Digimon Frontier/Katekyo Hitman Reborn Crossover

I created this a long time ago…but lost the paper with the info…so here's an updated version…or what it will be until I find that paper, whenever that will be!

Kyoko will NOT be a Legendary Warrior…personally, I can't stand her at times…and the way that Tsuna goes all crazy over her and doesn't stop to notice anyone else…like Haru! I know she can be just a little annoying to some people…but I actually love her character. It seems she has a genuine love for Tsuna and actually cares for him…unlike Kyoko, who only sees their friendship and loves to show off how 'cute she is'…

The spirits may or may not change…undecided right now…however the people will stay the same.

Tsuna –Flame/Fire

Gokudera - Thunder

Yamamoto - Light

Ryohei – Wood (might switch with Dino...chosen because of an attack Arbormon used…)

Hibari - Darkness

Haru - Water

Bianchi - Wind

Mukuro – Metal

Futa – Ice

Dino – Earth