Disclaimer: I do not own Aquitania, it was written (and first directed) by Stephen Legawiec and originally produced by Ziggurat Theatre Ensemble. I am also a poor writer, so read at your own risk.

Long ago, back when the Gods walked the earth and interfered with the goings and comings of man. There were three Goddesses who had grown frustrated with the their fellow immortals and their actions that caused wars, strife, and many a mortals' of death.

These kind Goddesses were sisters born where the sea and the sky met. Gwenhwyfar the goddess of beauty and knowledge, was the oldest of these, she was tall and her head was adorned with brunette hair that was wavy like the sea. She had piercing brown eyes that could look into a persons' soul and know what lay inside. Quiet Ioanna the goddess of travelers, and courage, born right after Gwenhwyfar, only a hands width shorter, she was imposing with forest green eyes and a thundering personality. The watcher of travelers she spun stories to keep them cheerful in dark hours and kept them as safe as possible without direct interference. As the avatar of courage, she gave souls of humankind strength when all hope seemed lost. Lastly there was Alix the goddess of words and the protector of the small, although her stature was small, her kind blue eyes and gentle heart cared for all creatures that walked through the land and wished for peace to always be found in the newly created land, although the youngest of the three she was sometimes able see what her older sisters could not. It is said that all three sisters possessed a certain degree of musical ability through singing.

With their combined powers they created an island which would later be called Aquitania, where they set a certain rules in each of their areas, and one of which was that the Gods could not directly interfere or give trinkets of power to mortals. Gwenhwyfar created the beach surrounding the island so that knowledge could come from across the sea and ideas could be exchanged through travelers, and should one walk on the beach long enough they may be able to come across the answers they seek. Ioanna choose the middle of the island to create the forest and the mountain on which it rested, with many secret areas for any traveler to explore if they were so inclined. Alix made a green plain, to fill up the space in between the ocean and the forest; she bestowed upon it the ability special ability that would only happen once for a single person if they knew the secret word. There are many speculations on what its power is, some say it allows a person to travel back in time, other say it's a last resort should Aquitania ever be in dire danger, or perhaps it holds some other power entirely.

When they were finished with their work, they swore not to directly interfere with the actions of humankind. They may walk among us now, not doing anything but going about their daily lives as though they are mortal humans. It has been passed down through the generations that the Goddesses may guide those who protect this magical land of Aquitania through the power of their musical voices, and it is said that if one should choose but listen you can hear them song. When all is at peace, they sing of joy, happiness, love, truth, sometimes death, and ultimately about life itself. Listen carefully, can you hear their song?