The days before reborn.

Author : Aceccentric.
Fandom : Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

Pairing : Mainly 1827. Slightly All27
Rate : K+
Warning :
Light Yaoi. Bad grammar. Pointless plot. No Beta. Very OOC.

Summary : Kusakabe Tetsuya had knew Sawada Tsunayoshi long before the boy find his way into his master's life.

Note : This is series of one-shots I thought up. Set in those times before Reborn came. I wrote about whatever I could think of so it quite lame.

Disclaimer : Katekyo Hitman Reborn belongs to Akira Amano.

Why not?
It's always nice to be nice to someone.

Kusakabe Tetsuya had always admired Sawada Tsunayoshi long before his boss became one of the boy's guardians or before he became the most beloved mafia boss in history, the Vongola Decimo.

Most people in Namimori knew Sawada Tsunayoshi because of his reputation of dame-Tsuna, but in truth the boy had caught Kusakabe's interested from the first moment he stepped in Namimori middle.

It was a normal day just like any other day here and Kusakabe was performing his vice-prefect duty as usual AKA he was at Nami chu's gate preparing to punish those who come to school late.

And just as his soon-to-be alias suggested, Sawada Tsunayoshi was one of them. At his first day in Nami chu, nonetheless.

He was smaller than the other students, but his hair style was unique enough for anybody to recognize and made him stand out in the crowd. The boy went paler and paler as Kyo-san came closer and closer. His tiny body sweated bullets and trembled like a rabbit about to be eaten. He was quite sure there were tears in his eyes. Kusakabe couldn't help sympatric him.

But rules were rules, so he got bitten the same as anybody else. Fortunately, Kyo-san was in good mood so most of the victims were still breathing and conscious enough to get to class.

The moment the head-prefect disappeared, all the student quickly grabbed their belonging and hurriedly ran towards the class building as fast as their bruise and batter body allowed, not wanting to face the wrath of the Discipline Committee leader again. Though there were still some brave and maybe foolish ones sent naughty glares at him and others committee members.

Tsunayoshi had done the same. He slowly picked up his wounded tiny body and grabbed his bag before walking away from them, legs still shaken with fear.

But only before he reached the entrance, the little boy stopped and turned to look back at them with hesitation and uncertainty in those honey eyes, clutching his bag in his small arms. For a brief moment, Kusakabe wondered should he wait for the boy to say whatever he had to say or scold him to quickly get to class.

Then Tsunayoshi closed his eyes and bowed.

Surprise was a bit understatement for the Discipline Committee members.

Kusakabe heard an almost inaudible "Good morning" before the small boy spun and ran out of their sight, but he was too stunned to reply.

The next morning Kusakabe was on his gate duty again when Tsunayoshi arrived, miraculously on time. The little boy walked timidly into the campus and like yesterday, just before he passed them, he stopped to bow and voice his greeting to them.

All of the Discipline Committee members who saw it were startled and confused. They were staring at him like he was some kind of new animal species. Some mumbled a soft reply awkwardly. They had been doing gate duty for as long as Kyo-san became Namimori protector. This is the first time someone greeted them when entering Namimori. They were not quite sure how to react.

And after the third time, which, this time, Kusakabe was compose enough to reply normally, it became a routine.

Before Tsunayoshi entered the school building, late or not, been bitten or not, he would stopped to bow and say good morning to them.

Which always brought a tiny smile on Kusakabe's lips.

The timid boy didn't even know he is the only person who did that, too.

And even if Kusakabe didn't have a slightest idea why the boy did it, he couldn't help but became fond of him.

Another time Sawada-san had made him completely stunned was on another one fine day. He was guarding in front of the reception room, prevented anyone from entering without his supervisor's permission. The little brunet walked towards him, first-aid in hands, asking to see Kyo-san which put him off loop.

Nobody had ever asked to see Kyo-san before since in doing so equals being bitten and if that wasn't strange enough, the one asking was the weakest person he had ever known, the one that always run away the second he saw the head-prefect!

But then again, Sawada-san had already done things nobody does, so what if he done another?

So Kusakabe swallowed his curiosity and allowed the boy in without any question, slightly preying he would come out alive.

...Well, he did.

Sawada-san came out of Kyo-san's personal quarter after staying in there with him alone without a scratch and even seemed to be happier than when he came in.

And when Kusakabe went into the room after that, his leader's face was slightly red and he looked a little ...fluster?

What happened in there had become one of the Discipline Committee mysterious tales.

The next day Sawada-san came to the Discipline Committee's den again and handed him bento. Seeing the vice-prefect's confuse expression, he explained that he told his mom about Hibari-san unhealthy eating habit because he hate crowding so she offered to make lunch for him. The boy also added that there were enough for Kusakabe-san too if he is hungry.

Kusakabe could only mumble a daze "Thank you" as the little brunet walked away.

And like the greeting routine, the bento came again the next day and the day after.

It didn't make Kyo-san or any Discipline Committee go any easier on him at all, but it seemed like the boy didn't even think about that. He didn't hold a grudge to those who punish or beat him and hand out his forgiveness freely. Even when the strange baby came and announced him be the Vongola Don or after his boss accepted the position as the boy's guardian, Sawada-san still kept up the routine. He still treat everyone the same, with respect, even though he was now their superior.

The time passed and one day when the Vongola tenth gave his morning greeting to the prefects before going in for a meeting with his cloud guardian, one of his subordinate could not resist and asked.

"Why? ...Why do you keep on greeting us every morning?"

Sawada-san stared at them blankly before titled his head cutely and answered.

"Why not?"

Seeing his crew stunned expression, Kusakabe laughed.

And he couldn't help liking Tsuna-san more and more.

A/N : Well, I write this one because I had a talk with my school gate keeper one day and I notice that, well, nobody ever spare him a glance when we go into the school. It kinda sad when you have to open the door for everyone and greet them but no one greets you back, even though it was his duty and all, I still feel bad so I started talking to him. I know this is stupid, but thanks for reading anyway.