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Jacob's POV

It didn't surprise me that Nessie finally decided to run off. She had been struggling with that decision for five years now and she couldn't figure out how to leave without hurting her family. Her family was hurt regardless, because she was making a decision that could alter their family forever.

I wasn't too happy with Nessie's decision either. First of all, it was pretty selfish if you ask me. She was still aging and she didn't like that. Nessie was catching up with her mother, which weirded her out a bit. She said she was doing it all for Dakota, so he would always have a mother. His aging has slowed down quite a bit and he was beginning to look five-years old. Carlilsle did some research and Dakota would stop aging at about 18 years old and could start aging again if he stopped phasing. Leah seems to believe that he will decide to keep phasing to be with A'Liyah. I couldn't wrap my mind around my daughter dating just yet. She was just five years old right now anyway.

Nessie left without telling anyone bye. The only thing she left behind was this long letter explaining her reasons for leaving and how sorry she was. Bella was more pissed than hurt by Nessie's actions. She told her years ago that she shouldn't purposely get involved with the Volturi because they are dangerous. Nessie decides to touch the hot stove anyway, and I think she will get burnt. The Volturi is a group I don't mess around with plus they smell a lot worse than the Cullens. What upset me the most was that she didn't say good-bye to Dakota. Bella told me he wasn't taking it lightly and was very angry about it. That took me back to the time I was angry with Bella for going to Italy to rescue Edward. I understood the feeling but at least Bella did tell my bye.

"Do you think we should try to get him to come here. Maybe if he's around the twins he will feel better," Leah asked me.

"I will try again. I know he's feeling some imprint withdrawal but he's probably ignoring it," I replied.

"Maybe all the pain blends in together. I can't believe she left like that. She must have really been good at blocking her thoughts so her dad couldn't hear them. How'd she get past pixie vamp though?" Leah sat next to me on the couch.

"Good question. Maybe she incorporated us in her thoughts so Alice couldn't see. I always thought Nessie was smarter than the rest of her family anyway," I shrugged my shoulders.

"I think Dakota needs to be here for a few days to take his mind off of her not being at home. Maybe we can go pick him up a little later," Leah suggested.

"Daddy, look at what I made," A'Liyah came barging into the living room holding a picture in her hand.

"What do we have here," I asked reaching for the picture.

"It's a picture of my family. Here is me in the middle, you, mommy, and JJ," she said as she pointed to each of the brown figures in the picture.

"Who's this little guy," I asked.

"A doggy. His name is Winford, he's my imaginary dog. Wanna meet him," A'Liyah asked enthusiastically.

"Where is he," Leah asked.

"In JJ's room. JJ is playing fetch with him."

"Oh so JJ knows him too," I asked.

A'Liyah's eyes lit up. "Yes!"

"Let's meet him then," I replied. A'Liyah grabbed my index finger and pulled me to her brother's room.

"JJ daddy and mommy are here to meet Winford. Is it safe to come inside," A'Liyah asked from the outside of the door.

"Wait a second, I'm cleaning up his poo. You need to train him," JJ said.

Leah and I chuckled. These kids had the most vivid imaginations and dared you to question if what they were talking about was real or not.

"Hurry up, they want to meet him." A'Liyah tapped her tiny foot and crossed her arms. "JJ doesn't listen very well. Don't know where he gets that from." She looked up at me and then turned to her mother.

Leah covered her mouth, trying to hold her laugh in. JJ finally opened the door to let us in.

"He's over there." He pointed towards his bedroom window.

"He's a big dog isn't he," Leah said.

"No mommy he's a poodle he can't be that big," A'Liyah exclaimed throwing her arms in the air.

"What color is he," I asked.

"Black. He's coming to sniff you to see if you can be his friend or not. Be still, he won't bite," JJ said petting the air.

"If you don't stink, he will like you," A'Liyah sniffed the air. " I think he likes you because he isn't barking and no one stinks. "

"He's pretty Ally. Thanks for letting us meet him," Leah said .

"No problem, anytime," A'Liyah attempted a wink but ended up closing both of her eyes.

"Alrighty kiddos. Play nice," I replied.

