"Why are we here again?" Minako asked, sending a slightly annoyed glance to Ami. The girl simply smiled back.

"We're here because Reborn-san requested our…assistance in training his new student. Plus, I hear he's around our age," she explained.

"So he's training a guy our age to take over…that business, huh? Add in the fact that he's from another country…Guess they ran out of the other options," Rei muttered, running a hand through her dark hair. Makoto nodded, glancing up in thought.

"I hear the others were…well, they are unable to take the position, leaving this guy to take it. And I doubt he's being given a choice in the matter," she informed them.

"Ah…so, just where are we supposed to meet up with our 'dear' Reborn, anyway?" Minako inquired. Ami pulled out a small notebook and flipped through the pages before stopping on a certain one.

"He set up a meeting at a local café, or so he said when he called the other day."

"Well, let's go. The sooner we get done, the sooner we can go meet up with the delivery people later today and get the house set up," Rei ordered, walking off in the direction of the café, her friends following.

At the Sawada house, one 'mafia boss in training' was enjoying a 'break' from his torture…training. Reborn had left earlier, claiming he had to go meet with an old group of friends and that he wouldn't be back until later that day. That left him to do whatever he wanted to do with this free time. This consisted of reading some manga, watching TV, and eating snacks.

Bianchi had run off somewhere to get more ingredients for her poison cooking. She had said something about wanting to try a new recipe before she left. And his mom had taken the kids out with her while she went shopping. That was a blessing in disguise. Now he didn't have to listen to Lambo's constant yelling as he ran around, playing and causing trouble.

"Ah, this is great!" he cheered, stretching his arms over his head, a big grin on his face. Flopping down on his bed, he brought out one of his favorite mangas and began reading, releasing a chuckle every now and then when he reached a 'funny part' of the story.

Elsewhere, in a café downtown, Reborn settled himself down into a booth in the back. He gave the waitress his order, also informing her that he was waiting for four guests, that were to be directed to the booth when the arrived. He made sure the girl understood before dismissing her to fill his order.

After she had left, he pulled out a few files that he had brought along, spreading them out on the table before him. And soon after, the waitress arrived with his order and the girls he was waiting for.

"Reborn-san, it's nice to see you again," Ami greeted, giving him a sweet smile. He nodded, smirking up at them in return. The girls settled themselves into the booth, and soon the waitress was returning with orders for the girls.

"The boy's name is Tsunayoshi Sawada. He's around your age and is in line to inherit the position of boss of the Vongola, as the Decimo. I'm requesting your services to help in training him, as well as offer a form of protection," the hitman explained. Minako's eyebrow rose.

"So, basically, we're going to be playing babysitter until he gets to that certain point, right?" Reborn smirked up at her.

"In a manner of speaking…" he replied and the blonde haired girl sighed.

"Okay, we'll do it. Though I bet we really didn't have much of a choice, did we?" she asked, sending him an amused look. He shook his head.

"You really didn't."

"When should we 'meet up' with you and this guy?" Makoto inquired, already standing with the others, a copy of the files clutched in her hands. Reborn thought it over as he pulled money out to pay for their orders.

"We'll settle for tomorrow, after school, at his house," he told them, hopping out of the booth once he set the money down. The girls nodded, following him out of the café.

"Then we will take our leave now. We've purchased a house near there and are supposed to meet the movers soon," Rei informed him, passing him a slip of paper with the address of their new home on it. The hitman nodded, slipping it into a pocket.

"Then we will see you tomorrow, Reborn-san," Ami said, waving before she and the others turned and walked off. He nodded before heading on his own way, back to the Sawada house.

It was time to inform Tsuna that he had something to do tomorrow…and to see just what the boy had been doing in his absence. A dark smirk formed on his face. The boy was probably taking it easy and goofing off without him there to 'control' him.

Well, he'll just have to fix that.