Author's Note:

A longer note follows this first chapter but I just want to warn people that there is a descriptive autopsy scene so if you are at all squeamish about reading about such things then skip over the morgue scene. Basically the only thing the scene does is confirm a few things about the victim that will be mentioned in future chapters.

Suggested Author's Note Explaining Timeline: The Sherlock timeline has been moved to fit the Harry Potter timeline so there will be some inconsistencies with Holmes canon. There might even be some inconsistencies with Harry Potter canon as well, though probably not as much.

From the Journals of Dr. John H. Watson

Over the years I have told many stories about my adventures with the great detective Sherlock Holmes. However, there is one story that always seems to slip through the cracks though. It's not that I have never wanted to publish the story but my dear friend had asked me not to so I respected his wishes. I always assumed that he wanted this story kept under wraps because it was a case where Holmes found himself uncharacteristically out of his depth.

Now you might be wondering how in the world such a great detective like Sherlock Holmes could ever be out of his depth. Had any case other than this one found its way to his door he would no doubt have solved it in a matter of days given his level of brilliance. This case, however, tested Sherlock to his very core. Most ideas that he had about how to solve cases went out the window and he was, for the first time, forced to ask for help from an unconventional source.

It is now with great pleasure that I tell you the story of the Wizarding School and the profound effect it had on my dear friend. Our story begins on a chilly day in London. I had just arrived at 221B Baker Street to find Mrs. Hudson in a panic. She is Sherlock's landlady and over the past couple of months her age had begun to show. Since Sherlock faked his death Mrs. Hudson was left alone. I would visit her from time to time but she was all alone in the house a majority of the time. I also suspect that she was just as angry for Holmes' deception as I was. I understand why he had to do what he did but to go through losing him came as a shock to my system.

Imagine, if you will, losing the person you consider to be your best friend. Then imagine that he or she has deceived you and has been alive the whole time you thought they were dead. This was made worse since by the time Sherlock had faced his foe Moriarty for the last time we had been through many adventures and our friendship had grown to the point that I considered him to be a brother. It is because I consider him to be a brother that I can't stay mad at him and have I actually am thankful everyday for his deception.

Mrs. Hudson approached me and offered to take my coat. I waved dismissively and put my coat on the coat rack.

"Please tell me why you are in such a state Mrs. Hudson."

Mrs. Hudson shook her head and frowned. "It's Mr. Holmes. He's locked himself away in his study and refuses to come out. If he didn't take the food I left for him I'd think he were dead."

"Had he given you any indication that he was depressed or moody?"

"You know how he gets when there's a lack of work."

I had to concede that Mrs. Hudson was right. In all the years I had known Sherlock he could become very moody indeed. Most often he would become extremely moody if there was no case to occupy his time. With no case to work on he was left alone with his thoughts and his drugs. I had begged him to stop using but every time I asked he would dismiss my concerns as unnecessary and unwarranted.

"Perhaps if I go up to talk to him he will be in better spirits."

"I hope you are right Dr. Watson."

I left Mrs. Hudson to go about her duties and walked up the stairs to Holmes' study. I saw that Mrs. Hudson had recently left a tray of food by the door and it had remained untouched. I knocked a few times and called out.

"Holmes! Open the door! It's your dear friend Watson!"

I waited for a few minutes and eventually Holmes came to the door.

"Watson! What brings you here?"

"Do I need a reason to visit a friend?"

Holmes raised one eyebrow. "You don't need a reason but you undoubtedly have one so please tell me."

I sighed and followed Holmes into the study. I looked over to where he kept his drugs and frowned. There was a fresh needle lying on the table.

"How many times-"

Sherlock interrupted me with the wave of a hand. "-must I ask you not to indulge in your drugs? You worry too much my friend."

I shook my head but decided to leave well enough alone. There was little I or anyone else could do to change Sherlock's mind. I took my usual seat and watched as Holmes took his violin and began to play a beautiful melody. There was also something quite haunting about it. The melody he played sounded eerie as if somewhat setting the mood for the adventure we were about to embark on. It was also very sad.

"That was beautiful Holmes. What song is it?"

Sherlock put his violin away and took his own seat near the fireplace. "It's a melody that just came to me one day Watson. Given that we have not had any cases to work on I've been left alone here with my thoughts. This of course brings me to my previous question. What brings you here?"

"Mrs. Hudson called and told me I should visit."

"Why would she do a thing like that?"

"She's worried. You've locked yourself in your study."

Sherlock put his hands on both armrests of his chair and raised himself up so he could sit cross-legged on his chair. He clasped his hands together and brought them up to his face so that his two pointer fingers were on his lips. He looked as if my answer had posed a great problem that needed solving.

"Her worry is unwarranted."

