Disclaimer: I do not own Aquitania, it was written (and first directed) by Stephen Legawiec and originally produced by Ziggurat Theatre Ensemble. I am also a poor writer, so read at your own risk.

As time moved in Aquitania, the number of people who could hear the songs faded to almost nothing. While many protectors could still hear pieces, none of them could ever hear the entirety. The Goddesses were discouraged by the lack of those noble or innocent at heart. For only those could possibly hear them. They moved invisible around the island, searching, knowing that it may be near the end of their time to help. For the time of the Gods had long past many decades ago. For a time they wandered aimlessly around the island, but one day they came across a single girl playing all alone on the shore with only the sounds of waves and seagulls for company.

She was dressed in a plainly and was building a sand castle. She looked in their direction and asked if they wanted to play, they looked around; there wasn't a single soul for miles. Again she repeated the question; Alix was the first to respond. "Sure, what do you want to play" she asked curious what kind of person this girl could be. For her aura was neither filled with innocence nor righteousness but rather something they've never seen before.

The girl paused for a moment, looked down at the sand, and replied, "I don't know, I've never had any friends before." Alix's heart nearly broke, for she knew that the smallest animal to the biggest human always had at least one friend. To the girl, Alix pointed to the unfinished sand castle, "Why don't we finish that one and then make people to populate it?" "You can make people out of sand?" Gwenhwyfar smiled as she kneeled down and built a small person out of sand.

Ioanna watched for a bit as Gwenhwyfar taught the strange child how to make people out of sand, unsure what to do she sat down and watched. Her sisters were always better at dealing with the mortals especially the younger ones. The girl noticing that one her new friends wasn't doing anything went over and took her hand. The girl led the woman toward the castle that the other two were working on. "Do you think we should build a moat? You know to protect it? Or something here?" "Finish the castle would probably be best then the moat," Ioanna grinned "We don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves."

All three of them set about building the last castle wall. The castle was finished as the sun began to set, the little girl had to return back to her home. She waved to the three women as they waved back, Ioanna began to sing the song of loneliness and new friendship, her sisters voices joined hers as the little girl faded from sight.

They saw the girl off and on for the next three years and although she saw them, whenever they were with others no one else could see them. Over the last year she was often accompanied by an older gentleman, one that was oddly dressed. He taught her many things, how to dance, play games, how to read English, and Latin, and most importantly he taught her to value the things around her. She often spoke to him about the three women but he could never see them, and dismissed them as imaginary friends.

When she was eleven, her father was called back to the mainland and she went with him, she waved goodbye to the four people on the shore that had kept her company over the last few years, as the ship sailed away. That was the last time they would see her for twenty years, which would mark her return, older now she could barely see them. They were like ghosts to her, sometimes there, sometimes not, but she could always hear them and what they were saying even if she couldn't always decipher what they were trying to say. With their help, she led the forces of good against those who threatened Aquitania. But that is a story for another time.