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It was night out in the East Blue. The moon shone brightly, the only source of light other than the tiny flickering lights of a lone Marine ship.

The Marine ship was named Argentus, with a complement of over 100 Marines and commanded by a certain Commodore Mathias Terry. It was, like her sister ships of both South and East Blue, heading to a particular destination.

Their destination was the Marine HQ at Marinford, and all were heading there for the same two reasons. Firstly was the execution of Portgas D. Ace, Second Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. Secondly was the war between the Marines and the Whitebeard Pirates themselves. The one that had been brewing for a long time, and that they all knew was about to happen.

Thoughts and opinions on the matter ranged from marine to marine. Some relished the chance of killing the subordinates of the 'World's Strongest'. Others would fight out of fear, of the sheer terror that Whitebeard and his men brought to both the Blues and the Grand Line alike. Some just wanted a place in history, alongside the Admirals, the Greatest Military Powers, the strongest fighting force within the Marines that would lead them. Indeed, all three Admirals would be present, along with the Vice Admirals, under the command of Fleet Admiral 'Buddha' Sengoku. As if that were not enough, they would also be accompanied by five of the seven Ouka Shichibukai, the dreaded privateers who served the World Government for their own reasons, be it wealth, power, or something unknown.

And there were those who were simply afraid. They did not want to die, to depart from their loved ones.

Master Chief Petty Officer Coby was one of them.

The pinkette was out on the deck of the Argentus, leaning on the deck and staring out over the sea. Most of the crew were eating in the mess, sleeping, or attending to other duties. .

'I know I've gotten stronger…I know it. I can take on pirates with bounties as high as 20 million beries and I can finally fend for myself now. And yet, why am I…'

"I thought I'd find you out here."

The sudden voice broke Coby's train of thought. The speaker happened to be none other than Commodore Terry, white tuxedo and signature coat with the symbol "Justice" on the back. The dark shrouded his eyes, partly due to his cap.

"Commodore Sir!" Coby about-faced and gave a sharp salute, body and face as rigid as stone. Terry nodded.

"At ease" Coby's posture returned to normal.

"Sir, may I ask why you are doing out here?" he asked. "It's pretty late." Terry chuckled.

"No reason really, I just wanted to go for a walk. And besides, we will reach the Calm Belt soon so I decided to stay up until we reach the Belt" explained the Commodore.

"Oh I see." Coby turned his head out to the water and leaned against the guardrail. Terry walked up besides him and saw the look on his face.

"Why the face Petty Officer?" asked Terry. Coby looked to him again.

"Oh…it's nothing…just thinking"

"About the war that is to come I take it?"

"Yes Sir." Terry nodded.

"I don't blame you. Quite the number of men on this ship feel the same way, as does your friend Helmeppo."

"Preparing for, and fighting in, a war were you may likely meet your end is a horrible feeling, but waiting for such a war…" Coby didn't finish, as Terry understood.

"It's a terrible sensation no doubt about it. I say that the eve of a battle is even worse than the battle itself" said the Commodore. Coby lowered his head in shame.

"I don't want to die. There are so many things I want to do. I mean other than being an Admiral and stopping the evil pirates, there are other things I want to do. Things I want to see and hear." He ruefully chuckled. "I must be a coward, mustn't I Sir."

'Just like how I once was when I was Chore Boy…'

"Nonsense," Terry retorted, smiling. "A coward is not a man who is not afraid to speak his mind. You have a unique trait about you Coby, and it shows even after your training under Vice Admiral Garp."

That brought back memories, some pleasant, some less so. The training he and Helmoppo had received from Garp, after foiling Morgan's prison escape, had been a taste of hell. Garp gave the term 'slave driver' a whole new subtext. His method of teaching the Soru, first and most basic technique of the revered Rokushiki style, was to throw cannon balls at his students. They had somehow survived, only to suffer numerous sprained fingers whiled learning the second technique, the Shigan. After that was the third technique, the Rankyaku, which was earned at the cost of many leg cramps.

It had been painful, but profitable, for Coby had mastered 3 of the vaunted 6 techniques of the Rokushiki. He learned the theory behind the Geppou, but the doing of it required using the Soru in midair, making it hard to master. Garp, on the off chance that he would die in the coming war, had given Coby and Helmeppo separate books on the final two techniques, along with the secret techniques.

The Kami-e, by which the body would become as light as paper and dodging would be as easy as blinking.

The Tekkai, by which his body would become as hard as iron, a formidable defense. And finally, the secret technique that took years of pain, discipline, and absolute commitment to master. The vaulted Six Kings Gun, or the Rokuougan, mastered only by Garp and the strongest member of the now disbanded CP9, Rob Lucci.

