Okay i had to write a page on a type b person I know, and i don't want to actually think about if i know one i used our good doctor as my friend. Its an added bonus that today happens to be his date of birth so a big happy birthday to Dr. Trafalgar Law. let me know what you think.

I know a Type B person. He is a very laid-back person who usually just goes with the flow of things around him. Often, he is found sitting within his group of people, whether he knows them or not and only answers questions directed towards him with short, simple statements. At times, though, it can be quite aggravating how monotone and simplistic he can be when he does express himself. There was one time, though, that his behavior and lack of attitude had angered the person trying to speak with him. It was rather surprising how he was able to be so calm, and not retaliate to the threats and statements directed towards him. But the only time I, or any person for that matter, can get him to react in a different manner is when I try to give him an order.