Before I could speak Mrs. Hudson ran into the room in a panic.

"Inspector Lestrade has just called. He says he needs you to come to this address right away."

Sherlock perked up at the news and became giddy with excitement. His excitement was short lived when Mrs. Hudson frowned and handed the piece of paper in her hand to me.

"I am truly sorry sir but the Inspector actually called here looking for Dr. Watson."

Holmes' face became sullen. I got up out of my chair and walked over to my friend. "No worries. You can accompany me."

Sherlock became irritated at the remark and stormed over to his chair and sat down.

"I do not need to be coddled like some child."

Mrs. Hudson was the one who became irritated now.

"I hardly believe that coddling you was Dr. Watsons intent. Now stop feeling sorry for yourself and get your coat. You're leaving."

Sherlock and I were speechless. Mrs. Hudson had never been one to ever raise her voice to Holmes. I assumed that her concern for him had reached the boiling point and every single feeling she had kept to herself boiled over into one quick statement. Sherlock didn't chide Mrs. Hudson and instead got out of his chair and walked past the both of us.

Mrs. Hudson waited for me to follow him and when I just stood there she gave me a quizzical look.


"Nothing Mrs. Hudson...It's just that I've never really seen you speak to Holmes that way. Usually you handle him with kids gloves."

"Well Dr. Watson...It's high time the gloves came off."

"I agree with you wholeheartedly."

It didn't take long for Sherlock and myself to arrive on the scene. We were quickly greeted by Lestrade and led into an old dilapidated building. After making our way down two corridors we went through a door and the smell was the first thing that greeted us. Of course the smell didn't really bother me since I am the medical examiner but Lestrade quickly raised his handkerchief to his mouth. After a few seconds he began to tell me about what he had already been able to gather about the scene.

"We got a phone call around 7:00PM informing us that a body was discovered here. From our preliminary examination we put time of death at around 2:00AM two days ago."

I knelt down next to the body and took a look for myself and was surprised that Lestrade and his team had been able to surmise the time of death accurately. On closer examination I found what appeared to be the entrance wound for some kind of weapon.

"Do you have any suggestions as to what the murder weapon may be?"

Lestrade let out a sigh of frustration prompting Holmes to chuckle.

"So that's your professional analysis then?"

The Inspector gave Sherlock a curt look and shook his head.

"On first glance it looked as though the victim had been shot but there is no exit wound so it could be possible that the bullet is still in the body somewhere."

By now Sherlock had inched closer to the body so that he could get a better look.

"What is that around the wound? Is it some kind of charring?"

I examined it and shook my head.

"I won't know for sure until I get this back to the morgue."

Holmes looked to the ground and saw shattered glass near the back wall. He then looked up to the ceiling and I did the same curious as to what he was looking for. The skylight had been damaged and whatever had caused the damage had fallen through the glass.

"Perhaps whoever killed this man used a helicopter to dump the body."

Sherlock looked at me and grinned.

"That is one possibility." He walked back over to the body and knelt down beside me and pointed to the victims right arm. On the victims arm was a tattoo of a skull with a snake coming out of the mouth and wrapping itself into the figure of an 8 toward the skull before coming back down to the wrist. I looked to Lestrade but Holmes shot up off the ground and walked over to him before I could open my mouth to ask my question.

"Lestrade...On your initial examination did you notice the tattoo?"

Lestrade turned red at the question and shook his head.

Holmes smiled. "I suspected as much. Really Lestrade...How do you keep your job?"

Before Lestrade could answer I got up and got in between the two men. Once Sherlock and Lestrade got started there was no telling how long the trading insults would go on for. The conclusion was always the same anyway. Sherlock, as always, would come out on top and Lestrade would be made to look like an even bigger fool. It's not that Lestrade is terrible at his job but Sherlock is so much better at observing things that most people do not.


"Yes, Dr. Watson?"

"Please have the body transported to the morgue so I can perform the autopsy."

"Right away."

Lestrade left Holmes and myself alone and I smiled at him.

"You really do like to push Lestrades buttons don't you?"

Sherlock chuckled. "Of course. If it weren't so easy it wouldn't nearly be as much fun."

I shook my head but it was good to see him in such high spirits.

"I know Lestrade hasn't officially asked for your help but I would feel better knowing you were on the case."

Holmes regarded me for a moment and nodded.

"Of course I will lend my assistance. It's the only guarantee we have that this case will get solved in a timely fashion."

"Good to hear it. So I'm off to perform the autopsy..What will you be doing?"

"Why..Inquiring about the tattoo of course."

"Do you think it's gang related?"

"I do not assume Watson. I gather facts and form logical conclusions from them. I leave the assumptions to Lestrade and his team"

"Care to make an educated guess then?"