"Okay," They both said at the same time.

"Okay, so now what do we do about Kota," Leah asked me as I shut the door to JJ's room.

"Call them and ask to talk to him. Maybe there is some kind of way we can get him to come over here."

"Have Ally talk to him. She's his imprint and probably has a better chance of getting him here. You know he can't say no to her," Leah suggested.

"Good thinking baby," I slapped her on her backside.

Leah's POV

Jacob took JJ and Ally to the park, while I made space for an extra person that was going to be living with us for a while. A'Liyah had talked Dakota into coming to stay with us, so he could get used to pack life and be in high spirits.

Her exact words were, "Please come stay with us because we have good food and a doggie."

She didn't tell him that the doggie was imaginary and that I wasn't the best cook yet. My mother had given me a cookbook and some family recipes for me to try. The twins always said my cooking was good, while Jacob told me I had some work to do.

I had to go pick up my old bed from my mother's house to put into JJ's room, where Dakota would be sleeping.

My mom had club sandwiches waiting on my when I arrived.

"Fixed your favorite," she said.

"Thanks mom. I am starving." I sat down in a chair and scooted it closer to the table.

"I like how a simple club sandwich makes you happy," my mother replied with a light chuckle.

"Where's Seth," I asked.

"He's in his room. Did he tell you that Gloria girl dumped him? He told her about being a shape-shifter and she didn't take that too well."

"I really can't blame her. I couldn't imagine being in her shoes and finding out my boyfriend can turn into a big hairy wolf. Pretty freaky. He's not taking it well is he," I asked, already knowing the answer. Seth never did take something of this nature well.

"He might feel a little better if you talk to him."

I nodded.

I knocked on Seth's door post.

"Come in." He didn't even look up at me. He was sitting in a chair facing the window.

"Hey Seth. Mom told me what happened, I'm so sorry," I said sitting on the edge of his bed.

"It's fine. I saw it coming anyway."

"I think she'll come back around. Just give her some time to let this all soak in," I replied.

"She thinks I'm a monster, she's not coming back."

Seth was probably right, sadly. I'm sure Gloria was freaked out, but could you blame her.

"Anytime you need to talk, just come over or call. I'm sure the twins will keep you company. They have an imaginary dog," I chuckled.

"Those two." A small smile was planted on Seth's face. "Thanks sis."

"No problem." I got up and wrapped my arms around his neck. "Hang in there." I gave his shoulder a small squeeze.

After my visit with my mother, I headed over to the Cullen's to pick up Dakota. His bags were packed and sitting at the front door.

"Thank you so much for doing this. Nessie said she appreciates it," Esme said handing me a suitcase.

"Oh you've talked to her," I asked.

"She let Alice see her when she made it to Italy. She's safe and told us to deliver a message for you. She wants Dakota to join your pack, he needs to be around people that are more like him. Right now he's confused about who or what he is," Edward explained. Rosalie led Dakota in the living room. He had dark circles under his eyes, he looked like a zombie.

"Hey little man. You ready," I asked him. He slowly shook his head. The Cullens got their last hugs and said their good-byes. Dakota took my hand and squeezed it tightly.

"I'll bring him by to visit," I said.

"Thank you for doing this. It's hard letting him go, but it's his mother's wishes," Carlisle replied.

"I've really missed A'Liyah," Dakota said from the backseat.

" She's missed you too. JJ has a bunch of new cars he wants to show you. Oh and they have an imaginary dog named Winford," I said. I could see Dakota smiling in the rear view mirror.

I hope we can make him happier.

"Dakotaaa!" A'Liyah threw her arms around Dakota's neck.

"Hi Ally." He smiled and hugged her back.

"Have fun at the park," I asked Jacob.

"Yep. Those two have so much energy, I need to take them more often," Jacob said pecking my lips.

"Daddy can I show Dakota Winford," ALiyah asked tugging at Jacob's shorts.

"Sure," Jacob replied. A'Liyah grabbed Dakota's hand and led him to JJ's room.

"I gotta show him my cars." JJ ran behind them.

I shook my head and rested my head on Jacob's arm. Life was getting a little better….for now.

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