But the pleasant memories made it all worthwhile. Garp treated Coby and Helmeppo equally, favouring neither over the other. Garp had become the closest thing Coby ever had to a grandfather. Compared to that, blood, sweat, and tears were nothing at all.

"Well, it's nothing really. I mean, me and Helmeppo can take on Pirates with bounties as high as 15 million berries, but if anything him and me are just common grunts. We'll just be getting in the way for the big names like Admiral Aokiji and Kizaru."

Terry stood silent as he watched the ocean far ahead.

"Coby…what is your dream?" he asked.

"My dream? Well it's to become Admiral of course. I originally joined the Marines in order to hunt down all of the bad pirates and…" he was interrupted by a shout far up above on the crow's nest.

"Commodore!" Terry looked and walked away from Coby, who stood puzzled.

"Report nest!" he yelled.

"Ship closing in ahead on the port bow!"

"Is it one of ours?"

"It's not a Marine ship! It's more like a giant raft!"

Suddenly flashes of light drew Coby and Terry's attention out to the ocean. Terry narrowed his eyes.

"Morse Code. They want to board. Nest!" Terry yelled up the mast. Hail them back! Tell them to identify and state their business!"

Already some other Marines had come up on deck, curious as to what was happening.

"Hey Coby, what's going on?" asked Helmeppo as he joined up with his fellow Marine. Calling them friends would be odd. Companions and fellow students would be a more appropriate term. After all, it would be odd to call someone a friend when you first met them they had a gun to your head.

"Some ship is hailing us" responded the pinkette to his visor-wearing confidante. The blonde man nodded, looking for himself.

"Sir you won't believe this!" yelled out the Crows Nest from Terry's Den Den Mushi. He took out and responded.

"Who is it?"

"Sir, it's Shichibukai Blackbeard and his crew! They want to talk to you sir!"

Terry's eyes widened as did those of most of the marines as they murmured and talked about themselves,

"Shichibukai? Like Sir Crocodile from Baroque Works and Boa Hancock, the Pirate Empress?"

"Isn't Blackbeard is the guy who captured Portgas D. Ace!"

"Wouldn't the Shichibukai be gathering at Marinford?"

"What are they doing here?"

As murmurs broke out, Coby could not shake the feeling in his gut that his night will not end well. Terry growled.

"Clear the deck! Make way for Ouka Shichibukai Blackbeard!" he barked, the men scrambling to their respective positions. As the raft came alongside, a ladder was lowered down to it. The ladder went taught, and Coby got a good look at the dreaded Shichibukai and his crew as they boarded the Argentus.

"Zehahahahaha!" The first man barked a laugh. "Quiet the neat looking ship you got runnin' here, Commodore!"

It was a middle-aged man with a massive build, several broken or missing teeth, a pronounced crooked nose and a very large and hairy chest and torso, covered by a red shirt. Long, thick, curly black hair fell down the back of his neck, underneath a black bandanna, and a small scruffy black beard grows around his jawline. A tricorn hat sat atop the bandanna, and a necklace of beads hung from his thick neck. In his sash were thrust three loaded pistols and a flask.

Following him behind that vision of nautical violence were several others. Next up was a tall and rather thin man with a heavily-customized rifle on his shoulders. After him was another big man, almost as big as the first, wearing a mask and some sort of golden belt. That specimen was followed, bizarrely enough, by a sickly-looking man riding an equally sickly horse. Last, but by no means least, was a tall, pale man wearing a top hat and carrying a cane.

"Shichibukai Blackbeard. May I ask to why you wish to speak to me? Do you not have a Den Den Mushi?" asked Terry.

"Well we don't have one," rumbled Blackbeard, still smiling. "And Auger gets bored real fast just by flashing lights for Morse Code, so I decided that we talk face to face."

"I see then," replied the Commodore. "May I ask what it is you wish to discuss about? We are short on time and need to make haste to Marinford. You should do so as well."

"Zehahaha! Straight to the point I see! You see, what we need to discuss is this. We need your ship," said Blackbeard, grinning like a madman. This caused the marines around them to start chatting.

"Your ship does not possess seastone I take it?" asked Terry.

"That's right. After all, Sengoku needs all the help he can get to stopping ole Whitebeard, and the Calm Belt is crawling with Sea Kings, so I am sure you can figure it out from there." Terry nodded in agreement.

"I see then…" he was interrupted.

"Oh, and Terry?" Terry turned around.


"Mind if we make a quick little detour to Impel Down?" oiled Blackbeard, still grinning. "Never been there." This cause another wave of chatter among the Marines.