Sherlock shook his head.

"It's no gang I'm familiar with but it is rather curious. While you are at the morgue look into some old case files to see if anymore victims had the same tattoo."

"Right. Shall we rendezvous back at Baker Street?"

Holmes nodded.

We exchanged our goodbyes and after a few minutes two of Lestrades team came in to collect the body. One of them stopped to ask me a question.

"Will you be meeting us at the morgue?"

"No. I shall accompany you."

"Of course Dr. Watson."

As I walked into the morgue a feeling of dread came over me. Perhaps it was the tattoo that made me somewhat uneasy. After all, if I was performing the autopsy of a gang member what was to stop other members of the gang from breaking into the morgue and killing me. I pushed that thought to the back of my mind as it would make it easier to concentrate. Gang member or not...I had a job to do. I watched as the two men from Lestrades team wheeled the body and then moved it onto the cold steel slab.

I nodded my thanks to them and once they were gone I went over to the cabinet which had all of the items I would need. I grabbed a pear of latex gloves and put them on. I next put on a surgical mask to protect myself from breathing in any nasty chemicals the body may contain. The wound hardly suggested that the victim had been poisoned but one can never be too careful. Once I was satisfied that I took the necessary precautions I walked over to my desk and picked up my medical bag.

After approaching the body I placed my bag on the table next to it. Once that task was completed I preceded to begin the autopsy. I took a tape recorder out of my bag and after putting a new tape in began to state my preliminary findings.

"Victim is about 6'0". I'd say around 160 lbs. He looks like he is in his mid to late thirties."

Once that was out of the way I began to examine his body for any other scars or tattoos.

"After thorough examination the only distinguishing marks are a round entry wound with some kind of black sulfur around it. Only other distinguishable mark is a tattoo on the victims right forearm."

I placed the tape recorder down and reached back into my medical bag. I took out a thumbprint pad and began to carefully take the victims fingerprints. Once I completed that task I sealed the tab with the fingerprints in a plastic bag and labeled it as evidence. I walked over to my desk and opened the bottom right drawer to take out a camera. I then began to photograph the body for additional evidence. Once I completed taking pictures with the victims clothes on I stripped the victim while placing the clothing in more evidence bags. These would have to be analyzed by the police lab. Once the victim was completely stripped I placed a sheet over his groin area and began to take more pictures. I specifically took pictures of the entry wound and the tattoo.

I took the film out of the camera and placed it in an envelope to be developed by the lab. After taking a few syringes out of my medical bag I took the cap off of one and pierced the victim to take a sample of his blood. I labeled it, put it in an evidence bag and set it with the items being sent to the police lab. I also took a sample of the charring near the entrance wound to be sent as well.

After completing all the preliminary work I took out a scalpel and preceded to make a 'Y' incision in the victims chest. I spread open the skin and checked to see if the victim suffered from any broken ribs. I picked up my tape recorder once again and began to speak into it.

"Victim suffers from several broken ribs most likely caused by the fall through the window and onto the ground."

I continued to examine each and every organ in the victims chest and was puzzled when I was unable to find a bullet fragment.

"Even though the wound resembles a gunshot I was unable to find a bullet fragment in the victims chest and there is no exit wound so the victim was killed by something other than a gun."

I moved my examination to the organs in the victims lower body. I examined the stomach but there was little to find which means it had been days since the victim last had a decent meal. I took a syringe and took a sample of urine from the victims bladder to be tested. After finishing I examined the victims eyes to check for any hemorrhages. Hemorrhages would have indicated if the victim had been strangled or choked. It might have been overkill seeing as how I had an open entry wound that implied how the victim died but if the weapon had not worked the murderer might have resorted to strangulation as an ulterior method.

I finished the autopsy by examining the skull and weighing the brain. Once I had completed filling out all of the paperwork I placed a tag labeled John Doe on the victims toe and used the sheet to cover the whole body. I then looked at my watch and saw that I had been at work for a little over an hour. My thoughts turned to Sherlock and I wondered if he had had any success talking to tattoo artists.

Thinking of Holmes reminded me of my next task. I sat down at my desk and signed in to begin looking to see if there were any other victims that shared the same traits as this one. I was working on this for another hour before the phone rang. I yawned and picked up the receiver.

"Medical Examiners Office. Dr. Watson speaking."

"Are you done with autopsy yet?"

I was relieved to hear Holmes voice and smiled.

"Yes. I was going through old files now and a similar case appeared fourteen years ago."

"Really? That's interesting."

"The victims were a Lily and James Potter."

"Who was the medical examiner that handled the case?"

I thought for a moment.

"The paperwork is incomplete on the matter. The only information I can gather is that the victims were husband and wife."

Sherlock was silent for a few minutes before finally speaking again.

