A/N: Just a short little one-shot with Ciel and Sebastian. And, yes. I took a line from 'The Dark Knight'. It fit too perfectly not to use it.

xx Loyal Dog

The candle flickers—a dancing trick of time. His sapphire eye watches it indifferently. This golden flame is only temporary, a hollow promise of warm light. Soon, the flame would burn to the quick and be choked by the scorching wax. It would snuff out and be no more, not that it ever was much to begin with, merely his tool in the dark. Nothing more, nothing less.

He reaches over and places his index finger in the beckoning heat. The pain is immediate and glaring… intensifying. The boy merely grits an emotionless smile.

Suddenly, white-gloved fingers wrap around his wrist and his hand is jerked away from the flame. Midnight blue meets ravenous red and the two stare are each other for a moment. "You shouldn't be causing harm to yourself, young master." Sebastian utters plainly, his silky tone void of any feeling.

Ciel yanks his hand away. "It's not like it would kill me."

Sebastian ignores his waspish retort and moves the candle further across the table, just out of reach. "It would not be fitting for the young master when his fingers must sign off on her Majesty's errands."

Ciel hisses nastily. "Her little guard dog, no?"

Sebastian evaluates him silently, his scarlet eyes glinting in the firelight—laughing. He hated that about the demon, yet he longed for it. He would seek out those blood-colored eyes and find a sort of chilly and distant peace coiling around his heart. At least there… he knew his fate. He looks out the window. The resemblance to his father is too much to ignore. No doubt that's why Sebastian chose this form, to taunt him. He glares at his butler. His family is dead, discarded slivers of a once happy fairytale.

This is life; this is his game.

A cold smirk crawls lazily across his lips. "Sebastian?"

"Yes, young master?" The velvet tone of his voice is almost enough to hide the additional razor-edge.

"You are my most important chess piece." Ciel toys with the black knight he'd snatched previously from his chess table. "When this is all over, the only pieces that will be left will be a hollow king and his demon knight." He begins twirling the piece between his fingers.

"Of course, master." There is a hint of excitement in his reply.

Yes… once his game is over, Ciel Phantomhive's soul will be devoured. Until then, Sebastian will remain his loyal knight, his… Ciel chuckles inwardly. "When James' dog was killed, you said that is why you despise dogs."

Sebastian watches him silently, his expression blank.

"Could it be that you see yourself there in that pitiful creature's rotting reflection? You are my dutiful knight, my own personal guard dog."

Sebastian's countenance does not alter except for the slight tightening around his eyes.

Ciel grin's icily. "Woof!"

The demon's eyes then blaze brightly—a stardust lavender. "When this is over, my lord, we shall see how loyal a hungry dog really is."

Ciel nods in approval, the grin never leaving his face.