"Why is the Shichibukai interested in Impel Down?"

"Maybe he wants to see what it could have been like if he wasn't aligned with the Government?"

Terry narrowed his eyes.

"I am afraid I cannot obey this order, Shichibukai Blackbeard. All Commodores have strict orders from Fleet Admiral Sengoku himself to head straight to Marinford without delay." This caused the massive man to sigh.

"I see then." Terry's eyes widened.

A loud bang reverberated over the ocean, and Commodore Terry's body hit the deck with a thump. Coby's eyes widened as the thin man lowered his smoking rifle.

"Commodore Terry!"


"Do you realize what you've done!"

"Damn pirate scum!"

The Marines turned on the Pirates, drawing swords and leveling guns. They cared not that they faced Shichibukai, only that their Commodore was dead.

Coby was in shock, the old fear roiling inside him. Only moments ago he had been talking to Terry. Now he was dead, in a pool of his own blood.

Blackbeard grinned manically as dark wisps began to emanate from his body. He slammed his hand into the deck, the planks cracking around it.

"Black Hole!" he roared as darkness, sheer darkness, swept on the deck towards the marines. Their screams were silenced as the blackness sucked them in. They didn't get so much as a shot off.

Coby and Helmeppo were fortunate enough to use Soru and dodge the darkness, retreating to the far side of the ship. Coby fell on his bottom and started to shiver.

"Is this…the power of a Shichibukai!" he stuttered. Helmeppo was no different.

"I-I...I..." stammered the blonde man as he jumped over the side blubbering in fear. Coby didn't pay attention to any noise afterwards. He was too scared to even move.

"Liberation!" The darkness swirled into a tornado as it started to spew out the men it consumed into the ocean below. Blackbeard was laughing.

"Zehahahahahaha! Stupid Marines! As if they could stand a chance agains the power of Yami Yami no Mi!"

"Hey Captain you missed one over there!" called the masked man. Blackbeard stopped laughing and saw Coby, sitting stunned on the deck. He grinned as Coby noticed that they spotted him.

"Well well well, now what are we going to do with you, little boy" oiled Blackbeard as he lumbered over to the shivering Petty Officer. Coby could do nothing but gawk at the nightmarish form approaching him. He was having visions of Alvida.

'I'm gonna die! I'm really gonna die!'

"Well, seeing that you haven't jumped the ship like your cowardly friend there, you must have some guts. Tell me kid, wanna be apart of history?" asked Blackbeard as he squatted down. The other men and horse followed towards their Captain.

Coby could not respond, the 'I'm gonna die!' mantra repeating itself over and over in his head as he visibly shook.

"Captain. This child may have not jumped not out of bravery but due to being paralyzed out of extreme fear. He's coward nothing more," droned the rifle man.

"We could use that weird dial we found earlier", suggested the man in the top-hat. "We could test it out on this little brat right here. After all, better for him to be our guinea pig." He danced his feet once or twice, tap-shoes tapping on the deck. Blackbeard sighed.

"Well, I guess you guys are right. Better to be safe than sorry." He reached into his coat and grabbed an oblong seashell, shaped much like an ankh and coloured a rippling spectrum, almost like a rainbow.

"Well kid, sorry to say this, but today you're gonna die. It's nothing personal though, at least you'll be in a better place." The Shichibukai turned the button on the dial and swung his arm, aiming the device at Coby. The young Marine was too paralyzed with terror to move. His eyes bulged, a scream bursting from his lungs as a flash of light blinded his eyes.

Then darkness overtook him.

Now I can see some of my followers maybe bummed for no Darkmask or Words, but I wanted to get this out of the way as this was a great idea. Not to mention that when this fic is posted, it would be the first English Fairy TailxOne Piece crossover.

I love both series, as they have characters that you just gotta love. Not to mention both series are similar. I don't understand the Gerard hatred either, I mean, as like my good confidant and inspiration for this fic. He helped point me in the right direction and what and what not to do in this fic. Afterall, it is the first English one. Can't leave a bad impression.

Coby knows only 3 Rokushiki techniques, the Soru, Rankyaku, and Shigan. He knows how to use the Geppou, but not that well. He is getting to understand the basics of the Tekkai as well(such are the perks of being trained under one of the strongest man in the One Piece world). He has no clue on how to utilize the Kami-e or the Rokuougan, and I won't have him learning the strongest Rokushiki move at LEAST the end of the Oracion Seis/Edolas arc.

Now pairings, I am completely undecided.

Edit: Kinda edited, on some obvious spelling mistakes and whatnot.

Until next time fellow readers.