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"Demon Speech"

"Demon Thinking"

Radio/Telepathic communication

Episode 1:Devil's deal

Story Start


May 15,9:15pm

It was night time in Village Hidden in the Leaves. Most people would be sleep at the moment but if you were a ninja this particular night then you were currently investigating something that seemed unreal.

"Status report." An old voice ordered while walking onto the scene. In front of him were bodies. Multiple bodies have been cut. Judging by the wounds, some were hit by shurikens while others were slain by a ninjato. Most of the people were dead. A person appeared beside him and proceeded to brief him.

"Hokage-sama. The entire Uchiha clan has been slaughtered. We are not sure who did this crime but I assure you my team is on the case." The person informed the Hokage. This person was in the Village Hidden in the Leaves ANBU. He wore a dog mask and the standard ANBU uniform. This was Kakashi Hatake.

"Dog I want you as well as every ninja in the village at the moment to dispose of these bodies at once. I do not need civilians to hear about this because they will go into a frenzy." Hiruzen Sarutobi ordered. Kakashi nodded and then proceeded to tell his teammates about the plan of action.

Seems that Itachi did his job. Everyone should be dead except for Sasuke Uchiha. Hiruzen thought to himself while observing the damage to the clan compound.

It shouldn't be that hard to get some of the blood out. I'm sure Sasuke will still live here. Hiruzen continued as another ANBU appeared in front of him in a swirl of leaves. Accompanying this ANBU was a boy about eight years old. He currently was wearing a blue shirt with his clan symbol on his back, a pair of white shorts, and a pair of blue sandals.

So this is Itachi's little brother. It seems that Itachi left his mark both physically and mentally. Hiruzen concluded as he noticed that the young Uchiha's left shoulder had a cut on it. He guessed that it was from a shuriken. He then saw the look in Sasuke's eyes. The boy looked like he has seen something most people his age shouldn't.

Is this the effect of Tsukiyomi? Hiruzen asked himself.

"It seems that Itachi's brother has survived. What should we do with him?" The ANBU with a hawk mask asked.

"Take him to the hospital first and foremost. His shuriken wound isn't that deep but we do not want to risk it. Next have the boy stay in the hospital for the night. Will talk to him in the morning." Hiruzen stated to the ANBU who carried out her leader's order by taking the young Uchiha to the hospital. A few seconds later another ANBU appeared this one wore a cat mask. This was Yuugao Uzuki current lieutenant in the ANBU black ops.

"Yes Cat?" Hiruzen asked the swordsmen.

"Hokage-sama. It seems that we have a problem." Cat stated. Hiruzen mind was working in overtime and thinking of the worst case scenario being that a Uchiha was alive.

"What is the problem exactly Cat?" Hiruzen asked the female ANBU.

"It's Naruto sir. It appears that he came across the scene a few minutes ago before running away." Cat explained to the old leader.

Namikaze's seem to always be the wild card. Hiruzen thought while remembering that wild card factor helped win the war with the Village Hidden in the Rocks..

"I will talk to him first thing in the morning Cat. Right now I need all my ninja's here to help clean up this mess. I will personally start the investigation myself and fill all of you on my discoveries the next council meeting." Hiruzen stated as Cat disappeared to help clean up the mess.

How should I do this? I'll try to let my investigation go on for about three days. I mean I know who did it but not everyone knows that this massacre was an order. I should go talk to Danzou seeing as he and my former teammates did play a hand in this also. Hiruzen thought to himself while leaving the scene. He knew where his rival would be and went to that location.

Hokage's Tower


Hiruzen arrived at the tower and went to his office. He saw that there were two people in his office. One was Danzou Shimura the other was dressed in a black suit with a white shirt. He also had on a black tie and black shoes as well. Hiruzen could tell that he was in his late forties possibly early fifties if his grey hair was an indication.

"So you are Hiruzen Sarutobi. I must say that it is an honor to meet a person of your stature." The new person greeted the aging leader.

"I'm glad you know who I am but I do not know you sir." Hiruzen replied.

"Where are my manners? My name is Colonel William Stryker but you can call me Colonel Stryker." The man said introducing himself.

"Now Danzou I want to know why you and Colonel Stryker are here in my office." Hiruzen asked the two. Danzou decided to voice his idea.

"Well my friend William here is from outside the elemental continents." Danzou started off. Hiruzen had heard about other continents but didn't know if it were true. Seeing as the Elemental Continents have a genjutsu surrounding itself.

"How did he find us?" Hiruzen asked. William Stryker decided to speak for himself.

"It was hard but I was able to use one of my men to help find this continent. At first I couldn't believe it. There was a place that had real shinobi. Trained killers and assassins that trained in their art since they become of age. I was truly excited to explore this place. That was when I meet Danzou here and he proceeded to show me around." Stryker explained.

"So what are your intentions here Colonel?" Hiruzen asked. He knew that someone who was friends with Danzou always had a motive.

"I wanted to know if I could take some of you shinobi outside of the Elemental Continents Hokage-sama? Stryker asked.

"And why do you want my shinobi exactly. Couldn't you have gone to another ninja village and ask their leader." Hiruzen replied to the man.

"I did and they seemed to have turned me down. I need help in winning a war against a different kind of race. The race is known as mutants. They have taken over the world outside of the Elemental Continents and there is no telling what they plan on doing next." Stryker stated. Hiruzen thought about his story before coming to a conclusion that could benefit himself and Stryker at the same time.

