lighting it she continued following the hall hoping she wasn't much farther, finding a path that turned right, she heard a click and the floor fell down but as if a ramp. Hearing a rumbling from behind her she turned just in time to see a giant bolder rolling toward her.

"Ah give me a break!" Ranma ran as fast as she could down the ramp hearing clicks and narrowly missing getting hit by darts. The bolder now picking up speed was almost right on top of her as she finally reached the end of the ramp and jumped right as fast as she could the bolder rolled out the door crashing into a near by wall. Ranma felt relief til she realized she was heading off the edge of what looked like a drop off catching herself she held on by both hands on the ledge slowly climbing back up.

"Oh my god I swear I am going to kill whoever made this place!" Ranma said.