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"Ma'am, we're here." My chauffeur stops the car in front of a huge gate and gets out.

I sighed. "Well," I open my door and close it. "here I go."

My chauffeur grabs my luggage from the trunk and tells me to follow him. So I do. He opens a small door sized gate that that is part of the huge gate and goes through and I follow after him. We walk on a huge path that could be taken as a huge driveway that leads to a fountain. I walk up to the fountain and look at myself, using the water as a mirror.

At that moment, I realize I changed a lot in short time time span after my mom died. I'll admit my clothes are still the same, my preference being Bermuda shorts, skinny-jeans, bell bottoms, jean Capri's, designer tees and big baggy jackets, but it is my appearance that has changed.

My hair, instead of being its pretty dirty-blonde color, is died black, and I cut it short all the way to the back of my neck in short layers and side-bangs. My once sparkling blue/silver colored eyes have lost their sparkle and are dull. I lost all my baby fat around my face, legs, stomach, and waist. I am now fairly skinny and have an hour-glass shape to my figure.

So all in all, I guess you could say that I'm pretty, but I won't agree. My mother was prettier than me, with her blond hair, and sky-blue eyes that had always seemed to sparkle. My mother was kind. She never raised her voice at me, never. She never grounded me, I never got in trouble for the bad things that I used to do. She always seemed to understand me.

You know how it seems that a lot of the adults that we see have forgotten what it's like to be sixteen? Well...my mom never forgot. Whatever things that I did, she would understand my judgement and never dwell on it like some parents would. It made me love her like a daughter should. I stopped behaving terribly and started to mature until my behavior stopped.

But now, my old behavior has come back since my mother has died. I stopped laughing and barely smile. I used to care, but now I don't care. Now I would quietly observe my surroundings and the people around me. I gained a temper and would give glares to anyone who is doing smoething or did something that I don't approve of. I also carry Evangeline around with me at all times.

"Ma'am, I have to take you to Headmaster Cross." My chauffer says.

I sigh. "Alright," I look at him and motion to go forward with my hands. "go ahead."

So he walks forward with my luggage in his hands and I follow behind. I look around the area and observe the area. 'Seems like a nice, quiet place.' Then I hear girls screaming. 'Nevermind.'

My chauffeur and I continue walking and we walk into a building. We continue walking until we walk to a door. My chauffeur opens the door and walks in with me following behind.

There is a blonde man with glasses sitting behind a desk. Then there is two boys and one girl. One of the guys has silver hair and lavender eyes. The second guy had chocolate brown hair and crimson eyes. The girl has brown hair and crimson eyes. The guy with the crimson eyes and the girl are both wearing white uniforms. The guy with the silver hair is wearing a black uniform. I got a strange vibe from the guy and girl wearing the white uniform so I glared at them.

"Ah! You're finally here!" the blond haired man says enthusiastically. I nod my head but wouldn't take my eyes off of the two wearing the white uniforms.

"Is something wrong, Christine?" the blondie nervously asks.

"Those two." I point to the boy and girl wearing the white uniforms. "Their auras are very off. Like their not human. But him." I point to the boy with the silver hair. "His aura is slightly off so i see no problem with him or you." I turn to my chauffeur. "You may go. Thanks for everything."

"You're welcome Lady Christine." my chauffer leaves my luggage on the floor, bows and leaves.

"I was wondering when he was going to leave." the blond haired man says.

"He only leaves when I tell him to."

"Well you probably want to know our names, correct?" the blond haired man says. I nod. "Well, my name is Kaien Cross but you can just call me Cross. The silver haired boy is Zero Kiryu, the brown haired man is Kaname Kuran and the girl is Yuuki Cross. Zero, you are going to take her to her room." then Cross rushes Zero and I out of the room and shuts the door.

"Well that was rude." I grumble to myself as Zero leads me down the hall to take me to my room.

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