The day after the fox incident Kirova suddenly told me I was off duty for the day which I was not happy about I thought I'd be more needed now than in the last few weeks. As much as I tried to protest about me needing to train Rose being in all her classes as well as watching out for the princess, she made easy work of it and practically told me to shut up and go away.

So, here I am classes about to start stuck in my room with absolutely nothing to do. Sighing I stood up and walked over and sat on my bed grabbed my western novel from my table and began to read. I got to the 4th page and threw it on the floor, bored of reading it already. It really didn't help that all I was thinking about was Rose and how I should be there helping her if anything happens to her. Oh, and Lissa to. I started to pace around my room for about 10 minutes then thought I might be able to get a couple of hours extra sleep. I stripped down to my boxers and threw the clothes somewhere. I slid in bed and slowly fell asleep.

I woke up to someone placing kisses all over my chest. Looking down I saw Rose looking at me smiling like a Cheshire cat.

''Morning, Comrade.'' She said finally coming to my lips, kissing me with all she had. Electricity flew threw my entire body. I pulled her onto me and wrapped my arms around her waist. Finally we broke apart to breathe.

''Good morning, my Roza.'' I said smiling from ear to ear.

''So, what do you want to do today? The beach?'' She said rubbing circles in my chest with her index finger.

''Sounds good. But I thought the whole point of a honeymoon was to stay in bed?'' Not once taking the smile off my face.

''Did I say what we were doing at the beach?'' She said looking at me with a seductive smile.

I laughed. ''No. I guess not but I can't wait to find out.'' Kissing her passionately until she pulled away. I frowned.

Laughing, she pulled on my shirt that lay in the middle of the floor and walked over to my side of the bed.

''Come on get up!'' She said while tugging on my hand. I pulled her down easily and she 'accidentally' fell on me. We both burst out laughing.

''I love you so much, Comrade.'' She said with a serious yet seductive smile.

''I love you to, Roza. Forever.'' Before I new it we were kissing again, with the same electricity we always had when ever we touched.

When I opened my eyes again I was in my dorm room sighing I sat up and looked at my alarm clock. 11:30! I jumped out of bed franticly running around my room grabbing my clothes until I realised I had the day off. I sighed and sat back down on my bed, chucking the clothes in the corner and put my head in my hands. I've been dreaming about Rose a lot so the dream I had didn't surprise me at all. In all truth I like dreaming of her. I feel at home and like everything in the worlds perfect. The first dream I had of me and Rose together we told my family we were engaged, but as the weeks went on I've found out their in order. The 'wedding' we had was beautiful. Rose told me to stay out of everything and let her and Lissa handle it, which I found funny and agreed with. Rose got pushed out as much as I did though, Lissa wanted to do it all. Which I knew Rose was happy to let her do. While our wedding was being planned for us, Rose always asked me if I knew anything about what was being planned because Lissa was blocking her out. I never knew anything though, it didn't worry me, I know Rose trusts Lissa enough to let plan it. Rose got told she couldn't see her dress until the day before the wedding which believe me she let me know how unhappy she was about it. I laughed at this memory/dream. I remembered every detail of the mesmerizing wedding. I know it wasn't real, but it was still beautiful.

After around 20 minutes just thinking about 'things' I decided to get dressed and wonder around the school to find something to do. I walked out of my room, my mind still somewhere else until a Guardian started talking to me.

''Hey, Guardian Belikov. Why aren't you on duty?'' Guardian Flynn asked with a puzzled look on his face. Everyone knows around here that I don't like to take days off from work.

''Kirova decided to give me the day off.'' I said with an exasperated look.

''Oh, okay.'' He said simply. This conversation wasn't going anywhere so I just walked away from him without another word.

Before I knew it I was walking across campus to the place where I find peace. Walking threw the woods when I came across the cabin. It's an old cabin to look for Strigoi while still being in the safety of the wards, but because Guardian numbers have gone down so much it's out of use. It still has a bed, food, water and plumbing, you could live here if you wanted. I hardly ever come here, only when I need to think. Before Rose and Lissa came to the Academy I used to come here quiet a lot when I was off duty for an hour or two. This is the first time I've been here since they came. It really doesn't help that Rose is in my mind 24/7. There's just something about her that almost controls me. I lay on the bed just thinking about random things and drifted off to sleep at some point, but this time it wasn't about Rose.

Reading my western novel Call of the Wild by Jack London, I heard a smash and ran to the kitchen in Strigoi speed. I saw my mother standing over the broken plate laughing quietly to herself.

''What happened?'' I demanded. She looked at me and smiled.

''Nothing, dear. Just a little accident.'' She said simply and patted my cheek lightly. ''Help me clear this up will you, Dimka.'' My mother said as she was getting some newspaper. I picked up the pieces of the plate placed them on the table and started rapping them up along with my mother. I grabbed the hand held hoover and vacuumed any small pieces that might have been on the floor.

''What's wrong mama?'' I said as I finished vacuuming. I think she could tell I was concerned because she looked deep in to my eyes and laugh softly to herself again.

''Nothing Dimka, I'm fine.'' She walked over to me and hugged me. I hugged her back quiet tightly, I knew something was wrong and I know she'd tell me in her own time but I was worried about her.

''Mama, do you want me to cook dinner? Karolina, Sonya and Victoria went shopping and are going to eat out and they have the children with them so it's just me, you and Grandma.'' I said calmly still hugging her. She pulled away and smiled at me.

''That would be nice Dimka.'' She said looking at me intently.

''Why don't you go and lay down for an hour or so and I'll wake you when dinners ready? I said already pushing her towards the stairs. She laughed outright.

''Dimka, I'm fin-'' Suddenly someone burst threw the door and I instantly put my mother behind me, I didn't know where Yeva was at the moment though. It was Victoria, followed by Karolina, Sonya and the children.

''What happened? Are you all okay?'' I demanded. Going up to Victoria and checking her for injuries.

''Get off, Dimka and look behind us!'' She said with a big smile on her face and moved out the way and standing there was, Tasha Ozera. Great, Like I wanted to see her. She's a good friend who I've known for a long time but man, she's annoying. Why were my sister's so happy about this?

''Uh, hi Tasha.'' I said awkwardly while she was smiling brightly up at me.

''Dimka! You didn't tell me you were back! As soon as I heard you had a brake I flew straight here went to do some shopping then I found your sister's!'' She said excitedly wrapping her arms around me. I awkwardly hugged her loosely while giving my sister's a glare while they attempted to hold in a laugh, they knew how much Tasha pissed me off. Although she was beautiful she annoyed the fuck out of me. She looked up at me and was leaning up to kiss my cheek I wanted to push her away from me and tell her to get the fuck out but I didn't. I almost cringed when she got near my lips. I turned my head so she got my cheek instead. When she looked at me again she looked disappointed.

''So, Dimka got yourself a girlfriend yet?'' She said hopefully. I put my Guardian mask up. So she couldn't see my emotions. This was not going to be a fun

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