The Great Escape

a Gorillaz fanfic

The Beginning of Trouble

A/N: this story was inspired by the song The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls, i know it's not a Gorillaz song but i was thinking of 2D and Noodle before watching a lyrics video for the song and the story just came to me. I have actually written the last two chapters of this story and the first three chapters of the sequel first but I ain't publishing them yet.

Disclaimer: I don't own Gorillaz just this story, and I'm only gonna put a disclaimer on the first chapter of each story :P

After the shooting of the El Mañana video 2D rushed back to Kong Studios. When he got there he went to Noodle's room and found her standing there with a suit case. The shock, combined with relief, almost made him break down and cry but he managed to stay composed enough to speak.

"Noods, ur alyve! I woz worried sick 'bout yew!" he wailed as he fell to his knees. He tilted his head, noticing the bag at her feet, "Wot's wit th' suitcase lil love?"

"2D-san, I feel trapped here at Kong, and even though every one has been like family I cant stand being here any more!"


"I'm leaving the band and I want you to come with me."

It was a month before the El Mañana shoot, the band couldn't agree on any thing, and everyone was getting on each others nerves, especially Murdoc, due to the fact that he was bossing every one around but they didn't want to obey him. The only two members of Gorillaz who weren't mad at each other were 2D and Noodle. Oh sure, they do get mad at each other some times but they usually forgive each other right away, which is why it doesn't count. Noodle is actually forgiven by everyone else in the band imediately too, partly because she's adorable, partly 'cause she's like a daughter/sister to them, and partly because they know she can kick their butts with one hand tied behind her back even if she had to fight all three of them at once! Murdoc was trying to plan what they were going to do in the video and 2D wanted to see what he was planning and if he might help.

"Oi, faceache, will yew stop hoverin' o'r my shoulder?" Murdoc shouted, "I can't bloody concentrate!"

"Sorry, I woz jus tryina 'elp!", 2D said innocently.

"Yew can 'elp by jumpin ina lake, an' lardo, yew need ta practice yer drummin' sum where else! I can't think wit all that banging!"

"You aint da boss of me! And stop pickin on 'D, wat he eva did to you?" said Russel defiantly.

"I AM th' boss o' yew! I'm th' leader of th' soddin' band!"

"No you aint, you just THINK you are!"

"GUYS!" Noodle interrupted, "Could you fight somewhere else? I'm trying to practice this riff for the song!"

"Yew little..." Murdoc was interrupted because Russel grabbed him by the throat and hoisted him up in the air.

"GUYS!" Noodle shouted, "Maybe we should all take a break to calm down and clear our heads, we've been working too hard lately."

"Baby-gurl is right," Russel relaxed and put Murdoc down, "ima be in my room fo' a bit."

After Russel left 2D and Noodle made their escape to the kitchen, leaving Murdoc to stew in his anger.

A/N:i'm new to writing anything, especially Gorillaz fanfics so i'd really apreciate any help and most opinions are welcome :)