"I think you should come to Baker Street now."


"I do not believe that this new death is a coincidence and I think it somehow connects to the deaths fourteen years ago."

"I don't see how but I am on my way."

"Do hurry Watson."

After I hung up the phone I grabbed my coat and loaded the files into my briefcase.

It took me about an hour to arrive back at 221 B Baker Street and once I walked in the door Holmes ushered me into the study. He had already lit his pipe and was looking rather inquisitive. I took my usual seat and waited for a few moments. Once I was certain Sherlock was not going to speak I decided to ask him a question.

"What was so urgent I get here right away?"

Holmes stared blankly out the window before finally coming to his senses.

"A great evil is afoot."

"What evil? Are you alright? I've never heard you refer to any of our cases as evil before."

"It is a delicate situation we find ourselves in Watson. At first it didn't occur to me what we might be dealing with but once I heard those names."

"Lily and James Potter?"

Sherlock shivered at the mention and put his pipe away.

"It was one of my first cases."

"You've never told me about it before."

Holmes took his seat and some of the color drained from his face.

"I was vacationing in a town called Godric's Hollow when I came upon a most disturbing scene. The home of Lily and James Potter. When I arrived I found many of the doors had been knocked down. James had been killed in the parlor and his wife Lily had been murdered in the nursery."

"My god Holmes. There was no mention of a baby in my files."

"For good reason but I think it's best I call upon an old friend to continue this tale."

"What friend is this?"

Holmes smiled.

"Professor Albus Dumbledore."

"Professor? Does he teach at a university?"

A chuckle escaped Holmes mouth and he nodded.

"Something like that."

I got out of my chair and walked to the window. It was very much like Holmes to keep me in the dark about things he had already deduced but I sensed that whoever this Professor Albus Dumbledore was he could shed some light on the situation better than Holmes could. I had to admit that the thought of this surprised me. Usually Sherlock was the smartest man in the room and he took great pride in explaining to me the things I might have missed. This case was different though. Sherlock seemed frightened at the prospect of having to deal with this matter. My curiosity intensified but I would have to wait until the next day to get any answers. The next day would bring a great surprise, a grand revelation and the story of unadulterated terror.

Author's Note:

In my opinion a Sherlock/Severus fanfic is one of the most random things I could ever choose to write about but here I am writing it. It's bizarre because I've never really had the urge to write a fanfic featuring only one of the characters let alone both of them. I owe it all to one of my friends. She likes both characters and they are two of her favorites so of course it's only natural that one day these characters would pop into my head and say, "Write a story about us!" First I sat down and thought about what the heck could make these two characters universes collide.

Basically Sherlock finds himself embroiled in a case that he cannot solve based on simple deduction alone so he calls upon the Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore for help. Albus in turn calls upon Severus Snape.

Once I knew what would bring these two men together I had to think of when this would take place. Since I didn't want to disregard such canon as Albus' death and Sherlock's faking his own death I decided that I would make the time line of this story fall after Sherlock returns from the "dead" and after Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

So now that that the who, what, where and why are out of the way I'll go into talking about this chapter. I wanted to have Watson introduce the story because most of Sherlock's tales are told from his perspective and I think Watson is by far more easier to write than Holmes. I also didn't want to jump right in with Severus appearing at the end of Chapter One. To me that would seem like I am rushing this story and I don't want to do that. I made Watson the Medical Examiner because, at least for the sake of this story, I thought after Sherlock's 'death' he would need something to occupy his time and being the Medical Examiner would see him get involved with numerous cases. In my mind Watson would try to emulate Holmes in order to remain close to his departed friend.

I also think I am approaching the relationship between Lestrade and Holmes differently then is normally portrayed. Since the autopsy scene would be coming up I wanted a moment of levity in the scene before it so I decided that Sherlock would try to push Lestrades buttons and of course be successful. The other reason Sherlock is quick to push Lestrades buttons is because Lestrade summoned Watson to the scene but made no mention of Holmes.

In my mind Lestrade has grown rather accustomed to the working relationship with Watson without Holmes that it probably didn't even occur to Lestrade to include Holmes. As far as the autopsy scene goes...well...Watson goes to perform an autopsy and this first chapter is from his point of view so it's only logical that I would have to explain in great detail what he would be doing and it's one of the main reasons I have the author's note at the beginning to warn people that don't want to read such things to skip it.

Well I think I've prattled on about enough details so I hope you enjoyed Chapter 1. Please review and let me know what you did or didn't like. If you think this is rubbish than by all means please rip it to shreds. I don't pretend to be the greatest writer in the world but I don't think I am necessarily the worst writer ever. My goal here is to tell a story and if people like it then Great...If they don't' then to each his or her own.

Chapter 2 is coming soon!