It was a Tuesday night. The sky was dark out and the Tree's leaves were flapping furiously. However because the blood in my veins was half vampire, it enabled me to see in the dark, not completely but it was enough. I am half human and half vampire, there are many like me and we are known by the word Dhampir. Dhampir's have both vampire and human strength which means we have strong reflex's, are really strong and have good instincts which makes us perfect for protecting moroi. I am a guardian and protecting moroi is exactly what many dhampir's do.

Moroi are all Vampire, they are not nearly as strong and as fast as we are and because of short numbers of moroi and Dhampir's we protect them from being turned or killed from Strigoi. The Strigoi are more powerful than Dhampir's because they're stronger, faster and they could kill you before you even had the chance to fight back. But there are three ways to kill them. 1) Take their heads off. 2) Set them on fire. Or 3) Stake them through the heart. None of these are easy but can be done. I have six molnija marks; one for every Strigoi I've killed. This was why the very last Dragomir had to be saved, she was a Royal Moroi her parents and her brother had been killed in a car crash but her friend Rose a dhampir, survived.

Around a dozen guardians; including me, had been sent on a rescue mission. We were told to bring the princess and her dhampir friend back to the safety of the academy, where strigoi wouldn't be able to harm them, they would be safe once more. It was here in Portland that I looked through a window and saw a horrifying scene before my very eyes. Princess Vasilisa was drinking her dhampir friend's blood. This was the dirtiest of the dirty, shameful and frowned upon. Rose the one being drank from was staring happily up at the ceiling, completely taken by the bliss of the bite. Once the princess was finished drinking she stood up and said a few words to her friend, then walked out the door in a hurry.

The only girl remaining in the room looked around the room, still in a daze from the endorphins circulating through her blood stream. That was when she looked out the window, directly at me. I moved backwards as soon as she looked at me but it was too late. Rose had seen me and was taking things and picking up clothes from the room she shared with the Princess. I ran to the street were the other Guardians were waiting and Guardian Chase was there, he looked like he just ran from his post.

He told me that they were heading for a green Honda 4 blocks away, so we ran there and hid until they got there, then a few minutes later we heard pants near the car, so, I stepped in front of them and they both stopped. The Dhampir girl looked at me up and down for a little while. She then pushed the Princess behind her.

''Leave her'' Rose growled. ''Don't touch her''

I put my hands out to suggest that I wasn't going to but she kept pushing the Princess further away from me so I took a step forward.

''I'm not going to-''

Rose then attempted to attack me with a move she obviously hadn't used in a while. I moved fast, to fast because I slammed in to her. I didn't mean to hit her that hard but I thought she was better trained. I should of known better she hadn't trained since she was gone. This was the girl who the Guardians didn't like. She was apparently misbehaved, rude, and disrespectful plus all the guys at the academy thought she was beautiful. Then she started to fall; I quickly took her arm to prevent a nasty fall. She looked at me and I thought she had beautiful eyes then I looked at her neck which still had blood coming out from the bite the princess had made before. Rose put her free hand to her neck, looked at the blood, then shook her head and her hair covered the bite. I looked at her again and let her go, disgusted.

She stood in front of the Princess again, protectively, getting ready for another attack. I couldn't believe it, she was really weak yet she was ready for another attack. I couldn't believe; she had lost blood, got hurt and she was ready for another attack. She was so determined to protect the princess, her friend, that she would protect her even when she was at risk of being hurt. Suddenly the Princess held Rose's hand.

''Rose'' she whispered. ''Don't.''

Rose was still staring at me waiting for another attack. Finally taking her eyes off me and calming down. I looked at the Princess and bowed. Seeing as how Rose calmed down I slowly stepped forward hesitantly.

''My name is Dimitri Belikov.'' I said formally.
''I've come to take you back to the Academy, Princess.''

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