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The boy and girl ran through the rain, their hands clasped tightly together. As they fell to the grass together, their laughter filled the air around them. The two sat on the soggy ground smiling at each other, their laughter finally fading away. As the rain continued to fall, the boy reached over and placed the palm of his hand on the Girl's cheek.

"I love you," he whispered before he leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips.

Bella sat up quickly in the middle of the bed, confused for a moment. She hadn't dreamed of him in years and wondered why her subconscious decided to dredge him up now. When she had fled her small home town, she had tried to leave all thoughts of him behind. It had taken her years, but she had finally moved on... or so she had thought.

Lying back down on the bed, Bella tried to go back to sleep, but her mind refused to stop working. Rolling over to look at the clock, she decided to go ahead and get a start on what would probably be a very busy day. One of her best friends, Alice, was her self proclaimed-stylist. She was coming over later in the morning to help her get ready for the book event at one of the bookstores located here in New York.

Bella had always dreamed of becoming a writer and had finally done it. Spending every waking moment with either her nose in a book or a pencil in her hand writing had finally paid off. Her very first novel was being released today and they were holding a book signing event at a small bookstore she frequented. Although she was extremely excited, she couldn't help but be nervous about how her book would be accepted.

After her morning shower, Bella tried to eat something but couldn't due to the tight knot of nerves now presiding in her stomach. Her editor and all her friends she had asked to read her manuscript had loved it, but she knew that would be nothing against the book critics of the world. One horrible review and she knew her career would more than likely be over.

Deciding she needed something to keep her mind busy, Bella walked over, sat on the couch and began to flip through the channels on the television. Finding nothing to hold her attention, she finally settled on some early morning infomercial about some useless piece of kitchen gadgetry.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at Bella's door followed by a tiny high pitched voice calling her name. Shaking her head while laughing, Bella walked over and unlocked the door, letting her best friend inside. Alice might have been tiny, but she could put the fear of God in anyone. She had met her during her first week in New York while at a small boutique. Bella decided she needed to get rid of the clothing from her small town life and get a new wardrobe. Alice was arguing with the sales lady at the counter about something and Bella couldn't help but laugh at the frightened face of the clerk. Alice immediately introduced herself and claimed that she and Bella would be the best of friends. Seven years later and they couldn't be any closer.

Alice walked inside, arms full of garment bags and coffee. She was closely followed by one of Bella's other best friends, Peter. Bella met Peter while at a coffee shop a few months after meeting Alice. She was sitting at one of the small tables typing away on her laptop when she felt someone watching her. She looked up and found him standing in front of her smiling widely. He took a seat at the table with her and asked her about what she was working on. Blushing, Bella told him that she was working on her first manuscript. Peter continued talking to Bella and she felt the need to go ahead and let him know that she wasn't interested in a relationship. Once Peter had gotten over his laughing spell, he immediately let her know that she definitely wasn't his type. They had been friends ever since and Peter had even become her publicist once her book had gotten published.

"Okay, Isabella I am so glad you haven't bothered to get dressed or anything," she said, laying the garment bags across the back of the couch and motioning to the fact that Bella was standing in front of her with wet hair and a robe on. Bella knew that whatever she did this morning to even try to get ready would be erased by the hand of Alice and she was quite okay with that. Bella had enough to worry about on her own without having to worry about makeup, hair and wardrobe issues.

"We have several different outfits to choose from," she said, handing each of the garment bags to Peter to hold while she described them. "We have the typical little black dress, which might be a little boring, but you can never go wrong with it. I have a form fitting royal blue pants suit and I have a red sweater dress." Bella looked at each of the outfits and tried to decide which one spoke successful New York Times Best Selling Author.

"Isabella, if I can, I would suggest the pants suit. I think it would look lovely against the color of your skin," Peter said, handing Bella the garment bag holding the chosen suit. Alice nodded in agreement and Bella laughed.

"If you both already knew what outfit I should wear, why bother me with choices. You know I have always sucked at choices of any kind," Bella said as she laid the suit on her bed.

"Well, what would be the fun in that?" Alice asked as she and Peter pushed Bella inside the bathroom. "Now, it's time to do that makeup and hair."

A couple of hours later, Bella was standing in her living room all dressed and ready to go. A gentle knock at the door caused Bella to wonder who it might be. Opening the door, she saw a young man holding a beautiful bouquet of red roses.

"I have a delivery for you, Miss Whitlock," the gentleman said. It still shocked Bella to this day to have someone call her by that name. After leaving her home town and beginning her writing career, Bella had taken on the name Whitlock as her pseudonym. The Whitlock name was a very historical one in her home town and she decided to use it rather than her own. She had often dreamed of living in the large white Victorian home on the Whitlock Plantation, but would settle with using the name.

"Thank you," Bella said, tipping the delivery man before shutting the door. She placed the large vase on the counter in the kitchen and pulled the card off to read it.


I am so sorry that I am not able to be there with you today, but know that you carry my heart with you.

The best of luck to you today. You will be wonderful.

All my love,


Bella had met Riley a little over a year ago. She had been coming out of her agent's office building and literally ran into him, dropping everything in her arms. He helped her pick up her belongings and asked her out for coffee. After coffee, they agreed to dinner later in the week. Bella enjoyed spending time with him and they began dating. Riley was a successful businessman who would soon become CEO of his parents advertising company. He owned an apartment in New York and a small country home outside of the city. He was completely different from him.

Bella smiled as she leaned over to smell the bouquet. Riley was always doing sweet gestures like this for her. She had been sick once while he had been out of town. When he learned she was under the weather, he immediately had the chef from one of her favorite restaurants cook her up a batch of the soup she loved and had someone deliver it right away.

"Who are those from sweetie?" Peter asked as he admired the vase of flowers.

"Riley. He had them sent over as an apology for not being able to be here today," Bella said, handing the card over to Peter so he and Alice could read the sweet words he had written.

"That man is so sweet he makes my teeth hurt sometimes," Alice said, smiling as she handed Bella back the card. Bella nodded her head in agreement and placed the card on the counter in front of the flowers.

"Okay, we have got to get moving ladies," Peter said as he checked the time on his Blackberry. Bella and Alice gathered their things as Peter opened the door of the apartment.

The ride over to the book store gave Bella very little time to rid herself of the nerves that had crept back up on her. She noticed that the bookstore was a lot busier than usual and hoped that it was due to her event, but didn't want to get her hopes up.

The three of them walked, linked arm in arm, to the door of the store. Once on the sidewalk right in front of the door, Bella released the arms of her friends and took a few deep breaths to clear her mind. Noticing her hesitation, Alice turned back to Bella, offering her a smile of encouragement.

"Don't worry, Isabella. You will be wonderful and they will all love you," she said, opening the door allowing them all to enter.


Several hours later, the three of them sat in Bella's living room sharing a bottle of wine and relaxing after a busy day. The book signing had been a complete success and Bella was completely floored by the amount of fans she had already gained. Numerous people had already read the book in the few short hours it had been released and gushed to her about how much they loved the characters. Bella could only hope that the critics would be so pleased.

"I am so proud of you," Peter said, refilling all their glasses. He lifted his glass in the air and waited for both Bella and Alice to follow suit. "To Isabella Whitlock, future New York Times Best Selling Author."

"To Isabella," Alice agreed, all of them clinking their glasses together before taking a sip. Bella was blessed to have such devoted friends and could only pray that those blessings would flow over into her career.

She went to bed that night, but instead of dreaming of book deals and future signings, she dreamed of the green eyed man from her past.