"How about I give you two of my upcoming shinobi Colonel Stryker." Hiruzen proposed.

"Upcoming. How old are these upcoming shinobi exactly?" Stryker asked.

"They are both eight year's old to be precise." Hiruzen replied. Eight was a good number for Stryker. Seeing as they don't know what is going on in the world exactly. Danzou seemed curious as to who Hiruzen was going to nominate.

"Well I can work with that Hokage-sama. I can have them trained so that they know the values of working together and also help them in their shinobi career." Stryker stated.

"What is this training that you will have them do exactly?" Hiruzen questioned the outsider.

"Well mental conditioning of course. I make sure that all my soldiers have the same mentality I have. That is to leave together and come back together. They will also go under physical training, and learn about the world outside the elemental continents as well." Stryker explained what he will have the two shinobi do.

"If I give you the two you will have to return them to Konoha when they reach the age of thirteen." Hiruzen said.

"Five years is enough time for me to make them into proud Konoha shinobi Hokage-sama." Stryker replied.

"I want you to come see me tomorrow morning Colonel Stryker. I will have your two recruits present so that they can meet you." Hiruzen stated.

"Very well then Hokage-sama. I will take my leave now. Thank you for your time." Stryker said while leaving the tower so that Danzou and Hiruzen could talk. Hiruzen faced changed from one of a politician to one of an shinobi.

"Danzou. I want to know that man's true intentions right now before I have my ANBU assassinate him." Hiruzen stated.

"Assassinate Hiruzen. He has done nothing wrong except come to the leaf village when he needs assistance." Danzou replied.

"That's what they all say Danzou. I know for a fact that when someone is aligned with you it can't be a good thing." Hiruzen said to his former rival.

"Well it is in this case Hiruzen. Outside the elemental continents there are so many people kekki genkai's that it's not funny." Danzou informed the aged leader.

"Do you think that I care about how many kekki genkai's that are out their Danzou." Hiruzen stated to the war hawk of Konoha.

"I know you do not care Hiruzen but there are others who do. Think about it for a second. Out there is a world where people can teleport , shoot natural lightning, as well as fly with real wings. They don't even know any jutsu. Do you see the possibilities with this Hiruzen! We can shelter them Hiruzen from the hate they receive." Danzou explained his point of view of the situation.

"Hate; what do you mean by hate Danzou?" Hiruzen asked.

"Simple. Stryker's story is a lie if you do not know it by now. He wants to capture these mutants as he calls them and use them for his own gain. Out there these Kekki genkai wielder's are hated from birth for something they cannot control. Does this story sound familiar Hiruzen?" Danzou explained to the leader of The Village Hidden in the Leaves. Hiruzen was reminded of Naruto as well as those in Village Hidden in the Mist.

"So Danzou what do you propose we turn the tables on Stryker?" Hiruzen asked. Danzou was shocked but he didn't let it show. Hiruzen actually wanted to use this to his advantage. In front of him now was the Sandaime Hokage. A person who knew when to play his cards and when to fold. Oh yes this was going to be interesting.

"I suggest you send with Stryker scroll's on ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu, and whatever else you deem necessary. I believe Stryker himself is planning on mutating your shinobi." Danzou replied.

"I understand. I do wonder what mutation he can create." Hiruzen inquired to his old friend.

"He has showed me a few of his creations and I have to say they are impressive. One person has a ability similar to the Kaguya clan but modified. Their bones are covered in a indestructible metal also this person seems to have an advance healing factor. From what Stryker stated this person is immortal." Danzou stated. Hiruzen was shocked. A person who was not only immortal but has the abilities of one of the strongest clans in Mist village to boot.

"Has he told you anymore about his creations?" Hiruzen asked with curiosity in his voice.

"Well there was one with amazing marksmanship. It was said that he has never missed a target. Another seems to have the ability to teleport, one has the ability to generate paralytic neuron toxins. There are more but I do not wish to go into detail about them." Danzou replied.

"Very well then; Danzou you are dismissed. I will see you tomorrow morning with Colonel Stryker." Hiruzen said.

"Good bye Hokage-sama." Danzou replied while leaving the tower. In Danzou's eyes now that was the Sandaime Hokage.

The power of manipulation. I always hated to stoop so low as to use this tactic but it has gotten me out of multiple situations. If Danzou was telling the truth then I could have the two I'm sending with Danzou offer those being held prisoner a place to stay in the village. I already know one of the two I have in mind would jump at this opportunity but I'm not sure about the other one. Hopefully this will be able to play out in my favor.' Hiruzen thought while getting a few scroll's ready. He did follow Danzou's advice by putting scroll's about ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu in a bag but he also put a few more scrolls in there as well. Some on chakra manipulation, hunting and tracking, history on the Elemental Continents, and kenjutsu. After Hiruzen packed the bag. He sealed the bag into a sealing scroll he then started to write instructions as to how to open it and the scrolls inside it.

Well tomorrow's the day. Might as well get some rest. Hiruzen thought as he left the tower and went to his house. He knew that he was going to have a rough week ahead of him.

And Cut


A crossover that I have always wanted to do. Does anyone know where I can look up more X-men mutants I mean Wikipedia can only go so far.

Hope everyone enjoyed the first chapter of X-Namikaze and have a good day.


Chapter 2: Welcome to the Program