Chapter 4

After several hours of intense research Severus' theory was all but confirmed. He was headed to the hospital wing to tell Hermione when he saw Poppy's patronus coming toward him, "Miss Granger is out of control please come quickly!" it said in Poppy's voice. Severus quickly sprinted up the remaining stairs and into the hospital wing, and saw Hermione screaming and trashing about in immense pain.

"Oh no" he whispered "Madame Pomfrey stand back." He commanded walking over to Hermione's bed and said "Miss Granger calm down!" but she kept on with her screaming "Hermione" he said again sitting on the edge of the bed "Hermione I know it hurts but it is almost over… it will be done soon. He said touching her shoulders. And he was right, the once chocolate brown hair was now platinum blonde, and the one also chocolate brown eyes were now blue. Her face was heart shaped with a pointed chin and extremely pale; she looked just like a younger version of Narcissa Malfoy.

"I knew it" he muttered

"Knew what Severus?" she asked softly still weak from the transformation.

"Look in the mirror"

She did and gasped at what she saw, "oh my gosh, I look like Draco Malfoy!"

"Hermione have you ever heard of a potion called 'blood-adoption' before?"

She only nodded in response.

"Well I think you are actually Hermione Malfoy, Draco Malfoy's sister. She was kid-napped when she was a few weeks old. That is actually why Draco is so horrid to you; your name makes him think of and remember what he lost. You remind him of his big sis."

"Oh gosh, I knew I was adopted but, kid-napped?"

"Well Hermione there is a spell…"

"do it" she said instantly "please"

"ok," he sighed "hereditas revelare" suddenly images of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy appeared. "oh my gosh" they said in unison.

"So you were right" she whispered


"The spell's over?"

"Yes, if Albus finds out about you changing back I fear for your life. We must get you out of here. Severus said

"Do you think the Malfoys will accept me into their home?"

"After Lucius killing your adopted parents?"

"He is my father."

"That he is and we need to get you out of here before you are discovered."

"What are you waiting for?" she asked him

"well… can you walk or do I need to carry you?"

"I don't know" she said and tried to stand but her legs collapsed from underneath her.

Severus barely managed to catch her before she hit the ground. "I can carry you." He said quietly and scoped her into his arms before disillusioning the pair of them and ran to his office. Upon entering his office he walked over to the floo and fire called Malfoy manor

"Draco!" he called upon seeing his god son.

"oh hey Uncle Sev. What's up?"

"Draco can you get your mother or father please?"

"Yeah just a second" he said before disappearing from view "Mom Uncle Sev's in the floo; he needs to talk to you."

Draco Malfoy's mother Narcissa Malfoy walked in and smiled down at Severus in the floo "Yes Severus?" she asked politely.

"Cissa I need to bring someone through but don't worry it is a good thing."

"Um ok…" she replied in confusion

Severus pulled back to the other side of the floo and picked Hermione back up and walked back through in to Malfoy manor kitchen reversing the disillusionment spell so Hermione could be seen.

"Hermione?" Lucius, who had just walked into the room, asked softly.

Severus nodded and whispered "Yes but Lucius they didn't change her name; your daughter was Hermione Granger."

"Oh crap-olia" Draco said having finally found his voice. "Uncle Sev, what is wrong with her?"

"She us put under a blood-adoption potion so she would look like the muggles she lived with; the change has just worn her out." He replied

"Dobby," Lucius called

"Yes master Malfoy" dobby replied having just appeared in the kitchen

"Dobby would you please set up one of the empty rooms for my 17 year old daughter?"

"Of course master Malfoy" dobby replied before disappearing with a "pop"

This caused Hermione to stir in Severus' arms before burring her face in his chest.

"My, my Severus, it seems you have a not so secret admirer"

Severus growled at his friend "who would you feel about you 15 year old daughter having a crush on her 36 year old teacher?"

Narcissa laughed "Boys no fighting over my only daughter."

Draco, grinning like a mad man, asked "when is she going to wake up uncle Sev?"

Hermione yawned and rolled over in Severus' arms waking up.

"apparently right now Dragon."