Crack! Hermione Granger woke with a start. She stranded listening to a soft incoherent whispering coming from downstairs, and decided to investigate further. She took with her the only weapon she could legally carry; it was her very own .44 magnum revolver. Even though in less than a week she would be seventeen, making her of legal age in the wizarding world, she was still unable to legally use magic away from Hogwarts for the next few days. Even so it was illegal to perform magic in the presence of a muggle.

She arrived down stairs to three masked and two unmasked figures, but the image that grabbed her attention was the sight of her parents bound and gagged in the middle of the circle of said figures. She instantly recognized the obvious leader of this raid, "Lucius." She said spiting the name as if it had a bad taste, but she wasn't as brave in her head as she was aloud. Inside her mind was screaming 'run girl, run!' "Ah Miss Granger, how nice of you to join; we were just about to start the fun." He said smiling in that sick twisted way of his. As if to accent his point the second unmasked figure showed herself to be Bellatrix Lestrange; "Crucio!" she laughed like a mad woman and dancing like the clumsiest ballerina to ever live. "NO!" Hermione screamed and cried.

Finally remembering the gun in her hand she got a good grip on it and pulled the trigger shooting Lucius in the shoulder and Bellatrix in the abdomen, only to shoot the other three in the head or heart causing them to either die instantly or in just a second's time. She would later learn the three men who lost their lives to her where the Lestrange brothers and Devohlo. Hermione, adrenaline still pumping through her veins, ran over to her parents only to find the cruicatus curse had killed them both.

Hermione, still weak from her fight, passed out by her parents bodies already covered in several different people's blood. As she closed her eyes she noticed two shadowy figures inter the room causing her to sigh in defeat, believing her attackers had come back to finish the job.