Chapter 11

"Investigating the Mansion"

Shortly after Sherlock and Severus parted ways Sherlock found himself walking up the grand staircase. As he walked up the stairs he noticed that several party goers were looking at him and some didn't bother looking at him at all. Sherlock gathered that to mean that either they respected Snape or they didn't like him but kept silent about it. When Sherlock reached the top of the stairs he quickly noticed a woman dressed in black walking towards him.

"Well, well, well. You're still here?"

"Yes I am and why is that any concern of yours?"

"Don't be flippant with me. The Dark Lord needs answers and partying is hardly the way to do it."

Sherlock nodded. "Then let me do my job and stop asking questions."

"You keep a watchful eye Severus. You would do well to remember that not all of us are as trusting of you as the Dark Lord."

"And you would do well to remember that there is a reason he still trusts me so your opinion hardly matters that much."

Bellatrix was exasperated but turned to walk away. Sherlock was relieved and began walking the other direction. The hallway was long and there were a ton of rooms waiting to be investigated. He was about to pick a room when he heard voices down the hall.

"What business did you have with Snape?"

"That's between he and I but if you must know I was just making sure he was still on board with killing Sherlock if he gets too close."

"You were talking for awhile."

"Listen Wormtail...If you don't like who I talk to then too bad. I am here to help."

"Yes but who?"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I don't trust you."

"Well I'm not here to gain your trust am I?"

Sherlock decided he had let this go on long enough and barged in.


Wormatil was taken aback at the sudden intrusion and any confidence he had going up against Irene was gone when Sherlock entered the room.

"Irene was making sure I was on board to kill Sherlock and I am. He is very foolish if he thinks I will let him discover our secrets. He finds out then word will no doubt get to the Ministry of Magic."

"Just making sure the two of you are still on board."

Wormtail walked past Sherlock and Irene let out a sigh of relief.

"That guy is kind of intense."

"Irene it's me."

"Yeah I know it's you. Are you feeling ok?"

"No it's me Sherlock."


"Something called a polyjuice potion. We used it to infiltrate the party. Now what are you doing here?"

"I came into contact with Lucious Malfoy when I stole a painting for him and he introduced me to the Dark Lord shortly after."

"Why are you in league with him?"

"Have you seen him? I dare say I do not want to anger him. Whatever you and Snape are planning I hope you do it soon."

"We aren't planning anything. I'm investigating a death."

"Well I'd say you are in over your head and out of your depth. You don't realize what these people could do to you. They won't just kill you. They'll make you suffer first and I don't think Snape will be allowed to spare you."

"I appreciate the concern but Severus won't let that happen."

"I'm glad you at least believe that."

"You don't"

"You do realize how much time he has spent becoming the Dark Lords confidant don't you? If you both are brought before the Dark Lord he will kill you so do come up with a backup plan should that happen."

"Don't worry. We will think of something."

"It was good to see you Sherlock."

"You too Irene and if you can please leave the city and get as far away from here as you can."

Irene watched Sherlock leave and sighed. Sherlock seemed confident enough but her dream had seemed so real. Hopefully none of it would come to pass.

Sherlock was about to try another room when he noticed Puck coming up behind him. The fae seemed pleased with himself and that made Sherlock grow concerned.

"What did you do?"

"I've found something."

"Wheres Severus?"

"He's with Kyle in the foyer waiting for us."

"Well then we should be going."

They walked down the stairs and as soon as Severus noticed them he grabbed Kyles hand and walked out the front door. Two death eaters were about to follow when Sherlock motioned for them to stop.

"He's mine to kill or have you forgotten the Dark Lords wishes?"

With that they backed off and Sherlock walked out the door followed by Puck. They all rendezvoused at the care and Kyle kissed Severus.

"I was so worried Russ. Let's never do that again."

Puck frowned. "That was so much fun. Let's do it again."

Severus rolled his eyes at Puck and noticed that the potion was starting to wear off.

"Quickly. Into the car."

They obliged and began to drive away.

"So Puck what did you find?"

"It appears as though the man that was killed had information about the Dark Lords plans. He was hired to steal a prophecy from the Ministry of Magic."

"So if he was hired to do something for the Dark Lord then why kill him?"

"It would seem that the man killed was going to pass this information to a source of Dumbledores."

Severus looked lost in thought and Kyle grabbed his hand.

"What is it?"

Severus thought for a moment more before finally saying, "Irene."

Sherlock nodded. "She is an excellent thief so if his last thief was killed then she would be the most logical choice."

Severus looked out the window of the car and frowned. "Question is where do we go from here?"

"I say we let this play out and give Irene a little help in stealing the prophecy. So you will have to let Dumbledore know what we have found out. Hopefully he can contact the Minister of Magic and get him to help us."

Severus scoffed at that. "Cornelius Fudge? Let someone break into the Ministry and steal one of its prophecies? Clearly you must have hit your head."

"That is the only way."

"If Voldemort wants this prophecy then it surely means that it holds the key to either getting rid of Potter or defeating him. Either way the Minister of Magic will not be part of a plan to let someone steal it."

"Regardless of whether Fudge would let it happen is irrelevant. Bottom line is it is going to happen. Irene is an expert. She will find a way and with Voldemort asking her to do this he will no doubt provide her with the help and access she needs."

They finally arrived at 221 B Baker Street and Sherlock was the first one out of the car. He walked to the door and turned around lost in thought. He bowed his head and frowned.

"Severus. Either you contact Dumbledore or I will. Either way he will know what part Voldemort played in that death and you and I both know Dumbledore will help in any way he can."

"You are right about that. Ok. I will tell him but I cannot guaranteee Irenes safety. There is far more at stake then the life of a woman you are close to. Far more then you can even fathom."

"I know. The Potter boy."

"He might be only one that can stop Voldemort so his safety will be the thing Dumbledore considers above all else. He will try his best to help Irene but he won't sacrifice Potter."

"Nor would I ask him to. If only we could listen to the prophecy first."

"I grow weary of this conversation. We must rest for now and take a fresh perspective in the morning. I will talk to Dumbledore first thing."

Sherlock nodded in Snapes direction before entering his home. He walked up to his office and saw the needles on the table. Just once more, he thought. Watson would not be happy but it would take his edge off. He grabbed the needle but in an instant threw it across the room. No..not tonight. He would need a clear head to help Irene. He couldn't allow another murder to happen. Especially to someone he cared about. Why must she always get into trouble? Holmes looked over and saw in the corner of the room was his violin case. He smiled and walked over. He picked it up and set it on the table. After opening the case he grabbed the bow and violin and placed the bottom of the violin on his shoulder. He took a deep breath and began to play. The intensity at which he played grew and grew until finally he stopped. Dumbledore will know what to do.