I'm sorry everyone for not touching this in so long. Life had other plans though, Orion, one of my best friends in the world passed away last year, hit by a drunken driver.

He always said he loved my Avatar ideas and creations, and he was a major part of me building them and forming them into an actual government with their ideals. Though I hadn't had him write anything until the beginning of the Einherjar arc, he was a part of the creation process the whole way through. We two poured so much of our souls into the future of this story and the other Avatar stories. We were going to rewrite the entirety of the story, but keep the main focus, ideals, dialogues, but retcon some things that were foreshadowed or said that didn't make sense in the latest runs.

After he passed, I couldn't write this anymore. Anyone who has someone that close to them die know how hard it is to touch their things, to go into their rooms, or do anything that they identified themselves with. This was one of those things.

Recently, however, his girlfriend presented me with something of his, a notebook containing all of his ideas for New Storm and the others. All those he rejected and those he pitched to me, highlighted and crossed out.

That's why I'm back...and that's why I'm working on the rewrite and the latest chapters, as well as reworking the other stories. Orion will keep alive in my Fire Emblem story, which was coincidentally one of his favorite game series of all time, as Kingsley, the lead.

Everyone, thank you, I still receive emails about favorites, follows, and reviews...and that's another reason why I came back. I can't leave so many people hanging after that bloody cliffhanger.